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Linus Torvalds: Linux 2.5.11

Apr 29, 2002, 16:45 (8 Talkback[s])


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Summary of changes from lia64-v2.5.10 to v2.5.11

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/07 1.369.39.1)
        Remove all traces of the old ntfs driver.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/08 1.369.39.2)
        Import changeset

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/09 1.369.39.3)
        Integrate ntfs tng with kernel now that the old driver had been removed.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/09 1.369.42.3)
        Small cleanup.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/09 1.369.42.4)
        Minor cleanup.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/13 1.369.60.2)
        NTFS: Adapt to kill_sb() addition.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/14 1.369.65.2)
        Start TNG-0.0.9-WIP

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/17 1.369.1.115)
        NTFS: Repeat some changes from tng-0.0.8 which somehow got lost on the way
        from the CVS import into BitKeeper. In particular, use parent_ino() and
        change run_list lock to read/write semaphore instead of a read/write
        spin lock since we need to be able to sleep.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/19 1.369.82.1)
        end_buffer_read_index_async(): Implement proper handling for
        initialized_size of data.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/20 1.369.1.119)
        load_attribute_list(): Lock run list while using it and take 
        initialized size in consideration.
        Update defconfig files throughout kernel. Replacing CONFIG_NTFS_RW
        with CONFIG_NTFS_DEBUG as the former no longer exists while the
        latter now exists.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/21 1.369.1.120)
        - Fix memory leak in reading compressed data.
        - Don't read the run list of file data and directory indexes in read_inode.
        - Various cleanups.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/22 1.369.1.121)
        - Rename, cleanup, and improve end_buffer_read_index_async, is now
        - Replace ntfs_dir_readpage by ntfs_mst_readpage which is a fusion of
        ntfs_dir_readpage and mft.c::ntfs_mft_readpage with support for mapping
        unmapped run lists within instead of calling ntfs_file_get_block.
        - Throw away ntfs_mft_readpage. This now becomes aops.c::ntfs_mst_readpage
        merged together with aops.c::ntfs_dir_readpage.
        The effect of the above is that we have one readpage function less and that
        this copes properly with the intricacies of initialized_size vs data_size vs
        allocated size.
        - Various cleanups.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/23 1.369.1.122)
        Finish implementation of proper handling of allocated_size vs
        initialized_size vs data_size (i.e. i_size) everywhere.
        Now host of mftbmp address space mapping is set to the ntfs volume
        so it can be retrieved in the async i/o completion handler.
        Hopefully this will not cause problems. If it does need to use a fake inode.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/25 1.369.1.123)
        NTFS: Final tidyups of docs, a typo in a deprecated mount option and
        version change to 2.0.0, removing the TNG from the name. We want to enter
        the kernel now so no need for TNG in the name and the higher major version
        number sets off the new driver clearly away from the old driver.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/25 1.369.1.124)
        NTFS: Fix to typos in the docs. Spell checkers are good for something after
all. (-:

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/25 1.369.1.125)
        Make all files executable by default, {u,f,d}mask mount options can be
        used to take away executable bit if desired.
        Also make default umask match the documentation (i.e. 0077).

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/03/25 1.369.1.126)
        NTFS: Update version to 2.0.1 and update docs and changelog.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/04/10 1.369.1.128)
        NTFS: Change default fmask to 0177, small cleanups, update version to 2.0.2.

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/04/13 1.456.6.2)
        NTFS: Change attrib.c::get_attr_search_ctx() to return the search context
        directly instead of taking the address of a pointer. A return value
        of NULL means the allocation failed. Updated all callers

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/14 1.456.10.4)
        Add proper EXPORT_SYMBOL() to net/irda/ircomm/ircomm_core.c

<aia21@cam.ac.uk> (02/04/15 1.489.3.2)
        Typo fixes.

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/16 1.532)
        This is the new accel wrapper for the new api. It provides a bridge between
the new api and the old. Eventually when all drivers are ported over to the
new api this wrapper will become intergrated into fbcon.c itself.

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/17 1.533)
        I moved every framebuffer driver over to use the currcon in struct fb_info.
This prevents clashes with global currcon when we have more than one
framebuffer driver.
<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/17 1.534)
        Added a macro to obtain the foreground color of the erase character. The new
accel wrapper uses it.

