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FOSDEM.org: GNUStep with Adam Fedor and AES with Vincent Rijmen

Jan 31, 2002, 18:01 (4 Talkback[s])

Adam Fedor:

"GNUstep is a development environment. This means it's a set of libraries, tools and applications that allow you to write other tools and applications. GNUstep applications should work in any environment (e.g. Gnome and KDE), although, like any developement environment, it imposes a certain look and feel on the applications you build with it. In some sense this look and feel clashes with the standard l&f of Gnome and KDE apps, although we feel there is a certain superiority on GNUstep's l&f (based on real world ergonmic and user testing).

"The other difference is that GNUstep is written in Objective-C, although there is a very good Java and guile interface that comes with it..."

Vincent Rijmen:

"The main point is to get something which is secure according to the state of the art in cryptography. We tried to get security by using simple constructions. The main advantage of simple constructions is that it becomes easy to reason about them, allowing to investigate the security more easily. Secondly, you get some kind of `beauty' and mathematical elegance. As a side bonus, we got high performance and flexibility..."

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