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IBM developerWorks: Preview of the [anygui] project

Oct 26, 2001, 23:32 (6 Talkback[s])
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"A very interesting project in the Python world has entered early development. The [anygui] project is intended as a wrapper API for a large number of underlying graphic toolkits. Once fully developed, a Python programmer will be able to call a common [anygui] function -- for example, to create a window -- then have the "best available" toolkit do the work. On Windows, the Win32 API might be used (or wxWindows); on MacOS, native calls; on BeOS, Bethon; on Linux, TKinter or GTK; on a telnet screen, ncurses -- all depending on what is installed and available on a given machine. This article discusses the current development state of [anygui], and the goals of the project.

One of the great promises of Java, some years back when it was new, was the idea that one could "write once, run anywhere." At first, the user interface for Java was conceived mostly as applets embedded in Web browsers. After a while, independent AWT applications became a more current notion. AWT, in turn, was generally superseded by Swing. Swing became Beans (building on Swing, but with additional requirements). Along the way, Swing classes moved around, and were added and substracted from Java versions.

A popular joke about Java is that it is "write once, debug everywhere." At the least, one certainly cannot write a Java application and feel any great confidence that it will run on the machine of every user of your application -- unless you are willing to require considerable work by every user to get Java versions and configurations exactly right for your particular application. Whether the application runs depends on the Java version, and even on the particular vendor and platform of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed."

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