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/18 1.535)
        Added a macro to obtain the foreground color of the erase character. The new
accel wrapper uses it.

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/18 1.536)
        Moved all framebuffer drivers over to use set_colreg insid eof struct
fb_info instead of passing around a funciton pointer. The old code was really
brain dead. This will allow for enormous code reduction 

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/18 1.537)
        Moved screen_base from struct display to struct fb_info. The reason for this
to eventually remove and even elimate struct display in every fbdev driver. 

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/22 1.538)
        With the use of currcon and the function pointer in struct fb_info we now
have a generic do_install_cmap funciton. Nearly every driver had this
function dulplicated. No more which now has led to good size code reduction.

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/22 1.539)
        Now that we have made the color map handling code more generic I have
replaced alot of the xxxfb_set_cmap funcitons with the generic one in fbgen.c

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/22 1.531.12.1)
        Make objects in $(export-objs) only depend on themselves
        Currently, if dependencies for one object file listed in $(export-objs)
        change, we will rebuild all $(export-objs) files in the same subdirectory,
        which may take a noticable amount of time and thus is annoying during
        development, and, of course, unnecessary.
        The patch is originally from Russell King and has been tested in the ARM
        kernel tree for a long time.

<kanoj@vger.kernel.org> (02/04/23 1.531.14.1)
        cachetlb.txt, locking, fork.c, mremap.c, mprotect.c, memory.c:
          Make sure that flush_tlb_range is called with PTL held.
          Also, make sure no new threads can start up in user mode
          while a tlb_gather_mmu is in progress.

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/23 1.531.15.1)
        USB voyager driver
        changed the number of minor devices the braille voyager driver uses.

<petkan@mastika.lnxw.com> (02/04/23 1.531.15.2)
        [PATCH] SOHOware NUB110 addet to the support list
        USB pegasus driver
          SOHOware NUB110 addet to the support list

<aia21@cantab.net> (02/04/24 1.531.2.30)
        NTFS: Various fixes and cleanups. Make it work with kernel 2.5.9.

<aia21@cantab.net> (02/04/24 1.531.2.31)
        NTFS: Release ntfs driver 2.0.2 and update documentation appropriately.

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/24 1.531.17.1)
        Fix a typo in drivers/isdn/Config.in
        This one broke make xconfig ;-(

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/24 1.531.1.29)
        Update drivers/isdn/capi/Config.in
        Don't ask question about CAPI support twice
        (Sebastian Droege)

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/24 1.531.18.2)
        Cleanup aic7xxx build
        Forward port changes from 2.4.19-pre, originally by Keith Owens.
        This driver used to build a module target called "aic7xxx_mod.o" and
        introduced the MOD_TARGET variable to rename it to "aic7xxx.o" at
        modules_install time.
        Now, we just build "aic7xxx.o" directly, which becomes possible after
        renaming aic7xxx.c to aic7xxx_core.c, as done in 2.4.19-pre.

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/24 1.531.18.3)
        Remove the now unused MOD_TARGET hack

<hannal@us.ibm.com> (02/04/24 1.531.18.5)
        [PATCH] FastWalk Dcache
        Reduce cacheline bouncing when a dentry is in the cache.
        Specifically, the d_count reference counter is not incremented and
        decremented for every dentry in a path during path walking if the dentry
        is in the dcache.  Execcisve atomic inc/dec's are expensive on SMP
        systems due to the cachline bouncing.

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/25 1.531.1.30)
        Fix another typo in drivers/isdn/*/Config.in
        No idea why that didn't hit me during testing ;-(

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/25 1.531.1.31)
        Small drivers/isdn/i4l/Makefile cleanup
        The ABC extensions are not in the official kernel, so remove references
        to them.

