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Release Digest: GNOME, April 19, 2002

Apr 20, 2002, 08:00 (2 Talkback[s])

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Brian Proffitt
Managing Editor
Linux Today

Guikachu 1.1.7

Dear users of both large and small computing tools,

A new development release of Guikachu is available.
About Guikachu
Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource
files for PalmOS-based pocket computers. The user interface is
modelled after Glade, the GNOME UI builder.

Catch it all from

 * libXML-based I/O
 * Exporting to PilRC .rcp files (compile with pilrc -H)
 * Support for non-PalmOS PilRC targets (like the eBookMan)
 * String and string list resources
 * Dialog resources
 * Menu resources
 * Form resources
 * Per-application resources (e.g. version number)
 * WYSIWYG Form Editor, with drag & drop capability and visual resizing
 * XSLT style sheets and shell script to generate RCP files from
   Guikachu documents
 * Sample file with sample GNU PalmOS SDK-based application
 * Documentation (a complete user's manual)

About these releases
This release is needed to sync up with the GConf recommendation of
using underscores instead of hyphens in schema and config key names

IMPORTANT! If you have used Guikachu 1.1.x before, you will have to
manually remove the old GConf schema files and config keys before
installing this new release. This is done by recursively removing the
following directories:


Yes, I know this sucks ass, but imagine if we postponed this and had
to do this after 1.2, the first stable release that uses GConf!

Note that although it's slowly getting to the 1.2 beta cycle, 1.1.x is
still the development series. Bugs may occur, the documentation may
not be in sync with the real features, build may fail. However, I do
encourage everyone now to give it a try with real projects.

Guikachu uses GTK-- and GNOME-- for its user interface. File I/O is
implemented via the libxml package. Dialog windows are loaded via
libglade. GConf is used to store user preferences. You will need the
versions of these packages available in the GNOME 1.4 bundle (with the
exception of GNOME-- which you will need to upgrade to version 1.2.0)
To actually create the PalmOS resource files, you will also need PilRC
(part of the GNU PalmOS SDK) to compile the .rpc files produced by
To use the stand-alone Guikachu-to-RCP converter program, xsltproc
(part of the libxslt package) is required.

Beware of bugémons!


Gnome Media Media Related Utilities Package 1.520.2

Following the trend of minor programs[1] making important sounding press
releases[2], we at the Gnome Media Project proudly present The Gnome
Media Media Related Utilities Package (TGMMRUP) 1.520.2 ("And Miss
Celine Dion sings love songs while our cities burn").

Gnome-Media Project Releases a New Version of the Gnome Media Media
Related Utilities Package.

April 17, 2002 (The INTERNET). The Gnome Media project (consisting of
Iain, a few voices inside his head, and some other cool people) is
pleased to announce its umpteenth version of the increasingly popular
Gnome Media Media Related Utilites Package for the second generation
GNOME Desktop Environment. Gnome Media is a collection of bits and bobs
that do stuff with media.

"Well, I think that we managed to conceptualise the synergy of the
various forms of communication and lots of other stuff we found lying
around and increased the speed of work." said Iain, some random guy who
somehow ended up with task of maintaining this collection of "Media
Utilities". "It is, to be blunt a whole new paradigm for the way people
will view media. Well, listen to media, because we haven't got anything
overly visual yet."

Bob, a voice inside Iain's head, commented, "The Gnome Media Media
Related Utilities Package has evolved into something I could never have
imagined. Like an application that controls the translation of digital
data stored on small, flat round discs called Compact Discs into audio
signal. Quite frankly I feel that we have outdone all of the previous
attemps to create such an application."

"I think, that we, the Gnome Media Media Project team, have finally made
a release that we can be proud to put on an FTP server somewhere.", said
Janice, another of the myriad voices in Iain's head. "I am hopeful that
this release will attract more contributors to find and fix bugs, add
new features that we can't be bothered to do ourselves and expand The
Gnome Media Media Related Utilities Package into a larger project which
is more visible by Unix users."

Shortly after making this comment, Janice was slapped by Bob.

"The Gnome Media Media Related Utilities Package is possibly the best
thing I have ever used," said a random person called Alex. "I think the
way in which it has been written is a classic, and should go down in
history along with that Knuth guys work. Classics. I especially love the
way the buttons have been aligned with each other in Gnome-CD. That just
screams "STYLE" at you."

