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LinuxPlanet: Building the Perfect Desktop

Dec 27, 2001, 13:12 (114 Talkback[s])
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Many of you might be thinking "so?" And you might be doing this with no sense of malice or cynicism. Because we, the technically gifted, don't think there's anything wrong with getting the core command-line application first and then running a separate GUI application atop it. We do it for gPhoto, we do it for cdrecorder, we do it for lots of Linux desktop apps. It's just all a part of using Linux and X.

And here is where I have the problem. Linux users can easily run around and say: "look, what we have on the desktop is practically as good as what you have. So take your evil, monopolistic OS and stick it--" Well, you get the idea. And it is as good as Windows or Mac OSX--for us. We, who are undaunted by compiling source code to load a new application on our computer, think that many of the X desktops are just fine. Unfortunately, we are not the only type of user out there in the big, wide world of IT. In fact, people like us are a pretty small minority.

This is something that is very easy to forget. Most of us, as geeks, tend to hang out with like-minded folk. Most of my friends, for example, are at the very least computer-literate to the point where they can do basic administrative functions on Windows. And, were they to be exposed to Linux, I am reasonably sure that they could pick it up without too much trouble. But, let's face it, these are the people I have chosen to hang out with and you would expect that we would share common interests or mindsets. I am sure this is a situation that is familiar to many of us. And, because many of our friends and colleagues are like us, we can easily fall into the trap that says "hey, if we can do this, anyone can."

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