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MozillaNews: Netscape 6.2 First Thoughts

Oct 31, 2001, 08:56 (19 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to gregb for this link. ]

"Modern is the default theme and it looks and feels great. I did have a problem with the interface not displaying correctly the first time, but after exiting and starting the browser back up, the problem disappeared [note: Everyone at here MozillaNews use Mozilla nightly builds, and there have been a number of big XUL changes lately for performance gains, so it's highly likely this bug in NS6 is actualyl related to our Mozilla installs]. For all you boring people like me, you can easily change the theme to the more conservative classic theme.

I visited evey site on my bookmark list and each one worked flawlessly each time. Netscape has really polished the browser since the 0.9.4 Mozilla release and seems to have fixed bugs that were fixed on the trunk while not adding new ones like Mozilla's recent problem with the back button on cnn.com. The browser seemed very responsive and never crashed on me once after 6 hours of usage. This is due to how the branching process works. This version of Netscape is based on the Mozilla 0.9.4 tree, which NS takes, and further stabilizes and fixes before a release. They've been working on this release for over a month in addition to the work leading up to Mozilla 0.9.4, and they contribute all these fixes back to the Mozilla tree. See? Open Source works! :)

...This is the first version of Netscape since 4.7x that I would recommend to a friend. Prior to this version, I would usually recommend either the currently Mozilla milestone build or a Mozilla Nightly build. I think Netscape 6.x has finally arrived at a commercial quality state. If the quality and features keep progressing at the current speed, and that is likely considering the advancments already in the Mozilla nightlies, then Netscape has a good chance of regaining market share from IE."

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