Gnome Media Media Related Utilities Package 1.520.2 - Codenamed "And
Miss Celine Dion sings love songs while our cities burn."

Gnome-CD: Since the last release, 1.236.117 or something like that (see,
even Iain can't remember the version numbers), Gnome-CD has come on in
leaps and bounds. Iain contributed a very nicely laid out widget that we
like to call a "volume control", and Theo made the FreeBSD
implementation for it.

The theme selection is now instant apply, so when you click on a theme
name, the theme changes. This code was courtesy of Iain.

Thankyou to Tigert who made a new icon for the eject button.

Gnome-Volume-Control: Again, this application has gone from strength to
strength in this wonderfully wonderful release. Courtesy of Diego
Gonzalez it now works if your OSS card name has spaces in it. 

And Iain kindly gave us the code to make the Volume Control be shrunk.
Now you can have it only display the Main volume and CD volume, if you
prefer, or, if you don't any other combination.

Gnome-Sound-Recorder: Some marvelous people fixed some evil evil bugs
and made this great program even greater.

CDDBSlave2: Our amazing maintainer, Iain, made the track editor actually
work, so now we can all change the names of the tracks on other peoples
CDs so that they have no clue what they're listening to. I suggest
changing Aaron Carter to Slipknot, so when your Slipknot loving friend
goes to listen to his favourite CD, he'll find the sweet pop soundings
of the lovable Aaron. If that doesn't stop him/her wearing black, then
nothing will.

There would have been a website, but someone forgot the password. Doh.
That website would have had screenshots, but thems the way the apples

Download The Gnome Media Media Related Utilities Package from
ftp or its nearest mirros.

PR release written by Iain of the Gnome Media Project.
(Miss Celine Dion is a trademark of the Sony Corporation of Canada)

Peace, love and harmony[3]

[1] See
[2] See
[3] Very nice, very nice, very nice, very nice, but maybe in the next
world, maybe in the next world.

gdk-pixpuf 0.17.0

Dear lovers of no stray pixels,

Version 0.17.0 "And Your Wise Men Don't Know How It Feels" of the
gdk-pixbuf library has been released.  This is an important bugfix
release, so you should upgrade right away.


Changes in this version:

* Merged fixes in GTK+ 2.0 to pixops again.  This fixes the egregious
  bilinear scaling weights bug.

* Merged fixes in GTK+ 2.0 to the BMP loader.



Pan 0.11.3

Pan 0.11.3 "Wenn ist das Nunstuck git und Slotermeyer?" has been released.
It can be found at
What is Pan?

        Pan is a newsreader, loosely based on Agent and Gravity, which
        attempts to be pleasant to use for new and advanced users alike.
        It has all the typical features found in newsreaders and also
        supports offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections,
        and a number of extra features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

        It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the
        Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.  See for the rest of the
        sales pitch.

About 0.11.3

        This is mostly a stability release.  It fixes about twenty-five bugs
        that were present in 0.11.2, and adds few new features, with the
        notable exception of yEnc support.

Changes Since 0.11.2


        * Added support for decoding yenc-encoded attachments!  Thanks to
          Gabi Davar and Jeff Stedfast for contributing code and debugging
          to this effort. (70368, 71330)

        * Added the ability to specify which characters are recognized
          as quote prefix characters, so nonconformists not using '>' to
          quote text will still have their articles colored right in Pan. :)
          Thanks to Colin Leroy for contributing this code.  (68159, 75916)
        * Added "Go to previous article" navigation button.  Thanks to
          Colin Leroy for contributing this patch.  (75716)


        * The 'Download Articles' dialog now switches the articlelist to
          the group when the headers have been downloaded. Since this dialog
          is mostly used to sample a (potentially large) group, this seems
          the more intuitive approach. Thanks to Himanshu J. Gohel for
          suggesting this. (66510)

        * Added Message-ID to Find Article's search criteria. Thanks to
          Pascal Valois for suggesting this. (68332)

        * Add a new preference option, allowing failed tasks to be removed
          automatically from the Task Manager. Thanks to John Mellow and 
          Aric S. Campling for suggesting this. (71992, 75186)

