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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.5.9

Apr 23, 2002, 14:30 (17 Talkback[s])

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        Release notes for v2.5.9

Summary of changes from v2.5.8 to v2.5.9

<> (02/03/10 1.369.44.1)
        fix up a comment in drivers/isdn/icn/Makefile

<> (02/03/15 1.369.62.5)
        Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20020312081510|17850

<> (02/03/22 1.369.81.1)
        Remove list-multi plus associated link rules in various Makefiles.

<> (02/03/27 1.369.62.6)
        Fix ia64-version of thread_info.  Add McKinley-optimized copy_page().

<> (02/03/27 1.369.85.2)
        Minor tweaks for McKinley-optimized copy_page().
        Fix configuration for HP Ski simulator.

<> (02/03/28 1.369.85.3)
                Update for v2.5.7.

<> (02/03/28 1.369.85.4)
        [PATCH] First part of sync with 2.5.7 (ACPI still broken, Ski OK)..

<> (02/03/28 1.369.85.5)
        [PATCH] This patch adds 5 help texts to arch/ia64/
        The texts were obtained from Eric S. Raymond's v2.97

<> (02/03/28 1.369.85.6)
        [PATCH] IA-64 specific part of Matt's patch:
        * EFI_GUID macro defined per your suggestion - efi_guid_t is now a struct of
        char[16].  Fixed all GUID definitions.
        * Made one unified efi_guid_unparse() static inline in asm-ia64/efi.h.
        Removed three other definitions of similar in efivars.c and mca.c.
        * fixed endianness of fs/partitions/efi.c - thanks to Richard Hirst and his
        GPT work in Parted.
        * cleaned up find_valid_gpt() to make it easier to see what's going on and
        avoid future NULL ptr deref cases if this code gets modified yet again.
        * Only use partition table slots 0..max_p.  The previous behaviour would let
        you delete a partition in the middle of the table, and on next boot all the
        partition numbers above that would switch down.  This change makes it
        consistent with the MSDOS concept of primary partitions.  /dev/sdaX exists
        iff the partition type is not NULL.
        * Moved CONFIG_PARTITION_EFI help text to fs/partitions/

<> (02/04/01 1.369.85.7)
        Initialize ar.k0 with physical I/O base not just on BP but also on
        all APs (based on patch by Bjorn Helgaas).

<> (02/04/02 1.369.85.8)
        (arch/ia64/kernel/unwind_i.h): Fix typo in comment.

<> (02/04/02 1.369.85.9)
        [PATCH] Wouldn't you know it, but Richard Hirst found that I was *again* unparsing
        Patch below should apply to both the 2.5.7-pre1 and 2.4.18 trees.

<> (02/04/02 1.369.85.10)
        [PATCH] arch/ia64/Makefile tweak

<> (02/04/02 1.369.85.11)
            Tweak for better performance when data is in L2 or L3 cache.

<> (02/04/05 1.369.85.12)
        Fix software I/O TLB to always return <4GB memory for alloc_consistent().

<> (02/04/05 1.369.85.13)
        New files for HP zx1 systems.

<> (02/04/05 1.369.85.14)
        [PATCH] Add support for HP zx1 systems.

<> (02/04/05 1.369.85.15)
        Fix HP simulator Makefile for merge conflict with zx1 support patch.

<> (02/04/06 1.369.112.1)
        The some of the existing ARM CPU "wait for interrupt" implementations
        were buggy - they'd test hlt_counter/need_resched with interrupts
        enabled, and then go to sleep.  An interrupt could be received between
        the test and sleeping, and we could have 10ms latency before we ran
        a task.  This changeset fixes this by providing a generic "cpu idle"
        wrapper that handles these issues.

<> (02/04/06 1.369.112.2)
        Pass the next task 'mm' struct to the CPU mm switching code (so
        we can access data in mm->context.)

<> (02/04/06 1.369.112.3)
        Fix ISA interrupt initialisation on footbridge machines.

<> (02/04/06 1.369.112.4)
        Some small fixes:
         - Fix up decompressor for ARM720T cache handling.
         - Set PCI cache line size register while enumerating devices.
         - Report correct cache sizes.
         - Ensure machine vectors are in memory for instruction fetches
           (important when you have write-allocate write back caches).
         - Fix bug in ARMv5ej abort handler.
         - Update mach-types to latest version.

<> (02/04/07 1.369.112.5)
        Clean up sa1111 initialisation.  Provide sa1111 base 'device' in the
        device tree.  Move towards using ioremap to map the sa1111 device.

<> (02/04/07 1.369.112.6)
        Fix page_to_phys() and convert virt_to_bus()/virt_to_phys() to
        page_to_bus()/page_to_phys() in consistent.c

<> (02/04/08 1.369.85.16)
        Misc fixes.

<> (02/04/08 1.369.85.17)
        [PATCH] The kernel cannot cope with modules without unwind data, which happens
        with data-only modules like the fs/nls modules when compiling with gcc
        3.1.  This patch fixes the problem.

<> (02/04/09 1.369.114.14)
        USB - removed the dc2xx driver

<> (02/04/09 1.369.114.15)
        removed unused usb storage makefile rules.

<> (02/04/09 1.369.114.16)
        [PATCH] USB physical paths id
        This provides something that gets discussed regularly: stable
        device IDs.  Straightforward; most of it was already present:
            - Moves "bus_name" out of HCD framework into usb_bus.
              This accounts for _by far the bulk_ of this patch, since
              every use of that original field needed to change.
            - Make Vojtech's usb_make_path() use bus_name instead
              of unstable bus numbers ... and usb_device->devpath
              instead of recomputing that same info.  Combine two
              stable IDs, and the result is still stable.  And since both
              are precomputed, usb_make_path() turns into only an
              error check wrapped around snprintf() ... so I inlined it.
            - Minor tweak to usb_device->devpath construction.  It
              still uses "/" for the root hub (better suggestions?) but
              Vojtech wanted "." for separators, so I changed that.
            - The older HCDs (uhci.c etc) initialize usb_bus.bus_name,
              as well as the sharable HCD framework
            - HCD framework no longer uses "bus" member.

        These IDs are currently exposed in "input" hotplugging, and
        my next patch addresses that for USB network devices.

