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Release Digest: GNOME, April 28, 2002

Apr 29, 2002, 05:00 (2 Talkback[s])

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gtkmm2 1.3.12


gtkmm2 1.3.12


gtkmm2 provides a C++ interface to GTK+ 2.0, mapping the
GTK+ object system to normal C++ syntax and semantics. This
is the successor to gtkmm-1.2, also known as gtk-- 1.2.


* Many many fixes for Sun's Forte C++ compiler.
  gtkmm2 now builds and works on Sun Forte 6 Update 2 - SUN's preferred
  for GNOME2 on Solaris.
  (Michael v. Szombathel, Daniel Elstner, Murray Cumming)
* StockID API improved and used more consistently.
  (Martin Schultze, Daniel Elstner)
* Glib::ustring conversion improvements (Daniel Elstner)
* gtkmmproc improved for use in bonobomm. (Murray Cumming)
* Gdk::Point wrapper improved. (Martin Schulze)
* Gtk::Adjustment constructor fixed. (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::TreeView:methods that took function pointers now take SigC::Slots.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Less #including of C headers in gtkmm headers, so less pollution of the

  global namespace. (Murray Cumming)
* Menu API more complete and consistent. (Martin Schultze)
* GType changes to allow libglade/libglademm cooperation. (Murray
* Reference documentation:
  - Stock IDs in HTML:
  - Makefile dependencies fixed for faster docs building.
* General API review.


* Gtk::Dialog::get_action_area() now does. (Murray Cumming)


Elysium Download 0.5.9


Elysium Download 0.5.9


A download manager for GNOME using gnome-vfs. It supports
downloading via http, ftp, and smb. Other protocol modules
can easily be added.


-Drag and drop support



lahelper 0.6.3


lahelper 0.6.3


LaHelper is a LaTeX assistant using the GNOME libraries.  It
provides a GUI with menus and and a toolbar that displays
example LaTeX markup commands along with help.  It also
includes document templates so the user can get started quickly.


2002-Apr-26  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *doc/C/*.html: Added information to the user's manual about
        the settings menu and updated the screenshots.  Instructions
        explaining how to use the program were also updated.

        *src/help_func.c: Updated the about box for the next version.

2002-Apr-08  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *src/gui_func.c, preferences.c, preferences.h: Finished the
        Settings menu by adding dialog boxes for all editors and
        viewers.  Also made the terminal font selection apply 
        immediately to the current instance of lahelper.

2002-Apr-07  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *src/gui_func.c: Updated the icons on the CVS menu.  Added
        preliminary menu items on the Settings menu.  The next addition
        will be dialogs to handle the various settings.

        *src/help_func.c: Modified the short description of the application
        to read A LaTeX Command Helper.

2002-Feb-27  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *src/framework.c: Added code to reset the window title after a
        document has been opened.  This way the user knows what project
        is being worked on.

        *doc/C/*.html: Minor cleanup to the User's Manual.

2002-Jan-23  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *src/defs.h, framework.c, gui_func.c: Moved the clear and copy
        buttons from the toolbar to the help panel.  They don't relate
        to any other panels, so they just waste space on the main toolbar.

2002-Jan-07  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *src/gui_func.c: Added status bar hints for the items on the
        File menu.

        *doc/C/lahelper_user_manual.html: Removed second reference to 
        my name.

        *src/gui_func.c, cvsmenu_callbacks.c, cvsmenu_callbacks.h: Added
        a menu item to allow the user to remove a file from CVS control.

2002-Jan-06  Cornelius Brinegar 
        *doc/C/lahelper_user_manual.html and others: Rewrote the user's
        manual.  Wrote it in DocBook, but didn't see the need to keep it
        that way.  Now it is just clean HTML.  Added a .omf file to make
        the user's manual show up in the Nautilus help browser.

        *lahelper.spec:Updated  the RPM spec file to reflect the 
        changes to the documentation.

        *src/gui_func.c, framework.h, framework.c, defs.h: Added the
        Tiny button back to the toolbar that can hide or show the 
        notebook pages.  The hidden version conserves screen space
        and can be easily placed above the text editor.





Hi again.

Another gnome-libs has been released for the 1.4.x platform. This one
fixes more bugs and some issues that were introduced in the last
release. Please give it a good round of testing and as always report
bugs in

Tarball at


* New in this release:

        * general:

        - Make it compile on the Hurd. (Christian Marillat)
        * libgnomeui:
        - Make gnome-procbar.h more friendly to ANSI compliant compilers. (Kjartan)
        - Remove some cruft from gnome-less.c (Kjartan)

        * libgnome:
        - Make writes to config files by more than one app at a time safe. (Havoc)
        - Fix some warnings. (Kjartan)

        * libart_lgpl:
        - Fix a crash in art_svp_render_aa.c. (Christian Marillat)

        * libgnorba:
        - Better feedback when we can't contact the CORBA name service. (Havoc)
        * translations:
        Changwoo Ryu (ko), Pauli Virtanen (fi).

