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Linux 2.4.15/2.5.0 Released

Nov 23, 2001, 08:08 (60 Talkback[s])

[ Thanks to svetljo for the tip. ]

Reader Aschwin van der Woude contributed this summary... something a little more lively than our usual link-n-list. Writes Aschwin:

Kernel development has reached an important milestone. No doubt lots of kernel-hackers have been agonized by the lack of a development kernel for so long. But now, after the longest wait in kernel-development, they can finaly start scratching their itches once again. From now on the stable kernel will be maintained by Marcello Tosatti, and Linus Torvalds will have exciting times with the development kernel. Good work kernel-team, keep on hacking.

This release has included two major features I have personally been waiting for: ext3 and inter-mezzo (www.inter-mezzo.org).

Ext3 is the second journaled filesystem included in the kernel. And Inter-mezzo is a Network filesystem that will make a lot of laptop-users a lot more happy (like me).

The kernel is available from the usual mirrors or the main kernel development site.

Here is the changelog for the complete 2.4.15, you won't find a mention of inter-mezzo since it came in through the Alan Cox merges.

 - Jan Kara: fix quota SMP races with BKL

 - David Brownell: usbnet update
 - Greg KH: USB and PCI hotplug update

 - Ingo/me: fix SCHED_FIFO for UP/SMP for good (flw).
 - Add back direct_IO now that it works again.

 - Richard Henderson: alpha update
 - Andrew Morton: fix ext3/minix/sysv fsync behaviour.

 - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates
 - Christoph Hellwig: UFS filesystem byteorder cleanups
 - me: modified Andrea VM page allocator tuning

 - Russell King: /proc/cpuinfo for ARM
 - Paul Mackerras: PPC update (cpuinfo etc)
 - Nicolas Aspert: fix Intel 8xx agptlb flush
 - Marko Myllynen: "Lindent" doesn't really need bash ;)
 - Alexander Viro: /proc/cpuinfo for s390/s390x/sh, /proc/pci cleanup
 - Alexander Viro: make lseek work on seqfiles

 - Greg KH: enable hotplug driver support
 - Andrea Arcangeli: remove bogus sanity check
 - David Mosberger: /proc/cpuinfo and scsi scatter-gather for ia64
 - David Hinds: 16-bit pcmcia network driver updates/cleanups
 - Hugh Dickins: remove some stale code from VM
 - David Miller: /proc/cpuinfo for sparc, sparc fork bug fix, network
   fixes, warning fixes
 - Peter Braam: intermezzo update
 - Greg KH: USB updates
 - Ivan Kokshaysky: /proc/cpuinfo for alpha
 - David Woodhouse: jffs2 - remove dead code, remove gcc3 warning
 - Hugh Dickins: fix kiobuf page allocation/deallocation

 - Mikael Pettersson: make proc_misc happy without modules
 - Arjan van de Ven: clean up acpitable implementation ("micro-acpi")
 - Anton Altaparmakov: LDM partition code update
 - Alan Cox: final (yeah, sure) small missing pieces
 - Andrey Savochkin/Andrew Morton: eepro100 config space save/restore over suspend
 - Arjan van de Ven: remove power from pcmcia socket on card remove
 - Greg KH: USB updates
 - Neil Brown: multipath updates
 - Martin Dalecki: fix up some "asmlinkage" routine markings

 - Alan Cox: more driver merging
 - Al Viro: make ext2 group allocation more readable

 - Ivan Kokshaysky: fix alpha dec_and_lock with modules, for alpha config entry
 - Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
 - Jeff Garzik: network driver updates, sysv fs update
 - Kai Mäkisara: SCSI tape update
 - Alan Cox: large drivers merge
 - Nikita Danilov: reiserfs procfs information
 - Andrew Morton: ext3 merge
 - Christoph Hellwig: vxfs livelock fix
 - Trond Myklebust: NFS updates
 - Jens Axboe: cpqarray + cciss dequeue fix
 - Tim Waugh: parport_serial base_baud setting
 - Matthew Dharm: usb-storage Freecom driver fixes
 - Dave McCracken: wait4() thread group race fix

 - me: fix page flags race condition Andrea found
 - David Miller: sparc and network updates
 - various: fix loop driver that thought it was part of the VM system
 - me: teach DRM about VM_RESERVED
 - Alan Cox: more merging

Please download from a mirror.