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Evolution 1.0.2 Released

Feb 01, 2002, 16:57 (15 Talkback[s])
Evolution 1.0.2 is released
 From: Ettore Perazzoli 
 To: gnome-announce-list@gnome.org
A new version of Evolution (1.0.2) has been released this week.


If you use Ximian GNOME, you can install or update Evolution 1.0.2 by
subscribing to the Ximian GNOME channel in Red Carpet (System -> Get

If you do not have Ximian GNOME installed, you can download Evolution
binaries from our FTP server at:


or visit our Source Code page at:


to get the latest source tarballs.


Bugzilla Bugs Fixed (see http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi):

  * Addressbook

    #17725 -- Non-ASCII letter headings are black when printing
              (Zbigniew Chyla)

  * Calendar

    #6544  -- Make Timezone names translatable (Damon)
    #18801 -- Alarms with specific trigger times are not shown (Damon)
  * Importers

    #16864 -- LDIF importer chokes on long description field (Toshok)
    #17441 -- Crash trying to import VCards file into an LDAP folder

  * Mail

    #6896  -- message_list_select() with wraparound won't select
              first message (Jeff)
    #11499 -- All recovered Composer windows have HTML enabled (Jeff)
    #16947 -- Crash while setting up a new mail account (Jeff)
    #17205 -- Crash of evolution-mail on start-up (Jeff)
    #17634 -- Marking a message as unread should undelete it, as well
    #17694 -- Exchange 5.5 reporting 2 messages as having the same UID
              breaks Evolution (Jeff)
    #17759 -- Cancelling Send/Receive can lose mail for local case
    #18142 -- Mailer crash when trying to send an email (Jeff)

Other fixes:

  * Summary

    - Change the list of items in the mail preferences (Iain)

  * Calendar

    - Make Tasks default to public as in Outlook (Rodrigo)

  * Importers

    - Make the druid as a transient window for the main shell (Iain)

  * Mail

    - Follow symlinks for mbox files (Jeff)
    - Fixed copy/paste problems in mail-account-gui.c (Ian Goldberg,
    - Make Vfolders work with add-on storages (Dan)

  * Shell

    - Don't crash on missing icon on start-up (Michael Meeks)
    - Change activation/deactivation order for views in order to
      reduce flicker in the toolbars (Michael Meeks)

Updated translations:

  - bg (Alexander Shopov)
  - el (Nick Niktaris, Panayotis Pakos, Simos Xenitellis)
  - fr (Christophe Merlet)
  - hu (Andras Timar)
  - it (Clara Tattoni, Ettore)
  - lv (Peteris Krisjanis)
  - nn (Roy-Magne Mo)
  - no (Kjartan Maraas)
  - sk (Stanislav Visnovsky)
  - sv (Christian Rose)

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