<> (02/04/09 1.369.114.17)
        [PATCH] USB net drivers, ethtool bus_info
        USB net drivers, ethtool bus_info
        This patch makes the USB network drivers that have ethtool support
        expose only those stable IDs ... no more references to unstable values
        like dev->bus->busnum (changes depending on order of modprobe)
        or dev->devnum (assigned not quite randomly during enumeration :).
        This supports more intelligent policies for user mode tools, such
        as "always assign this address to the device on that port", as well
        as making troubleshooting more practical when there are multiple
        devices (of a given type) present ... you can tell which is which.

<> (02/04/09 1.369.114.18)
        [PATCH] USB GeneLink/NDIS tweaks
        USB GeneLink/NDIS tweaks
        This patch, from Oliver, discards slightly less data in cases
        where memory is very tight.  The GeneLink framing can batch
        several packets in one transmission, so it's always possible to
        at least report the last one, since it's already sitting in an SKB
        and we won't need a new one.
        Random note, this seems to be the same issue I saw
        mentioned somewhere else recently:  MSFT host drivers
        with high latency for submitting bulk packets, so rather
        than just queuing them as they arrive, it turns out to be a
        win on the MSFT side to batch packets.

<pmanolov@Lnxw.COM> (02/04/09 1.369.114.19)
        [PATCH] rtl8150 for 2.5
        This one is fixing the problems Oliver spoted.  Namely:
                - double free in probe();
                - Rx skb pool resolves the issue with OOM condition in
                   read_bulk_callback() which potentially kills the Rx path;

<> (02/04/10 1.456.1.1)
        Export discard_bh_page and use block_flushpage in JFS
        Note: discard_bh_page is already exported in 2.4.
        Currently the 2.5 version of JFS works around the lack of
        block_flushpage availability in modules by abusing
        generic_buffer_fdatasync instead.   Exporting discard_bh_page
        as in 2.4 solves this.
        Submitted by Christoph Hellwig

<> (02/04/10 1.456.3.2)
        [PATCH] Re: removing sleep_on in hub.c
        On Mon, Apr 08, 2002, Oliver Neukum <> wrote:
        > using sleep_on is a race. The attached patch replaces it with the
        > new wait_event macro from sched.h. The patch is against the 2.5
        > from Greg.
        Greg, I've tested this against 2.4.19-pre6 as well and the attached
        patch is relative to that.
        Please apply.

        Thank Oliver!

<> (02/04/10 1.456.3.3)
        [PATCH] put some usb net devices out of the experimental list
        USB network drivers
        put some usb net devices out of the experimental list

<> (02/04/10 1.456.3.4)
        [PATCH] USB kaweth: fix races between timeout, xmit and disconnect
        USB kaweth driver update
         - always set the ASYNC_UNLINK flag for the tx urb
         - correct cancelling the tx urb under all circumstances
         - detect a running disconnect method in xmit path
         - fix a potential deadlock by using GFP_NOIO

<> (02/04/10 1.456.3.5)
        [PATCH] catc: GFP_KERNEL in interrupt or with spinlocks held
        bad usage of mem_flags in catc.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.18)
        Tune __ia64_init_fpu() for better performance and smaller size.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.19)
        [PATCH] This patch against 2.4.18+ia64-020226 removes a legacy VGA
        dependency.  Non-legacy systems may have system memory
        at 0xA0000, and if that's the case, we don't want to install the
        VGA console.
        Restructured conswitchp init slightly so that if both
        are defined, conswitchp is always set to something, even if we
        don't find VGA at 0xA0000.
        This work is due to Alex Williamson (

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.20)
        More EFI fixes.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.21)
        More McKinley tuning and minor do_csum() cleanup.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.22)
        Manual merge with Paul's 2.4.18 ACPI update.

<> (02/04/10 1.456.3.6)
        [PATCH] tiglusb mutex bugfix
        USB tiglusb driver
        Fixes a locking bug, and changes the command line option, as
        it was clashing with another part of the kernel.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.23)
          Paul's ACPI update.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.25)
          Declare ia64_iobase.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.26)
          Move disabling of 8259 irqs into iosapic.c.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.27)
        ia64: Misc fixups.

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.28)
        Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20020411000006|41013

<> (02/04/10 1.369.85.29)
          Add mising include of <asm/cache.h>.

<> (02/04/10 1.456.6.2)
        ia64: Add asm/cacheflush.h and asm/tlbflush.h.

<> (02/04/11 1.456.3.7)
        USB serial drivers
        added missing owner fields.

<> (02/04/11 1.456.3.8)
        USB serial core
        added /proc support through the tty layer.

<> (02/04/11 1.456.6.3)
        ia64: Make v2.5.8-pre3 work on ia64.

<> (02/04/11 1.456.6.4)
        ia64: make 2.5.8-pre3 work on SMP ia64.

<> (02/04/12 1.456.7.2)
        Handle $(export-objs) ambiguity
        We use the makefile variable $(foo-objs) to list the objects
        a composed module foo.o is supposed to be composed of.
        We use the special varible $(export-objs) to list the object files which
        export symbols.
        This oviously clashes in the case of foo == export. There's basically
        two ways to handle it: (1) rename one of these options, like 
        foo-objs to foo-parts or something, or (2) simply disallow a composite
        object called export.o, so you never need $(export-objs) to list its
        As (1) would affect basically all Makefiles in the tree and (2) doesn't
        seem much of a limitation, I went for (2).

<> (02/04/12 1.456.3.9)
        [PATCH] USB minor ehci cleanup
        USB minor ehci cleanup
        This patch just does minor internal cleanup, renaming to
        match the put/get convention used elsewhere in Linux.
        (Get ref, put it back ... not "putting a new ref here".)

<> (02/04/12 1.456.3.10)
        [PATCH] USB devio device removal fix
        USB devio device removal fix
        Fixes problem with using usbfs and a device is removed while the
        device still has pending events.

<> (02/04/12 1.456.3.11)
        [PATCH] Wrong sanity check in audio.c
        Even though I originally implemented it, the sanity check removed
        by the patch below seems wrong to me...

<> (02/04/12 1.456.6.5)
        ia64: clean up to enable 64KB page size.

<> (02/04/13 1.456.6.6)
        Make memset() detect the special-case of clear-to-zero and call __bzero() in that case.

<> (02/04/14 1.369.59.10)
        [PATCH] 1101/1: Make armksyms.c compile again with gcc 3.0.2
        Make arch/arm/kernel/armksyms.c compile again with gcc 3.0.2 because of new EXPORT_SYMBOL_NOVERS(abort); in patch-2_4_18-rmk3.gz. See my mail "EXPORT_SYMBOL_NOVERS(abort) in armksyms.c?" in linux-arm-kernel list from Mon, 25 Mar 2002.

