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Ximian Announces Availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2000

Mar 25, 2002, 13:15 (13 Talkback[s])

BOSTON, MA-- March 25, 2002-- Ximian, Inc., the leading open source desktop company, today announced general availability of Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange. Ximian Connector is a unique client software extension that allows Linux and UNIX users of the Ximian Evolution groupware suite to manage personal information and collaborate with Windows-based co-workers using Microsoft Exchange 2000.With Ximian Connector installed, Ximian Evolution will function as a Microsoft Exchange 2000 client, enabling users to manage their email, personal calendars, group schedules, address books and tasks lists using existing company Exchange 2000 servers. As a result, workgroups, departments and companies using Ximian software can fully and cost-effectively integrate their growing numbers of Linux and UNIX users into Microsoft-based corporate computing environments. Customers can now purchase Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange through the Ximian web site at www.ximian.com.

"The challenge in connecting decentralized Linux workgroups with larger Windows-based enterprises has been a barrier for Linux desktops to make inroads into the corporate world," states Robert Mahowald, senior analyst at IDC. "Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange is designed to break down those barriers."

"The overwhelming customer response to Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange shows that we have clearly struck a chord with companies increasingly adopting Linux for desktop use," said David Patrick, president and CEO of Ximian. "By providing this key missing ingredient to interoperability with office document and messaging standards, Ximian is helping companies support their Linux users without compromise while eliminating the costs normally associated with the purchase of second PCs or mail systems."

Tight Integration for Linux Users

Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange is an easy to install software add-on to Ximian Evolution, the premier personal and workgroup information management solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems. Ximian Evolution 1.0 uniquely integrates email, calendar, contact and task list management in one powerful, fast and easy-to-use application. Ximian Evolution also provides extensive support for key data exchange and communications standards, such as IMAP, POP, SMTP, LDAP, iCalendar, vCard and more. The application supports a broad range of leading Linux distributions and UNIX variants, including Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian and more.

Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables IT managers and system administrators to integrate and support Linux and UNIX desktops alongside Windows clients for Exchange email, group calendaring, contact and task management. Ximian Connector enables a host of capabilities Exchange users require, including the ability to define and manage email folders, propose meetings with and view free/busy time of other Exchange users, and access personal and global address lists. Just as important, Ximian Connector lets Linux and UNIX users overcome the limitations of previous web browser-based Exchange-access methods. Ximian Connector provides Linux clients of Microsoft Exchange 2000 with the elegant interface and full functionality of Ximian Evolution, including QuickSearch, vFolders, threaded email view, in-line text editing and synchronization with Palm handhelds.

Customers Laud Interoperability and Clear Return on Investment

Ximian Connector customers benefit from increased productivity for their users and IT personnel as well as dramatically reduced costs of technology purchase, deployment and support. Used with Ximian Evolution, Ximian Connector removes the barriers between employees who use Linux-based workstations and those using Microsoft-based systems. From a budgetary perspective, Ximian provides companies with Microsoft compatible productivity and messaging applications, eliminating the costs of purchasing a second Windows PC desktop or parallel messaging systems for Linux and UNIX users. The result is a savings of up to $2,000 per user, as duplicate or virtual Windows PCs along with Microsoft Office licenses are no longer needed.

"Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange is the missing piece of the puzzle for our development staff using Linux workstations," said Andrew Lozier, vice president of Next Dimension, Inc., a provider of outsourced application development, hosting and network integration. "It enables us to quickly and affordably integrate these users of the Ximian Evolution groupware suite on Linux with our corporate messaging and scheduling standard, Microsoft Exchange 2000."

"Using Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange in conjunction with the Ximian Evolution groupware suite is a major step forward in expanding our use of Linux to new areas like customer service," said Warren Aldred, senior systems programmer at Smith and Noble, a California-based provider of custom home furnishings. "Ximian Connector has the dual benefit of enabling Linux users to cost-effectively collaborate with the rest of their colleagues using Microsoft Exchange 2000, especially for group scheduling, while simplifying life for the IT folks who support them."

"Like many start ups, we need to get the most 'bang for the buck' from our technology investments," said Daniel Curry, IT manager at San Francisco-based Cariocas. "As we look at moving our development staff from the existing Windows platform to a lower cost Linux platform, interoperability with our current Microsoft Exchange infrastructure is critical. Every day, I use Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange to keep myself up to date with all the changes in our product lines and development plans. Its tight integration of Ximian Evolution with Exchange and its familiar Outlook-like interface will shorten the learning curve and make our roll-out easier."

"With the bulk of our development work being done on Linux, integrating these users with other Windows-based company systems like Microsoft Exchange 2000 has been a major challenge," said John Swords III, technology director at Red Sandbox LLC, a provider of Internet marketing and consulting services. "Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange changes all that by letting us affordably provide email and group scheduling for Linux users without the need for a second Windows box on every desk."

Pricing and Availability

Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange for leading Linux distributions including Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and Debian is now available for purchase from the Ximian web site at www.ximian.com with software licenses fulfilled electronically. (Solaris 8 support will follow in the second quarter of this year.) Ximian Connector is priced at $69 ($599 for 10 pack, $1,449 for 25 pack) and comes with 30 days of web-based installation support. Corporate licensing and support programs are also available.

The Ximian Evolution groupware suite required for use with Ximian Connector can be downloaded for free or purchased on CD as part of the Ximian Desktop Standard Edition ($29.95) or Professional Edition ($49.95) software at www.ximian.com. Ximian Desktop and Ximian Evolution are licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL).

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