<david-b@pacbell.net> (02/04/25 1.531.15.3)
        [PATCH] PATCH 2.5.10: set_bit() and friends now need a long paramater
        USB set_bit() and friends now need a long paramater
        Fixes the set_bit() warnings in the ehci and ohci driver

<david-b@pacbell.net> (02/04/25 1.531.15.4)
        [PATCH] PATCH 2.5.10 -- polling interval (hub + ...)
        This patch is the result of that discussion a short while back
        to fix the "hub driver polls too quickly at high speed" bug.
            - redefines "interval" of usb_fill_int_urb() to be what
              the endpoint descriptor returns, and transparently
              does the log-to-linear conversion if it's high speed
            - (most of the patch by volume!!) moves declarations
              forward so testing dev->speed there will compile.
        No driver changes were needed -- most drivers pass the
        endpoint bInterval value already, and those that don't are
        not dealing with high speed device quirks.
        p.s. Includes an unrelated one-liner:  deletes export of
            usb_inc_dev_use() so it now shows up in kernel doc.
            Minor oversight in an earlier patch.

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/25 1.531.15.5)
        added MODULE_LICENSE() to the auerswald USB driver.

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/25 1.531.22.1)
        Rules.make cleanup
        Get rid of traces of the old-style ALL_MOBJS variable.
        This also fixes the following issue, which could cause a warning with
        certain configs:

        Makefiles (legally) do:
        obj-$(CONFIG_SND_AD1848) += snd-pcm.o snd-timer.o snd.o
        obj-$(CONFIG_SND_CS4231) += snd-pcm.o snd-timer.o snd.o snd-rawmidi.o
        so when the first option is set to y, the second to m, we have e.g.
        snd-pcm.o on both $(obj-y) and $(obj-m). We correctly don't build
        the modular version in this case.
        However, if snd-pcm.o was a multi-part object, we did automatically
        generate a link rule for both the modular and the built-in version, 
        which caused a warning - that's now fixed.

<torvalds@penguin.transmeta.com> (02/04/25 1.531.18.6)
        Clean up compiler warnings

<dalecki@evision-ventures.com> (02/04/25 1.531.18.7)
        [PATCH] 2.5.10 IDE 41
         - Revoke the TCQ stuff. Well having it for some time showed just nicely what
           has to be done before it can be included cleanly. But it's just not ready
           For more explanations please simply track the usage of the special field
           struct request - *both* in the generic request handling code and in
           driver code.

<rddunlap@osdl.org> (02/04/25 1.531.18.8)
        [PATCH] Update Randy Dunlap's CREDITS file entry

<hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp> (02/04/25 1.531.18.9)
        [PATCH] Fix handling of wrong cluster chains (1/5)
        Currently fatfs disregards most wrong cluster chains, and only continues
        This fixes it.  If a wrong cluster chain is detected, change filesystem
        to the read only, and return the error code. 

<hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp> (02/04/25 1.531.18.10)
        [PATCH] Add validity check of first FAT entry (2/5)
        This patch makes detection of a FAT filesystem more exact by checking
        the first FAT entry. 

<hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp> (02/04/25 1.531.18.11)
        [PATCH] misc cleanup of fatfs (3/5)
        This patch does misc cleanup.
        OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp>

<hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp> (02/04/25 1.531.18.12)
        [PATCH] fat_clusters_flush() cleanup (4/5)
        This patch cleans up fat_clusters_flush().

<hirofumi@mail.parknet.co.jp> (02/04/25 1.531.18.13)
        [PATCH] remove linux/bitops.h (5/5)
        Remove unnecessary linux/bitops.h from fat/inode.c.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.14)
        [PATCH] (1/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - remove abuses of blksize_size[] and (late) hardsect_size[].  Mostly
           drivers/s390/char/*, BTW...

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.15)
        [PATCH] (2/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - remove abuses of blksize_size[] and (late) hardsect_size[].  Mostly
           drivers/s390/char/*, BTW...