<> (02/04/14 1.369.59.11)
        [PATCH] 1107/1: Shark: defconfig and updates
        This patch updates the defconfig for the Shark and adds an
        extern and a define so that the kernel compiles for the Shark.

<> (02/04/14 1.456.8.2)
        PCI address mapping macros depend on CONFIG_PCI not CONFIG_SA1111

<> (02/04/14 1.456.8.3)
        KAOS pointed out cyber2000fb doesn't build on x86.  This changeset
        fixes this problem.

<> (02/04/14 1.456.9.1)
        Fix setup_per_pcu_areas() for UP compile
        For !CONFIG_SMP we want the empty inline setup_per_cpu_areas().
        If CONFIG_SMP is set, we never want the empty inline. If we use the
        generic implementation, we have it here, if not the arch has it somwhere
        else (hopefully).

<> (02/04/14 1.456.9.2)
        Avoid a compile-time warning in bluesmoke.c
        (intel_thermal_interrupt() defined but not used)

<> (02/04/14 1.456.9.3)
        Fix neofb.c to use strsep.

<> (02/04/15 1.489.2.1)
        the IRQ balancing feature is based on the following requirements:
        - irq handlers should be cache-affine to a large degree, without the
          explicit use of /proc/irq/*/smp_affinity.
        - idle CPUs should be preferred over busy CPUs when directing IRQs towards
        - the distribution of IRQs should be random, to avoid all IRQs going to
          the same CPU, and to avoid 'heavy' IRQs from loading certain CPUs
          unfairly over CPUs that handle 'light' IRQs. The IRQ system has no
          knowledge about how 'heavy' an IRQ handler is in terms of CPU cycles.
        here is the design and implementation:
        - we make per-irq decisions about where the IRQ will go to next. Right
          now it's a fastpath and a slowpath, the real stuff happens in the slow
          path. The fastpath is very lightweight.
        - [ i decided not to measure IRQ handler overhead via RDTSC - it ends up
            being very messy, and if we want to be 100% fair then we also need to
            measure softirq overhead, and since there is no 1:1 relationship
            between softirq load and hardirq load, it's impossible to do
            correctly. So the IRQ balancer achieves fairness via randomness. ]
        - we stay affine in the micro timescale, and we are loading the CPUs
          fairly in the macro timescale. The IO-APIC's lowest priority
          distribution method rotated IRQs between CPUs once per IRQ, which was
          the worst possible solution for good cache-affinity.
        - to achieve fairness and to avoid lock-step situations some real
          randomness is needed. The IRQs will wander in the allowed CPU group
          randomly, in a brownean motion fashion. This is what the 'move()'
          function accomplishes. The IRQ moves one step forward or one step
          backwards in the allowed CPU mask. [ Note that this achieves a level of
          NUMA affinity as well, nearby CPUs are more likely to be NUMA-affine. ]
        - the irq balancer has some knowledge about 'how idle' a single CPU is.
          The idle task updates the idle_timestamp. Since this update is in the
          idle-to-be codepath, it does not increase the latency of idle-wakeup,
          the overhead should be zero in all cases that matter. The idle-balancing
          happens the following way: when searching for the next target CPU after
          a 'IRQ tick' has expired, we first search 'idle enough' CPUs in the
          allowed set. If this does not succeed then we search all CPUs.
        - the patch is fully compatible with the /proc/irq/*/smp_affinity
          interface as well, everything works as expected.

        note that the current implementation can be expressed equivalently in
        terms of timer-interrupt-driven IRQ redirection. But i wanted to get some
        real feedback before removing the possibility to do finer grained
        decisions - and the per-IRQ overhead is very small anyway.

<> (02/04/15 1.489.1.4)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 IDE 34
        - Synchronize with 2.5.8.
        - Eliminate the cdrom_log_sense() function.
        - Pass a struct request to cdrom_analyze_sense_data() since this is the entity
           this function is working on. This shows nicely that this function is broken.
        - Use CDROM_PACKET_SIZE where appropriate.
        - Kill the obfuscating cmd_buf and cmd_len local variables from
           cdrom_transfer_packet_command(). This made it obvious that the parameters of
           this function where not adequate - to say the least. Fix this.
        - Pass a packed command array directly to cdrom_queue_packed_command().  This
           is reducing the number of places where we have to deal with the c member of
           struct packet_command.
        - Never pass NULL as sense to cdrom_lockdoor().
        - Eliminate cdrom_do_block_pc().
        - Eliminate the c member of struct packet_command. Pass them through struct
           request cmd member.
        - Don't enable TCQ unconditionally if there is a TCQ queue depth defined.
        - Fix small think in ide_cmd_ioctl() rewrite. (My appologies to everyone who
           has to use hdparm to setup his system...)
        - Fix compilation without PCI support.

<> (02/04/15 1.489.1.5)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 IDE 35
        - Expand configure help options a bit
        - Fix xconfig bug
        - Decrease queue depth if a command takes too long to complete
        - Test master/slave stuff. It works, but one device can heavily starve
           another. This is the simple approach right now, means that one device
           will wait until the other is completely idle before starting any
           commands This is not necessary since we can have queued commands on
           both devices at the same time. TODO.
        - Add proc output for oldest command, just for testing.
        - pci_dev compile fixes.
        - Make sure ide-disk doesn't BUG if TCQ is not used, basically this was
           fixed by off-loading the using_tcq setting to ide-tcq.
        - Remove warning about 'queued feature set not supported'
        - Abstract ide_tcq_wait_dataphase() into a function

<> (02/04/15 1.492)
        [PATCH] devfs patch for 2.5.8
        - Updated fs/devfs/util.c to fix shift warning on 64 bit machines
          Thanks to Anton Blanchard <>
        - Updated README from master HTML file

<> (02/04/15 1.493)
        [PATCH] scsicam lk2.5.8-pre3
         - allow detection of pre-existing disk geometry

<> (02/04/15 1.494)
        [PATCH] scsi_debug driver lk2.5.8-pre3
         - fixe compile error (scatterlist::address replaced)
         - simplify obtaining ram disk memory (using vmalloc)
         - improve SCSI INQUIRY and MODE SENSE support

<> (02/04/15 1.495)
        [PATCH] PnP BIOS catch up
        The patch to the PnP BIOS driver that was in 2.5.7-dj and which
        went into 2.5.8-pre1 did not include Brian Gerst's SMP fix.