        * Added support for mime articles which explicitly specify a
          Content-Transfer-Encoding of x-uuencode.  Thanks to Sam Solon and
          Jeff Stedfast for this code. (74798) 

        * Make sure that the default window size is large enough that a
          full line, up to the default number of wrap characters and with
          the default font, will fit without scrolling.  Thanks to John Mellor
          for suggesting this obvious-in-hindsight improvement. :) (76062)


        * Fixed bug that caused multi-part binary posts with variable-length
          segment number to be seen as incomplete. Thanks to Craig Orsinger
          for reporting this. (71647)

        * Fixed 0.11.2 bug where Pan could crash when a confirmation dialog
          was needed to confirm sending a message with issues. (71440)

        * Fixed 0.11.2 bug that could cause the article count not to be reset
          to zero when the group was empties. Thanks to Craig Orgsinger for
          reporting this. (71645)

        * Fixed crash that occurred in the Japanese locale.  Thanks to
          Erik Anderson and Bill Huang for reporting this bug, and to
          T. Aihana for fixing the Japanese translation file. (78244)

        * Fixed long-standing bug that made it impossible to cancel an unread
          message. Thanks to Kerstin Rohlfs for leading me to this bug. (64287)

        * Fixed UI bug in the message composer that caused Ctrl-space to send
          the message. (71352)

        * When editing an existing server profile, the server name is now
          read-only.  Thanks to Ned Boddy for reporting this bug.  (72432)

        * Better handling for the case where the 'Followup-To:' header
          contains an email address. Thanks to Mike Brodbelt for suggesting
          this.  (72608)

        * Fixed UI bug in the Preferences dialog that caused the <OK> button
          to stay greyed out even when some parts of the dialog had changed.
          Thanks to John Mellor for reporting this. (73180)

        * The Profile Editor now rejects double-quotes in the author's real
          name. Thanks to Martin Bruchanov for reporting this.  (68770)

        * Fixed a crash that occurred when sending mail from a system that
          didn't have a resolvable hostname. Thanks to T'aZ for reporting
          this bug. (74129)

        * Fixed a crash that occurred when Pan couldn't connect to the news
          server. Thanks to Aurelien Gouny for reporting this bug. (70858)

        * Fixed a bug in Follow-Up that caused some new text typed in by
          the user to be colored in the quoted-text color rather than the
          normal text color.  Thanks to Michael McIntyre for reporting
          this bug. (75993)

        * If a yenc block ends without a "=yend", or a uu block ends
          without an "end", treat the block as plaintext instead of encoded
          data.  Looks like some M$ bashers are starting their posts with
          "begin 666" to tickle a similar bug in OE.  :)
          Thanks to Jason Rumney and mr_p for reporting this bug. (76358)

        * Fixed crash that occurred when trying to parse empty/corrupt
          messages.  Thanks to Jorge Salinas for reporting this bug. (78287)

        * Fixed bug that could incorrectly cause articles to become 
          marked as read.  Thanks to Jiri Kubicek for tracking this down
          and writing a fix. (77878)

        * Fixed crash that occurred when the user tried to create a new
          identity that was incomplete.  Thanks to Jef E. for reporting
          this bug. (77582)
        * Pan now uses GMT rather than local time when generating the
          timestamp for unique message ids of new posts.  When using
          local time and daylight savins ends, a date could show up
          twice.  Thanks to Mirko Liss for suggesting this. (77528)

        * Increased the default maximum number of connections for new
          servers to two, since we also default to reserving one connection
          for reading messages. Thanks to William Peterson for reporting
          this. (76867)

        * Fixed bug that was too strict on what Message-IDs to retain
          in a References: header when posting a follow-up.  Thanks to
          Colin Leroy and Jim Henderson for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed 0.11.1 branefart that moved widget focus to the thread pane,
          rather than the text pane, whenever a message was read via
          the 'N' key.  Thanks to Florian Schmidt for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed some potential connection problems. Thanks to Sven Neuhaus
          for reporting these issues. (73179)

        * The Filter Text in the Edit Rule dialog box now has a scrollbar
          when required. Thanks to  Himanshu J. Gohel for reporting this. 

        * Fixed various memory leaks.