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PR: Ximian and Hewlett-Packard Deliver Ximian Gnome Desktop Software for HP-UX Workstations

Dec 18, 2001, 05:53 (7 Talkback[s])
"Ximian, Inc., the leading open source desktop company, and Hewlett-Packard today announced that a preview release of the Ximian GNOME open source desktop environment is now available for HP-UX workstations. Enabling Hewlett-Packard to provide a common desktop experience across Linux and UNIX systems, Ximian GNOME provides HP customers with an elegant desktop interface and a full range of open source productivity applications. The Ximian GNOME 1.2 preview release for HP-UX 11.0 workstations is now available for customer download and evaluation at www.hp.com/go/gnome.

Ximian GNOME 1.2 for HP-UX is a modern, highly customizable desktop environment that runs on top of the X Window System, and over time will replace CDE as the default desktop environment on HP-UX. This version of the popular GNOME interface for Linux and UNIX has been ported, productized and tested by Ximian, and provides a robust customizable graphical desktop environment with extensive tools for personal productivity. Ximian GNOME also includes GTK+ and GNOME engineering tools for both free and proprietary software development.

In addition to simple first time set up and drag-and-drop file management, Ximian GNOME for HP-UX lets users customize desktop themes, backgrounds, windows and more. It includes a host of applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, graphics editing, online chat and instant messaging. For developers, Ximian GNOME also includes Glade, a GTK+/GNOME user interface builder to enable rapid prototyping and creation of application interfaces. Critically important in mixed corporate computing environments, Ximian GNOME supports a broad range of Linux and UNIX operating systems in addition to HP-UX, including Solaris, Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian, Turbolinux and Yellow Dog."

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