<> (02/04/15 1.496)
        [PATCH] 2.5.7-dj2 add 5 help texts to arch/ia64/
        This patch adds 5 help texts to arch/ia64/  The texts were
        obtained from Eric S.  Raymond's v2.97

<> (02/04/15 1.497)
        [PATCH] JFS build fix for 2.5.8
        Missed a page->buffers -> page->private conversion.

<> (02/04/15 1.498)
        [PATCH] Seperates bfs_sb_info from struct super_block.
        Originally from Brian Gerst
        (Includes the bfs fix sent prior to this one to this -- disregard
         earlier bfs related email)

<> (02/04/15 1.499)
        [PATCH] Bug in NLS UTF-8 code
        I've recently (actually, last month, but I had been a bit too busy
        since then) come across a wee problem, in what I originally thought
        was the VFAT code -- having `utf8' as one of the options, creating
        UTF-8 file names on a VFAT partition mysteriously gains a couple of
        (random) characters just after the UTF-8 escaped character: eg.
        touch "fooCbar" where C is an UTF-8 escape sequence ends up creating
        a file named "fooCRbar". (R being some random character.)
        I eventually tracked it down to one line in fs/nls/nls_base.c -- the
        UCS-2 (wchar_t) string pointer was being incremented too fast. After
        consulting Ogawa Hirofumi-san on the subject, he mentioned that
        include/linux/nls.h also needs to be changed for proper UTF-8
        support in the NLS code.

<> (02/04/15 1.500)
        [PATCH] don't allocate ratnodes under PF_MEMALLOC
        On the swap_out() path, the radix-tree pagecache is allocating its
        nodes with PF_MEMALLOC set, which allows it to completely exhaust the
        free page lists(*).  This is fairly easy to trigger with swap-intensive
        It would be better to make those node allocations fail at an earlier
        time.  When this happens, the radix-tree can still obtain nodes from its
        mempool, and we leave some memory available for the I/O layer.
        (Assuming that the I/O is being performed under PF_MEMALLOC, which it
        So the patch simply drops PF_MEMALLOC while adding nodes to the
        swapcache's tree.
        We're still performing atomic allocations, so the rat is still biting
        pretty deeply into the page reserves - under heavy load the amount of
        free memory is less than half of what it was pre-rat.
        It is unfortunate that the page allocator overloads !__GFP_WAIT to also
        mean "try harder".  It would be better to separate these concepts, and
        to allow the radix-tree code (at least) to perform atomic allocations,
        but to not go below pages_min.  It seems that __GFP_TRY_HARDER will be
        pretty straightforward to implement.  Later.
        The patch also impements a workaround for the mempool list_head
        problem, until that is sorted out.
        (*) The usual result is that the SCSI layer dies at scsi_merge.c:82.
        It would be nice to have a fix for that - it's going BUG if 1-order
        allocations fail at interrupt time.  That happens pretty easily.

<> (02/04/15 1.501)
        [PATCH] 2.5.7 ALSA include fixes
        Include fixes to allow ALSA to compile.

<> (02/04/15 1.502)
        [PATCH] 2.5.7 allow fat to compile
        This is needed to for 2.5.7 FAT to build on ARM.

<> (02/04/15 1.503)
        [PATCH] fix include/linux/smp.h
        This patch adds #include <linux/threads.h> to include/linux/smp.h,
        because it (smp.h) needs the definition of NR_CPUS.  (It so happens
        that include/asm-i386/smp.h includes <linux/threads.h>, but IMHO
        include/linux/smp.h shouldn't rely on that).

<> (02/04/15 1.504)
        [PATCH] fix race and remove BKL from wdt977
        We've seen this in several other drivers, most recently the indydog one.
          If two simultaneous opens occur, they race, they device gets opened
        twice, blah, blah, blah.  Using atomic bitops fixes this.  The BKL is
        not needed.

<> (02/04/15 1.505)
        [PATCH] st driver in lk 2.5.7 and beyond
        Fix oops in st_open..

<> (02/04/15 1.506)
        [PATCH] get_request() starvation fix
        This is originally from Andrew in the 2.4 series, please apply for 2.5
        as well.

<> (02/04/15 1.507)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 synclink.c
        patch to update virt_to_bus functions and remove version depedent #ifdef

<> (02/04/15 1.508)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 n_hdlc.c
        Remove localy defined wait queues and use wait queues
        in tty structure of same function. This matches the
        n_tty.c behavior.
        Handle pty hangup when blocked on read.
        These 2 changes fix use of n_hdlc with PPPoATM and
        are mirror changes included in 2.4.19-pre

<> (02/04/15 1.509)
        [PATCH] fbdev api cleanup.
        This patch is the start of the cleanup of the fbdev layer. It has been
        approved by Geert and has been tested for some time in the Dave Jones

<> (02/04/15 1.510)
        [PATCH] migration_thread preempt fix
        This fixes a race in migration_thread which results in a deadlock on
        boot for some SMP systems.  The fix is to to disable preemption inside
        of set_cpus_allowed.
        Andrew Morton first noticed the problem and provided the following patch
        a few weeks back.  I was not affected until the recent migration_init
        fix, for some odd reason.  Neither Andrew nor I think this is actually
        kernel preemption's fault but perhaps a race in the tricky behavior of
        the migration code.

<> (02/04/15 1.511)
        [PATCH] fix ACPI patch clobber
        This fixes the mpparse.c clobbering the last ACPI patch did. Martin, look
        OK? Again, my apologies.

<> (02/04/15 1.512)
        [PATCH] comment cleanups for cpu affinity syscall
        A few (anal) comment cleanups and additions in relationship to the new
        task cpu affinity syscalls.  All no brainers.

<> (02/04/15 1.489.4.2)
        [PATCH] various pegasus and rtl8150 fixes and improvements
        USB pegasus and rtl8150 fixes and improvements
                - using preallocated skb thus avoiding memcpy in the receive path;
                - tasklet used to handle failed skb allocations and Rx urb submission;
                - Lindent run on the result.
                - better tasklet handling and a few races fixed;
                - introducing new flag for Rx urb resubmission;
                - GFP_KERNEL to GFP_ATOMIC flag change in Tx path.

<> (02/04/15 1.489.4.3)
        USB cdc-acm driver
        Made urb allocation dynamic, as the USB core needs this now.