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.16)
        [PATCH] (3/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - new helpers: queue_hardsect_size() and bdev_hardsect_size().  Analogous
           to get_hardsect_size() for queue and struct block_device * respectively
           Most of get_hardsect_size() callers converted to these.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.17)
        [PATCH] (4/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - switch block_ioctl() to struct block_device *

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.18)
        [PATCH] (5/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - switch blk_{get,set}_readahead() to struct block_device *

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.19)
        [PATCH] (6/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - switch loop_set_fd() to struct block_device

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.20)
        [PATCH] (7/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - md/multipath.c convert to bio, compile fixes, bring struct
           block_device * into private data.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.21)
        [PATCH] (8/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - md/raid1.c - bring struct block_device * into private data.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.22)
        [PATCH] (9/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)

         - this one is interesting and will play in the next series as well;
           affected place is fs/block_dev.c::do_open().  We check if bdev is
           a partition (same way it is done in generic_make_request()) and
           if it is - open entire disk and put pointer to its bdev into a
           new field bdev->bd_contains.  Otherwise (non-partition) we
           set bdev->bd_contains to bdev.  Corresponding cleanup done in
           blkdev_put() (and failure path in do_open()) - when the last opener
           goes away we close bdev->bd_contains if bdev is a partition (i.e.
           not equal to its ->bd_contains) and set it to NULL.
           Immediate effect is that we can get from bdev of partition to
           bdev of disk when submitting a bio, but it also opens a way
           to handle partition-parsing in a sane way.  That will be done
           in the next series.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.23)
        [PATCH] (10/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - md/linear.c - bring struct block_device * into private data.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.24)
        [PATCH] (11/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - (JFS) removes ->dev from struct jfs_log - it's duplicated by
           ->bdev.  Old users of ->dev updated.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.25)
        [PATCH] (12/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - block/loop.c - switch ->lo_device to struct block_device *.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.26)
        [PATCH] (13/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - *NOW* all places that (re)assign ->bi_dev have relevant struct
           block_device *.  ->bi_bdev (struct block_device * equivalent of
           ->bi_dev) introduced, ->bi_dev removed, users updated.

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.27)
        [PATCH] (14/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - bdevname() switched to struct block_device *.  Old variant (taking
           kdev_t) renamed to __bdevname() (very few callers remain).  This
           allow to drop ->b_dev conveniently - it's duplicated by ->b_bdev
           and most of remaining users were bdevname(bh->b_dev) in various

<viro@math.psu.edu> (02/04/25 1.531.18.28)
        [PATCH] (15/15) big struct block_device * push (first series)
         - switch md_error() to struct block_device * - just cleaning up
           after ->bi_dev switch.

<torvalds@penguin.transmeta.com> (02/04/25 1.531.1.33)
        Update kernel version to 2.5.11

<jsimmons@heisenberg.transvirtual.com> (02/04/25 1.540)
        Synced to the latest changes in Linus BK tree.

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/25 1.531.20.3)
        added CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS support to the USB core
        Here's a patch that finishes off my previous patch that enabled us to
        use less than 16 minor numbers per USB device that uses the USB major
        number.  This patch allows all such devices to share all 256 minor
        numbers at once, much like the usbserial core shares the USB serial
        major with all usb-serial drivers.  This also solves Oliver's problem of
        having 30 printers :)

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/25 1.531.20.4)
        added CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS to the Config.in file :)

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/25 1.531.20.5)
        added support for USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS to the usb drivers that can use it.

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/25 1.531.20.6)
        USB keyspan driver patch that fixes lots of different problems.
                - Modified port open, port close, and send setup() logic to fix various
data and endpoint
                  synchronization bugs and device LED status bugs.
                - Changed keyspan_write_room() to accurately return transmit buffer
                - Changed forwardingLength from 1 to 16 for all adapters.

<aia21@cantab.net> (02/04/26 1.531.19.2)
        NTFS 2.0.3: Small bug fixes, cleanups, and performance improvements.
        - Remove some dead code from mft.c.
        - Optimize readpage and read_block functions throughout aops.c so that
          only initialized blocks are read. Non-initialized ones have their
          buffer head mapped, zeroed, and set up to date, without scheduling
          any i/o. Thanks to Al Viro for advice on how to avoid the device i/o.
        Thanks go to Andrew Morton for spotting the below:
        - Fix buglet in allocate_compression_buffers() error code path.
        - Call flush_dcache_page() after modifying page cache page contents in
        - Check for existence of page buffers throughout aops.c before calling
          create_empty_buffers(). This happens when an I/O error occurs and the
          read is retried. (It also happens once writing is implemented so that
          needed doing anyway but I had left it for later...)
        - Don't BUG_ON() uptodate and/or mapped buffers throughout aops.c in
          readpage and read_block functions. Reasoning same as above (i.e. I/O
          error retries and future write code paths.)

