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Release Digest: GNU, April 25, 2002

Apr 26, 2002, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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GNU Go 3.2

GNU Go 3.2 has been released at ftp and in the CVS
at The CVS release tag is rel-3-2.

GNU Go 3.2 is about as fast as GNU Go 3.0 but is stronger
and uses less memory.

Daniel Bump



hp2xx-3.4.2, the latest release of the HPGL plotfile previewer/converter, is now 
available from ftp and its usual mirror sites.
MD5 checksum for hp2xx-3.4.2.tar.gz is 73f69b385341556396f39b18c334cdd4

This is mainly a bugfix release to correct some problems found in 3.4.1.
Fixes include penwidth handling and page scaling in PDF and EPS modes, 
color handling in the raster modes including the X11 previewer, and several 
issues in the polygon code. 
The SVG output mode introduced in 3.4.1 is now actually selectable on the 
commandline, and a JPEG output module was added .

I would greatly appreciate receiving bug reports, patches or even sample 
HPGL files. (In the latter case, please make sure that no copyright or 
confidentiality agreements are violated before sending any materials.)

Martin Kroeker, OR

Disclaimer: while i currently work for Daveg GmbH and they have generously 
            waived their rights (as per German employment laws) on the code 
            i wrote for hp2xx, this software is totally unrelated to, and 
            not endorsed by, Daveg GmbH. 
See the file 'copying' (i.e. the GNU GPL) for license and warranty

Changes from 3.4.1 to 3.4.2

- Added support for the AC (fill pattern anchor corner) command
- Added support for the CT (chord tolerance) command
- Added color support in SVG output mode
- Added output module for JPG images (requires libjpeg)

Bug fixes:

- SVG output mode could not be selected on the commandline
- PDF and EPS modes were not generating all needed penwidth commands 
- Polygon mode was influencing the overall pen up/down state
- PM1 immediately after PM was not setting the new starting point correctly
- FT instructions did not store/recall hatch spacing and angle correctly
- X11 preview always used black for pen 1
- Polygon fill sometimes exceeded the limits of the polygon.
- the commandline interpreter now handles mis-spelled or unknown long
  options gracefully (Serge Ivanchenko)
- PDF output was only about 1/3 the intended size
- handling of RO/IW was broken for the unscaled case (no SC)
- PNG output was still using a fixed eight pen palette
- raster modes were effectively limited to using pens 0-15  
- DXF output had leading whitespace in layer numbers (Patrice Pinel)
- EPS output still had oversized margins