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Mozilla 0.9.8 Released

Feb 05, 2002, 06:04 (30 Talkback[s])

Norman Zhang writes:

The first Mozilla 0.9.8 builds are out. Read the Release Notes to find out what's new.

What's New In This Release

  • Hebrew is now supported on Solaris. Hebrew and Arabic now supported on Mac OS systems that have the proper language pack installed. Pasting is busted (Bug 119877) and there are still some open issues related to keyboard input and UI fonts. (Bugs 119860, 119882, 120048, 120334, 121126)
  • Thanks to the new nsITheme API, the classic theme now has native looking widgets on Mac OS X and Windows XP.
  • There are several address book improvements.
    • You can now print individual cards (this has been broken for several milestones), print cards from any address book, or print the contents of an entire address book.
    • Much improved performance. (For details see the test results.)
    • You can now export to txt, tab and csv and LDIF.
    • The address book now has quick search.
    • Cards with addresses in the USA have a new Get Map button in the card preview pane which creates a map for that address at mapquest.com For details on how to customize the address book's quick search and Get Map features, see Hidden Addressbook Prefs.
  • Mozilla supports MNG again.
  • Dynamic theme switching works again. You can (usually) switch themes without restarting the browser although there are still some bugs.
  • Mozilla no longer reads /favicon.ico images by default although Mozilla still reads page icons defined with the tag. Set the following pref to turn the feature back on.


  • Files automatically downloaded by clicking on a link are now renamed to the correct name when the download finishes.
  • DOM Inspector is now included on Mac OS builds.
  • The new Page Setup dialog allows setting margins, page orientation and page scaling. Use the following codes to customize page headers :

&T - Title,

&U - Document URL,
&D - Date/Time,
&P - Page Number,
&PT - Page Number "of" Page total.

  • On Mac OS, downloaded files that are passed off to a helper application are no longer deleted when Mozilla exits.
  • Composer is now able to generate CSS inline styles instead of deprecated HTML elements and/or attributes (see Composer preferences).