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KernelTrap.org: Linux: Rob Landley's RFC on Penguin Patch Management

Jan 29, 2002, 03:05 (8 Talkback[s])
"Today Rob Landley issued an RFC to the lkml discussing the glaring shortcomings of Linus' patch system, which he says has resulted in the founding of the FOLK project, the creation of four other kernel trees, and other evils.

He also noted how several influential and well-known hackers, like Andrew Morton, Ingo Molnar, and Andre Hedrick have all had to keep up with the kernel versions because Linus was lax in accepting their work. The e-mail goes on to discuss examples of this problem.

Mr. Landley proposes a solution to this tangled skein: the Penguin Patch Lieutenant, whose sole purpose in life is "make Linus's life easier". He then goes on to discuss how this post existed in the past, back during the days of 2.1, and how Alan Cox carried its duties for Linus earlier in the development process. He continues to explain what the job of the Patch Penguin should be and gives examples of his or her duties. In detail."

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