<> (02/04/15 1.514)
        Remove bogus ignore files

<> (02/04/15 1.515)
        [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] advansys scsi driver lk2.5.8-pre3
        Advansys SCSI driver update:
         - locking fixes
         - handle the "address" -> "page+offset" switch

<> (02/04/15 1.516)
        [PATCH] dcache changes for preparing for "export_operations" interface for nfsd to use.
        Prepare for new export_operations interface (for filehandle lookup):
         - define d_splice_alias and d_alloc_anon.
         - define shrink_dcache_anon for removing anonymous dentries
         - modify d_move to work with anonymous dentries (IS_ROOT dentries)
         - modify d_find_alias to avoid anonymous dentries where possible
           as d_splice_alias and d_alloc_anon use this
         - put in place infrastructure for s_anon allocation and cleaning
         - replace a piece of code that is in nfsfh, reiserfs and fat
           with a call to d_alloc_anon
         - Add documentation at Documentation/filesystems/Exporting

<> (02/04/15 1.517)
        [PATCH] PATCH - Create "export_operations" interface for filesystems to describe
        Create "export_operations" interface for filesystems to describe
        whether and how they should be exported.
        - add new field in struct super_block "s_export_op" to describe
          how a filesystem is exported (i.e. how filehandles are mapped to
        - New module: fs/exportfs for holding helper code for mapping between
          filehandles and dentries
        - Change nfsd to use new interface if it exists.
        - Change ext2 to provide new interface
        - Add documention to filesystems/Exporting
        If s_export_op isn't set, old mechanism still works, but it is
        planned to remove old method and only use s_export_op.

<> (02/04/16 1.489.5.1)
        Handle $(export-objs) ambiguity
        We use the makefile variable $(foo-objs) to list the objects
        a composed module foo.o is supposed to be composed of.
        We use the special varible $(export-objs) to list the object files which
        export symbols.
        This oviously clashes in the case of foo == export. There's basically
        two ways to handle it: (1) rename one of these options, like 
        foo-objs to foo-parts or something, or (2) simply disallow a composite
        object called export.o, so you never need $(export-objs) to list its
        As (1) would affect basically all Makefiles in the tree and (2) doesn't
        seem much of a limitation, I went for (2).

<> (02/04/16 1.489.6.1)
        Remove list-multi plus associated link rule in arch/arm/*/Makefile

<> (02/04/16 1.489.6.2)
        Remove list-multi plus associated link rules in drivers/acorn/*/Makefile

<> (02/04/16 1.489.8.2)
        Cleanup drivers/message/fusion/Makefile
        remove some long obsolete boilerplate code.

<> (02/04/16 1.489.8.3)
        cleanup drivers/char/Makefile
        very minor cleanup only (I want all references to list-multi gone ;-)

<> (02/04/16 1.489.4.4)
        [PATCH] USB set-bit takes a long tweaks
        This removes gratuitous & operators in front of USB's
        dev->bus->devmap.devicemap and state->unitbitmap, for bitops.
        This just makes it so it doesn't warn when set_bit et. al take a
        No object code changes,

<> (02/04/16 1.489.4.5)
        [PATCH] kaweth usb driver updates
        USB kaweth driver updates
                - fixed race between close and disconnect
                - disconnect bug
                - add link state reporting
                - fix an urb reference counting bug
                - fix probe oopsability on oom
                - groundwork for atomic pool depletion
                - cosmetic changes

<> (02/04/16 1.489.9.1)
        [PATCH] 1111/1: Re: Anakin framebuffer
        Resource accounting fix (Anakin framebuffer).

<> (02/04/16 1.519)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 IDE 36
        - Consolidate ide_choose_drive() and choose_drive() in to one function.
        - Remove sector data byteswpapping support. Byte-swapping the data is supported
           on the file-system level where applicable.  Byte-swapped interfaces are
           supported on a lower level anyway. And finally it was used inconsistently.
        - Eliminate taskfile_input_data() and taskfile_output_data(). This allowed us
           to split up ideproc and eliminate the ugly action switch as well as the
           corresponding defines.
        - Remove tons of unnecessary typedefs from ide.h
        - Prepate the PIO read write code for soon overhaul.
        - Misc small bits here and there :-).

<> (02/04/16 1.520)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 IDE 37
        - Don't abuse the sense field for passing failed packet_commands in struct
           packet_command use a new field instead.
        - Apply minor bits forwarded by Dave Jones to me.
        - Fix ide_raw_taskfile() to flag the ar used there to be no subject of free_req
           list management. This solvs the "hang after /proc/ide read" problem, which
           was in fact a memory corruption problem.

<> (02/04/16 1.521)
        [PATCH] nbd compile fix
        Note patch compiles but is otherwise untested as no kernel after 2.5.7
        boots on my 2.5 box due to IDE hanging the box hard during device
        discovery. )-:

<> (02/04/16 1.522)
        [PATCH] #include <asm/bitops.h> -> #include <linux/bitops.h>
        We have to include linux/bitops.h for arch using generic_xxx().
        The following patch changes <asm/bitops.h> of include/linux/* to

<> (02/04/16 1.523)
        [PATCH] set_bit takes a long
        Finally, this changes set_bit et al. to take a "unsigned long *" on
        ppc and i386.  This will make the world a better place.
        Please forward patches for any warnings which crop up in random code

<> (02/04/16 1.524)
        [PATCH] fix compiler warning in microcode driver
        The obvious patch to fix compiler warning when compiled with RH gcc 2.96
        (and probably others too).

<> (02/04/16 1.526)
        [PATCH] swapinfo accounting
        Randy observed that 2.5 /proc/meminfo SwapFree holds steady
        while SwapTotal goes up and down: wrong way round!
        Andrew pointed to wrong conditional in si_swapinfo(): 2.5.4
        updated it incorrectly when new flags bit was briefly added.
        And pointed out that it also makes si_swapinfo much too slow.

<> (02/04/16 1.527)
        [PATCH] prctl() patch
        This is the patch to add support for PR_SET_FPEMU/PR_GET_FPEMU to give
        per-process control over fp-emulation handling.  It also cleans up the
        way PR_SET_UNALIGN_CTL/PR_GET_UNALIGN_CTL are implemented.

<> (02/04/16 1.528)
        [PATCH] arch_consoles_callable() macro
        Here is the patch to add the arch_consoles_callable() macro as was done
        in the 2.4 tree.

<> (02/04/16 1.529)
        [PATCH] fix ips driver compile problems

           This patch has been floating inside IBM for a bit, but it appears
        that no one passed it back up to you, yet.  I don't know who wrote it,
        but it applies to 2.5.8 and the ServeRAID driver works just fine with it
        applied.  Without it, the driver fails to compile.

