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ZDNet: McNealy unplugged

Dec 07, 2001, 00:16 (36 Talkback[s])
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"First of all, I don't consider Linux a threat to Sun. They're Unix. They're a partner. They're a supplier, if you will, to Sun. We have Linux extensions to Solaris. We're the number one Linux server appliance manufacturer with our Cobalt Product Line. We run StarOffice on Linux. We run Java and Jini on Linux. We run the iPlanet stuff on Linux. And the Linux world steals from Unix and the Unix world steals from Linux. It is very compatible. And applications written to Linux run on Solaris and Solaris applications run on Linux very easily. It's a very compatible. When Linux wins, the Unix world wins. When the Unix world wins, Sun wins. That's a good thing. Intel and Microsoft--Wintel--Wintel is a competitor, and IBM is a competitor. It's Wintel, IBM, and Sun. So it's .NET, which is what Intel is all about. Intel is not the competitor. Intel just drafts behind the Microsoft monopoly. They don't innovate. They don't lead. All they do is draft behind the .NET binaries and, you know, we're on our third going on our fourth-generation 64-bit architecture, and they still haven't gotten Itanic to work . So that's not the competition. It's a Microsoft-led Intel competition, not an Intel-led Microsoft competition. So those are the three competitors, and yes, we're focused on it. IBM doesn't focus on architecture. They focus on Global Services. They lead with people not product."

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