Kjartan Maraas


GNOME-Applets 1.100.0

Another gnome-applets for your consumption. Here's what's new:

* about fixes (Dennis Cranston)

* fix initial sizing - bug #77933 (Fernando Herrera)
* about dialog fixes (Dennis)

* about fixes (dennis)

* about fixes (Dennis)

* about fixes (Dennis)
* acessability fixes (Deepa Natarajan)

* Arabic keyboard support (Isam Bayazidi, Szabolcs Ban)
* fix crash when adding new keyboard
* about fixes (Dennis)

* allow for changing of background color
* port to Pango - bug #74945 (Deepa Chacko Pillai)
* remove "show arrows" option
* about fixes (Dennis)

* radar should work for nearly every state now - bug #76857 (Rikke
* fix bug #79459 (Pasupathi Duraisamy)
* about fixes (Dennis)

* fix history popup - bugs #77839, #77840
* about fixes (Dennis)

* about fixes (Dennis, Benedikt Roth)

* about fixes (Dennis)

* about fixes (Dennis)

* about fixes (Dennis)




GNOME News Applet 0.1.3

2002-04-21  PK  
        * gnews/gnews.c: "stops scrolling" bug fixed, available plugins
        and categories sorted, unneded define BASE_URL removed,
        version 0.1.3.

2002-03-26  PK  
        * plugins/heise.c: update from Carsten Wimmer.
        * plugins/linuxgames.c, plugins/tagesschau.c,
        plugins/welt.c: new files from Carsten Wimmer.
        * plugins/ support for the new files.
        * AUTHORS: contributors added.

2002-03-23  PK  
        * plugins/gulic.c: new file, plugin for from "linuxx".
        * plugins/ support for gulic.c.

2002-03-21  PK  
        * plugins/heise.c: new file, plugin for from Carsten
        * plugins/ support for heise.c.
        * libs/html.c: new file, html tag strip functions.
        * libs/ support for html.c.
        * include/libgnews.h: html.c function prototypes added.

2002-01-28  PK  
        * plugins/bbc.c: new file, plugin for from Ian Redfern.
        * plugins/ support for bbc.c.
        * */*.[ch]: added license and copyright info.

2002-01-22  PK  

        * gnews/gnews.c: scrolltimeout works again.
        * gnews/properties.c: "unique separators" renamed to "show site
        * plugins/linuxfr.c: new file, for
        * plugins/ added stuff for linuxfr.

2002-01-21  PK  

        * gnews/gnews.c: separator replaced between headlines.


GNOME-PIM 1.90.0

This is the first public release of GNOME-PIM, the GNOME Personal
Information Manager, for the GNOME 2 platform. GNOME-PIM includes a
calendar and an address book. Please note that this release is intended
only for developers that want to help the porting effort of GNOME-PIM,
and for bold adventurers that don't fear the unknown. It is not ready
for prime time use and it still has a lot of bugs and may eat your data.
Be cautious!

There is still a lot of work  to be done, before GNOME-PIM 2.0.0 can be
released. During the porting effort, parts of GNOME-PIM had to be
rewritten from scratch, and there are still more parts scheduled for
replacement. Also, major parts still use GtkCLists, are not HIG
compliant and not accessible. The documentation is lacking, too.
For a full to do list, see the file TODO in the distribution or in the
gnome-pim-2-branch of GNOME CVS's gnome-pim module.

Unfortunately Palm Pilot support had to be dropped from the GNOME 2 port
of GNOME-PIM, but we hope to be revive it, once GNOME-Pilot (or a better
replacement) is ported to GNOME 2.

Bugs in this release should either be reported at Buzilla with the
version set to 1.90.x or directly to gnome-pim-maint (at)
Patches are very welcome.

GNOME-PIM 1.90.0 is available at:


gnome-core- "There can be only one"

Hi all.

A new release of gnome-core is out. It sports the following improvements
from the last release:

    News for gnome-core-

- panel

        * Fix a crash with startup of applets. (George)
        * Pull in improved tempfile creation from 2.0 (Kjartan)

- tasklist applet

        * Fix restoring of icon for tasks (Sam Solon )
- translations

        * Traditional Chinese (Abel Cheung), Finnish (Pauli Virtanen), 
        French (Christophe Merlet), Korean (Changwoo Ryu)
The important bit here is the crash on startup, which I'd really like to get
feedback about from users who have had problems with crashing panels at login.

As always, report bugs at


There will be at least one more release of this package before 1.4.1 to
catch up on translations and other issues.

I've also made RPMs for Red Hat 7.x of this and the latest gnome-libs
release. Available at

If you experience problems with distro specific packages please try
these before reporting problems to GNOME bugzilla.

Kjartan Maraas