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NewsForge: Netscape 6.2: This one works

Nov 14, 2001, 10:56 (60 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Robin 'Roblimo' Miller)
"I have had experiences with Mozilla and earlier versions of Netscape that, to put it kindly, were less than satisfactory. As someone who works online all day, a browser is my single most important piece of software, and browsers have been my biggest disappointment in Linux. Now I'm using Netscape 6.2 and, for the first time in years, I am happy with the browser on my screen.

First, let me explain that I am a big-time software luddite. I got dragged into graphical computing (from DOS to Windows) only when it became impossible to view many useful Web pages in Lynx and other text-only browsers. I was happy with DOS and it was happy with me. But as my writing appeared online more and more, and the WWW became a more and more useful research tool, I had to modernize. I replaced my old 286 with a (used) 386 and started running Windows 3.1 and Netscape 2. I got cute pictures online, yes I did, and I loved them. The idea of just pointing and clicking to move around not only the Internet but also my local hard drive was also very nice. I liked this a lot more than typing text commands every time I wanted to open a Web page or a piece of software.

But in return for a cuted-up Web and easier computer use in general, I had to accept the fact that now and then my computer would suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. I found this irritating, and since this seemed to happen more often than not when I was writing on a tight deadline, it was often costly. The money I spent on Windows was nothing compared to the money and time I lost from Windows crashes. This was what started me on the quest for a non-crashing operating system that led me to Linux."

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