<> (02/04/16 1.530)
        Fix up some bitops due to strict type checking

<> (02/04/16 1.531)
        Kernel version update

<> (02/04/17 1.534)
        bugfix from Maciej: do not ACK timer irqs manually in ExtINT mode.

<> (02/04/17 1.489.7.3)
        This changeset adds a new feature to ARM - the ability to load the
        kernel zImage almost anywhere in RAM and call it directly, without
        having to copy it to a specific address.  This removes a dependency
        between the boot loader and the kernel.

<> (02/04/17 1.489.7.4)
        2.5.8 ARM updates:
         - preempt updates
         - build fixes
         - new tlb flush macro
         - add asm/cacheflush.h and asm/tlbflush.h

<> (02/04/17 1.489.7.5)
        Remove MB1.  Use asm/sizes.h instead.

<> (02/04/17 1.489.7.6)
        [PATCH] add 22 help texts to arch/arm/
        This is a resend of a previous patch which got mangled by my mailer.
        Inserting a text file into Evolution works, but cutting and pasting from one
        window to another doesn't always work as expected.
        This patch adds 22 help texts to arch/arm/
        The help texts were obtained from ESR's v2.97

<> (02/04/18 1.531.1.2)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 IDE 38
        - Fix typo in ide_cmd_ioctl().
        - Fix typo in cris driver.
        - Don't retry operations on medium errors. (pointed out by Eric Andersen).
        - Attach the no_io_32bit, io_32bit, no_unmask, unmask and slow fields to the
           ata_channel instead of the ata_device structure. They are a property of the
           channel and not just the devices attached to it. This allowed us to fix the
           set_io_32bit function by removing the CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DTC2278 conditional. In
           fact initialization shows that this is fixing many other host chipsets as
           well since all of them did expect sometimes particular values for those
           parameters in paralell on both drives attached to a channel but we where
           allowed to apply different values on a per drive basis.
        - The keep_settings flag is now unconditional and we don't mess with any
           channel parameters before drive reset. Some chipsets really really expect
           unconditionally that the tweaks they apply are always present and this wasn't
           honoured thus far! We are expecting the user to have good reasons for
           manually tweaking the settings.

        - Don't reset io_32bit in ata_pre_reset() unconditionally. There are chipsets
           out there which expect io_32bit to be *allways* enabled!
        - Remove many obsolete and nawadays just confusing documentation from ide.txt

<> (02/04/18 1.531.1.3)
        [PATCH] 2.5.8 IDE 39
        Synchronize with Jens Axobe:
        - Congruent ATA_AR_POOL fix to the ATA_AR_STATIC memmory corruption fix.
        - Multi sector write handling fix.
        - Fix drive capability deduction.
        - Various other minor fixes.

<> (02/04/18 1.531.1.4)
        Add missing include for "memset()". 

<> (02/04/18 1.536)
        [PATCH] pagecache locking bugfix
        The bug which Anton found.  On the
        find_or_create_page->__find_lock_page path we're performing
        a read_unlock of an rwlock which is held for writing.
        The patch converts that to using a write_lock throughout.
        Which penalises find_lock_page() a bit.  If it shows up
        on profiles then we can clone __find_lock_page() and
        use read_lock()s, but for now I'd opt for saving the
        cache footprint.

<> (02/04/18 1.537)
        Change argument usage a bit to avoid compiler warning

<> (02/04/18 1.538)
        [PATCH] stop NULL pointer dereference in __alloc_pages
        This trivial patch will apply to both 2.4.19-pre7 and 2.5.8 with just line
        offsets. It stops us from following a NULL pointer in classzone in the case
        where there is a pgdat without a fully populated zone list (ie a node with
        no ZONE_NORMAL on an ia32 NUMA machine). Without this patch, ia32
        NUMA machines won't even boot - we dereference the classzone ptr
        a few lines further down (or try to ;-) ).

<> (02/04/18 1.539)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 0/13
        - description update;
        - more #defines;
        - SCC_REG_START() change (shorter code);
        - some noise.

<> (02/04/18 1.540)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 1/13
        - extra argument for dscc4_set_iface() (will be used in following patches).

<> (02/04/18 1.541)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 2/13

        - dscc4_patch_register() turns into scc_patchl() and should now avoid an
          hardware bug quoted in errata sheet;
        - dscc4_init_registers() interface changes as any caller doesn't really need
          to poke into dscc4_dev_priv internal;
        - scc_{writel/readl}() are added to access some buggy behaving registers;
        - {read/write}l conversion to the previous functions
        - dscc4_do_tx() sneaks, sorry. Belongs to HOLD -> LxDA changes.

<> (02/04/18 1.542)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 3/13
        - space after "if"'s and "while"'s were missing here and there. Now it's easier to read
          after some hours in front of a computer.

<> (02/04/18 1.543)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 4/13
        - dscc4_xpr_ack() busy waiting loop is modified so as to allow long
          delay without chewing too much cycles;
        - more errata sheet magic;
        - dscc4_set_clock() now has only one return point.

<> (02/04/18 1.544)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 5/13
        - DEBUG_PARANOIA was bad. "if (debug > x) {" is nice;
        - state_check() now has only one return point;
        - try_get_rx_skb() cosmetic;
        - dscc4_rx_update() belongs to HOLD mode to LxDA changes;
        - dscc4_wait_ack_cec() behaves like dscc4_xpr_ack();
        - dscc4_rx_skb() refill logic is ready for LxDA mode and does everything
          to fulfill what its name suggests.
        - document some errata voodoo in dscc4_init_one();
        - dscc4_init_ring() should handle try_get_rx_skb() failure.

<> (02/04/18 1.545)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 6/13
        - code removal;
        - turn old cruft into definitely modern cruft.

<> (02/04/18 1.546)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 7/13
        - dscc4_do_action() now looks like the others event waiting loops (may be
          called from interrupt context however);
        - dscc4_start_xmit(): cosmetic before LxDA changes + mb() parano;
        - dscc4_clock_setting(): only one return point, thanks;
        - dscc4_priv() invocation removed from dscc4_xxx_settings;
        - minor cleanups.

<> (02/04/18 1.547)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 8/13
        - new functions for LxDA mode: dscc4_tx_done() and dscc4_tx_quiescent();
        - dscc4_{rx/tx}_reset() should comply to errata sheet.

<> (02/04/18 1.548)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 9/13
        - useless code/comment removal;
        - HOLD mode -> LxDA mode conversion.

<> (02/04/18 1.549)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 10/13
        - guess what ? Code removal.