<jejb@mulgrave.(none)> (02/04/26 1.531.24.1)
        Fix migration task boot hang for machines with different physical
        and logical CPU numberings.

<kai@tp1.ruhr-uni-bochum.de> (02/04/26 1.531.25.1)
        Properly export drivers/usb/media video interface
        Mark the API functions accessed by other drivers with EXPORT_SYMBOL() and
        make the remaining functions static.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/26 1.531.23.2)
        ia64: Another set of do_csum() cleanups by Ken Chen.

<david-b@pacbell.net> (02/04/26 1.531.20.7)
        [PATCH] PATCH 2.5.10 usbnet, check_connect updates
        USB usbnet driver update
        The patch cleans up the handling of connection checking to
        match the truth that it's effectively tristate (connected, not,
        and can't know) vs binary ("connected" and "can't know"
        as the same value, since it was OK to ifup).  Since ethtool
        supports the tristate semantics, it matters now.

<david-b@pacbell.net> (02/04/26 1.531.20.8)
        [PATCH] PATCH 2.5.10 ehci.txt
        USB ehci documentation update
        It mostly updates the description of the EHCI driver to point out
        that several non-NEC implementations are now expected to work,
        and that (high speed) ISO is supported.

<akpm@zip.com.au> (02/04/26 1.531.1.34)
        [PATCH] permit zero-length readahead, and tidy up readahead
        - Initialise the per-request_queue readahead parameter properly,
          rather than the dopey "if it's zero you get the deafult"
        - Permit zero-length readahead.
        - 80-columnify mm/readahead.c

<torvalds@penguin.transmeta.com> (02/04/26 1.531.1.35)
        Use the correct inode for read-ahead trashing/

<dalecki@evision-ventures.com> (02/04/26 1.531.1.36)
        [PATCH] 2.5.10 IDE 42
        - Streamline the usage of sector_t over the strategy routines in question a
           bit. Streamline the do_request code in ide-disk.c.
        - Improve the readability of start_request in ide.c.
        - Remove obsolete/nowhere used stuff from hdreg.h.
        - Splitup special_t into classical flag field.
        - Use only a single field to determine the capacity of a drive.  Make this
           field and the code paths it follows as far as possible use the sector_t
           instead of a hard coded integer types.  This increases the chances that at
           some distant point in time we will indeed be able to use 64 bit wide
           entities. (Disks are getting huge those times now...)

<vojtech@suse.cz> (02/04/26 1.531.20.10)
        [PATCH] One more buggy KVM switch to be blacklisted.
        USB hid driver
        This adds a blacklist entry for another KVM switch
        which chokes on get_request().

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/26 1.531.20.11)
        USB core
        document the return value of usb_register_dev() better.

<greg@kroah.com> (02/04/26 1.531.20.12)
        USB core
        added check for num_minors at registration time to catch buggy drivers.

<aia21@cantab.net> (02/04/27 1.531.1.38)
        NTFS: 2.0.4 - Cleanups and updates for kernel 2.5.11.
        - Add documentation on how to use the MD driver to be able to use NTFS
        stripe and volume sets in Linux and generally cleanup documentation
        a bit.
        Remove all uses of kdev_t in favour of struct block_device *:
        - Change compress.c::ntfs_file_read_compressed_block() to use sb_getblk()
        - Change super.c::ntfs_fill_suoer() to use bdev_hardsect_size() instead
        of get_hardsect_size().
        - No need to get old blocksize in super.c::ntfs_fill_super() as
        fs/super.c::get_sb_bdev() already does this.
        - Set bh->b_bdev instead of bh->b_dev throughout aops.c.

