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LinuxLookup: VMware 3.0 Workstation for Linux Review

Jan 04, 2002, 17:52 (30 Talkback[s])
"As I noted before, I have been using this application for the few remaining Windows applications I haven't been able to run under Linux. Thankfully, that list is getting shorter.

But for those few Windows applications that are a must have, I have been extremely happy with VMware's ability to fool Windows into thinking it is running on a Wintel box. I can get full use of all of the peculiarites that Windows brings to its desktop, albiet a little slower. No, make that much slower.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that this system will run as fast as a native Windows installation. Although the memory handling and CPU loading is extremely efficient in VMware's product (and it has improved greatly with 3.0), it is still an emulated environment using your host OS's resources. I have a 1GHz Pentium box with 512MB of memory. I have VMWare configured with half of the host memory dedicated to the emulator. While conducting simultaneous operations in Windows and Linux, I can see a noticeable performance hit, mostly on the emulator side. I have a fairly powerful system, so the recommended 266MHz system with the minimum 128MB of memory will probably be better run as a dual boot machine. A 400MHz machine will run a Win9x client at about the speed of a 166MHz box. As always, your milage may vary."

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