<> (02/04/18 1.550)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 11/13
        - CD/CTS change notification;
        - more DEBUG/if (debug >...) conversion;

<> (02/04/18 1.551)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 12/13
        - just say no to +/-1 arithmetic when not needed;
        - pot-pourri of misc cleanup;
        - *new*: support of boot-time parameters

<> (02/04/18 1.552)
        [PATCH] 2.4.8 - dscc4 update 13/13
        - line ending white spaces squadron strikes back;
        - some fscked tabs are fixed. Nice           after longs        coding sessions.

<> (02/04/18 1.553)
        [PATCH] migration thread fix
        Attached is a patch that disables interrupts while holding the rq_lock.
        This is certainly needed to prevent a race against the timer tick, as
        Erich Focht pointed out.

<> (02/04/18 1.554)
        Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20020417052911|09751

<> (02/04/18 1.555)
        Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20020416054244|19697

<> (02/04/18 1.556)
        [PATCH] more migration thread cleanups

        I'm currently working on a node affine scheduler extension for NUMA
        machines and the load balancer behaves a bit different from the original.
        So after a few boot failures with those slowly booting 16 CPU IA64
        machines I thought there must be a simpler solution than synchronizing and
        waiting for the load balancer: just let migration_CPU0 do what it is
        designed for. So my proposal is:
           - start all migration threads on CPU#0
           - initialize migration_CPU0 (trivial, reliable, as it already is on
             the right CPU)
           - let all other migration threads use set_cpus_allowed() to get to the
             right place
        The only synchronization needed is the non-zero migration threads waiting
        for migration_CPU0 to start working, which it will, as it is already on
        the right CPU. This saves quite some lines of code.
        I first posted this to LKML on March 6th (BTW, the fix #1, too) and since
        then it was tested on several big NUMA platforms: 16 CPU NEC AzusA (IA64)
        (also known as HP rx....), up to 32 CPU SGI IA64, 16 CPU IBM NUMA-Q
        (IA32). No more lock-ups at boot since then. So I consider it working.
        There is another good reason for this approach: the integration of the CPU
        hotplug patch with the new scheduler becomes easier. One just needs to
        create the new migration thread, it will move itself to the right CPU
        without any additional magic (which you otherwise need because of the
        synchronizations which won't be there at hotplug). Kimi Suganuma in the
        neighboring cube is fiddling this out currently.

<> (02/04/18 1.557)
        Fix aic7xxx Makefile for multi-obj cleanup

<> (02/04/19 1.558)
        Fix compiling sym53c8xx_2 into the kernel. 
        (The O_TARGET is used only internally when linking, the name of the 
        module is unchanged).

<> (02/04/19 1.559)
        Fix drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/Makefile for building a modular aic7xxx driver
        Use the (well, one) standard way to build a multi-part module. 
        Standard except for that we build aix7xxx_mod.o but then rename it
        at modules_install time (just as it was before).

<> (02/04/19 1.531.2.2)
        [PATCH] 1096/3: trizeps PCMCIA support
        (a minor fix to the previous version - 1096/2)
        The enclosed patch includes trizeps-specific PCMCIA code. All
        modifications are enclosed in
        #ifdef CONFIG_SA1100_TRIZEPS
        blocks or are linked as
        +sa1100_cs-objs-        += sa1100_trizeps.o
        so, other platforms remain unaffected. The patch is built against

<> (02/04/19 1.557.1.1)
        [PATCH] ide updates
         - (tcq, general) Remove the 'attempt to keep queue full option'. It worked
           on some IBM models, but failed miserably on others. Also removes some
           uglies in ide_queue_commands()
         - (tcq0 Change default depth back to 32.
         - (general) Add isr for no-dataphase taskfile, like task_no_data_intr but
           doesn't complain about failure. This is handy for commands what we _know_
           will fail, such as WIN_NOP.
         - (general) ide_cmd_type_parser() must set a handler to WIN_NOP... Otherwise
           we will just hang the ide system issuing a nop.
         - (general) HWGROUP(drive)->rq->special -> IDE_CUR_AR(drive)
         - (general) Have ide_raw_taskfile() copy back the taskfile after execution,
           otherwise we cannot use the info that ide_end_drive_cmd() puts in
         - (tcq) Use nIEN bit correctly in ide-tcq
         - (tcq) Small ide_tcq_wait_altstat() changes. Do initial 400ns delay (1us
           here), then 10us each successive run.
         - (tcq) Add beginning for 'nop auto poll' support check.
         - (tcq) Arm handler before GET_STAT() service check in
           ide_dma_queued_start, WD seemed to trigger interrupt before that.
           Makes WD Expert drives work with tcq.

<> (02/04/19 1.557.1.2)
        [PATCH] SSE related security hole
        Initialize the saved FPU/XMM state in the task struct and fall through
        to restore_fpu() to make sure that all state is fully initialized.
        This means that old SSE/SSE2 information cannot ever leak into newly
        created processes. 

<> (02/04/20 1.557.1.3)
        [PATCH] autofs fix for x86-64
        Minor patch for the x86-64 32bit emulation. Originally proposed by hpa and it
        makes autofs 32bit/64bit clean for x86-64

<> (02/04/20 1.557.1.4)
        [PATCH] Fix console initialization deadlock for x86-64
        When vt_init happens to run before the keyboard is initialized (the order is random
        because they're both different initcalls) then set_leds raises an not yet enabled
        tasklet. This causes an endless loop on the first schedule() call because the tasklet
        handling cannot handle raised but disabled tasklets.
        This patch just does not do set_leds in virtual terminal initialization to avoid that.
        It is done later anyways.

<> (02/04/20 1.557.1.5)
        [PATCH] x86-64 architecture specific sync for 2.5.8

        This patch brings 2.5.8 in sync with the x86-64 2.4 development tree again
        (excluding device drivers)
        It has lots of bug fixes and enhancements. It only touches architecture
        specific files.
        - Sync with 2.5.8
        - SMP/APIC supported now.
        - Module loading works now.
        - Time keeping bugs fixed.
        - entry.S streamlined and some bugs fixed.
        - modify_ldt works now
        - mostly rewritten FPU support (including FXRSTOR for initial FPU
          initialization based on the initial state)
        - 32bit emulation enhanced and bugs fixed.
        - rewrote mm initialization and lots of cleanups in the page table handling
          __PAGE_OFFSET is now moved to 0x10000000000 and some vmalloc/ioremap
          problems have been fixed. They have an own PML4 slot now.
        - WCHAN reporting support for RIP (but not RSP)
        - Lots of various other bug fixes and cleanups.
        Currently broken:
        - ACPI
        - MTRR
        It needs some other bugfixes outside architecture specific code. I sent
        them all in separate mail.

<> (02/04/21 1.531.2.3)
        Fix build error on multi-tlb configurations.
        Make cpu type message consistent with cache type message.

<> (02/04/21 1.557.2.2)
        Move all of ISDN config into drivers/isdn/

<> (02/04/21 1.557.2.3)
        Mark the current ISDN4Linux link layer obsolete

<> (02/04/21 1.557.2.4)
        Move obsolete i4l code from drivers/isdn to drivers/isdn/i4l

<> (02/04/21 1.557.2.5)
        Clean up drivers/isdn/
        Remove the repeated information on what a module is.

<> (02/04/21 1.557.2.6)
        Split up drivers/isdn/ and drivers/isdn/i4l/

<> (02/04/21 1.557.2.7)
        Small fixes for ISDN hisax build / config
        Make the PCMCIA client drivers depend on hisax.o, 
        use the right CONFIG_ variable for hisax submodules,
        handle the case of built-in hisax, modular hisax submodules.

<> (02/04/22 1.563)
        [PATCH] (1/6) alpha fixes
         - bogus return value type for ->open() and ->release() on nfsd
           (generic, caught on alpha since there ssize_t != int)

<> (02/04/22 1.564)
        [PATCH] (2/6) alpha fixes

         - missing defines/fields/includes for alpha (accumulated since 2.5.0)

<> (02/04/22 1.565)
        [PATCH] (3/6) alpha fixes
         - s/p_pptr/parent/, s/p_opptr/real_parent/ done for alpha

<> (02/04/22 1.566)
        [PATCH] (4/6) alpha fixes
         - (dumb) default_idle() provided (alpha)

<> (02/04/22 1.567)
        [PATCH] (5/6) alpha fixes
         - alpha/mm/init.c forgot to set max_pfn

<> (02/04/22 1.568)
        [PATCH] (6/6) alpha fixes
         - fixed off-by-PAGE_OFFSET in populate_pmd() (alpha, again)

<> (02/04/22 1.569)
        [PATCH] buffer_head leak
        Fix buffer-head leak on truncate race.
        The reason why it hadn't been triggered left right and center is that we
        step on that path only when partial truncate blows away an indirect
        block shared between truncated and remaining areas _and_ races with
        ext2_get_block() in the beginning of said area.  IOW, we need
                * indirect block with hole in the beginning
                * get_block starting to read that block
                * truncate killing everything past the hole (and thus freeing indirect
                  block in question)
                * get_block completing the read and noticing that block is actually
        OK...  IMO we should do that brelse() outside of the loop.

<> (02/04/22 1.570)
        [PATCH] (1/5) sane procfs/dcache interaction
         - take unhash_process() into sched.c, move zeroing ->pid into it (and
           under tasklist_lock)

<> (02/04/22 1.571)
        [PATCH] (2/5) sane procfs/dcache interaction
         - new helper in fs/proc/base.c - name_to_int(dentry) returns ~0U if name
           doesn't match 0|[1-9][0-9]* or is too large.  Otherwise it returns
           numeric value of name.  proc_pid_lookup() and proc_lookupfd() converted.

<> (02/04/22 1.572)
        [PATCH] (3/5) sane procfs/dcache interaction
         - sane dentry retention.  Namely, we don't kill /proc/<pid> dentries at the
           first opportunity (as the current tree does).  Instead we do the following:
                * ->d_delete() kills it only if process is already dead.
                * all ->lookup() in proc/base.c end with checking if process is still
                  alive and unhash if it isn't.
                * proc_pid_lookup() (lookup for /proc/<pid>) caches reference to dentry
                  in task_struct.  It's _not_ counted in ->d_count.
                * ->d_iput() resets said reference to NULL.
                * release_task() (burying a zombie) checks if there is a cached
                  reference and if there is - shrinks the subtree.
                * tasklist_lock is used for exclusion.
           That way we are guaranteed that after release_task() all dentries in
           /proc/<pid> will go away as soon as possible; OTOH, before release_task()
           we have normal retention policy - they go away under memory pressure with
           the same rules as for dentries on any other fs.

<> (02/04/22 1.573)
        [PATCH] (4/5) sane procfs/dcache interaction
         - preparation for sane policy for /proc/<pid>/fd/* - don't store
           struct file * in these inodes anymore.

<> (02/04/22 1.574)
        [PATCH] (5/5) sane procfs/dcache interaction
         - sane retention policy for /proc/<pid>/fd/* - ->d_revalidate() says
           "kill it" if descriptor is not opened anymore (in addition to checks
           for task being dead) and we allow dentries of /proc/<pid>/fd/<n> to
           stay around.

<> (02/04/22 1.575)
        [PATCH] drivers_net_dl2k.c: missing __devinit's
        Andrey Panin <>: drivers_net_dl2k.c: missing __devinit's:
          This patch adds missing __devinit modifiers for read_eeprom() and
          parse_eeprom() functions. Patch against 2.5.8. Compiles, but untested.

<> (02/04/22 1.576)
        [PATCH] fix a warning in i386_pci-pc.c
        Andrew Morton <>: fix a warning in i386_pci-pc.c:

<> (02/04/22 1.577)
        [PATCH] drivers_net_eepro100: missing __devinit:
        Andrey Panin <>: drivers_net_eepro100: missing __devinit:
          This patch adds missing __devinit modifiers for speedo_found1() and
          do_eeprom_cmd() functions. Patch against 2.5.8. Compiles, but untested.

<> (02/04/22 1.578)
        [PATCH] drivers_net_sis900.c: misiing __devinit
        Andrey Panin <>: drivers_net_sis900.c: misiing __devinit:
          This patch adds missing __devinit modifier for read_eeprom() function.
          Patch against 2.5.8. Compiles, but untested.

<> (02/04/22 1.579)
        [PATCH] serial.c ISAPNP fix:
        Andrey Panin <>: serial.c ISAPNP fix:
          Thist patch fixes buglet which disables ISAPNP support in serial driver.
          __ISAPNP__ conditional symbol is used before isapnp.h is included.
        (Included in 2.2)
        (Included in 2.4)

<> (02/04/22 1.580)
        [PATCH] fcntl returns wrong error code (Updated)
        Christopher Yeoh <>: Re: fcntl returns wrong error code (Updated):
          At 2002/3/22 00:58+1100  Christopher Ye