<dalecki@evision-ventures.com> (02/04/28 1.531.26.1)
        [PATCH] 2.5.10 IDE 43
        Some of the following is a bit of sensitive... but anyway it has to be done.
        - Scarp "portability" macros ide_request_irq() and ide_free_irq().  What a
           great of a surprise in the face of a kernel nowadays ported to nearly any
           major CPU out there, but apparently no platform needs something special
           All of them are just using the normal request_irq() and free_irq(). If
           unusual platform (read obsolete door blocker) I have overlooked
           needs something special - please just hack the platform specific
           request_irq() and free_irq()-  they are *far off* from being performance
           relevant. (Hint: You could use cooked default irq values to detect there
           whatever the caller was the ATA driver to decide what to do about it.)
        - Kill ide_check_region() ide_request_region() and ide_release_region()
           altogether. Add comments explaining the code there.  Same arguments as
           apply. Additionally we want to be able at some time to do for example
           PCI address space access on IA32 instead of port IO.
        - Rewrite the initialization code to don't use check_region at all. Add some
           comments there, which explain what's actually happening.
        - Fix creeping in of a c99 construct.
        - Make the main interrupt handler take a channel as data instead of the
           hwgroup. This is the entity an interrupt is physically associated with.
           interrupt sharing is handled in a generically anyway. Analogously the main
           data entity of a device request queue (q->queuedata) is the device and not
           the hwgroup.  However right now we are only able to push it down to the
           channel level. The intention is to advance the choose_drive() function to
           just check for equal interrupt values for serialization of request and
           thus to get rid of the hwgroup altogether.

<dalecki@evision-ventures.com> (02/04/28 1.531.26.2)
        [PATCH] 2.5.10 IDE 44
        Reduce the "rain forest" of pointers a bit.
        - Use the channel info from the drive instead of from hwgroup where possible.
           Since we have now a direct association between a channel and irq, we can
           the handler for unexpected interrupts to don't have to iterate over

        - Finally it was just possible to remove the circular list of channels
           associated with a hwif. The hwif member of struct hwgroup_s as well as
           next member if struct ata_channel are gone.
        - Unify ide_build_sglist() and raw_build_sglist() in to one function.  Use
           queue associated with a request in the case of a CMD request there
instead of
           referencing the device minor number. This will be pushed even further

<perex@suse.cz> (02/04/28 1.531.26.3)
        [PATCH] ALSA PATCH against ChangeSet 1.567
                this ALSA patch contains:
        - fixed sound_core.c - devfs names
        - added ARM driver for H3x00 iPaq handhelds from Compaq
        - added RME Digi32 driver
        - increased number of RawMidi devices per card to 8
        - removed unimplemented IPC definitions from asequencer.h
        - compilation fixes for snd_printk/snd_printd
        - added snd_midi_event_no_status() function to seq_midi_event.c
          - used in OSS emulation code to follow OSS/Lite behaviour
        - fixed snd_pcm_playback_silence() function (possible memory leak)
        - fixed endless loop in snd_pcm_playback_drain()
          - OSS applications using mmap() should end correctly now
        - fixed autoloading of sequencer clients (oops)
        - fixed virmidi code (emu10k1)
        - improved OPL4 chip detection
        - fixed deadlock in sound/i2c.h
        - improved cs8427 chip support (proper initialization)
        - improved CMI8330 detection
        - improved S/PDIF detection in ENS1371 driver
        - fixed possible NULL pointer dereference in FM801 driver
        - added ICH4 to intel8x0 driver
        - fixed port names allocation in intel8x0 driver
        - fixed rate detection in intel8x0 driver
        - AC97 code
          - better initialization for wolfson codecs
          - improved CS4205 support (special S/PDIF handling)
        - emu10k1/audigy updates

<dougg@torque.net> (02/04/28 1.531.26.4)
        [PATCH] scsi generic (sg) driver 2.5.10
            Changes since 3.5.24 (20020319)
                - use Scsi_Request::upper_private_data
                - zero buffers for non-root users
            Changes since 3.5.23 (20011231)
                - change EACCES to EPERM when O_RDONLY is insufficient
                - suppress newlines in host string
                - fix xfer direction, old interface, short reply_len [Travers Carter]

<dougg@torque.net> (02/04/28 1.531.26.5)
        [PATCH] Report Luns for scsi devices 2.5.10
        Here's a patch for SCSI REPORT LUN scanning, including Douglas Gilbert's
        recent changes to support a short INQUIRY followed by a longer INQUIRY.
        Please apply, or let me know if you think it needs any modifications.
        It's against linux-2.5.4. It does _not_ change the size of the linux lun.
        A description of the 8 byte LUN layout can be found on page 35 of:
        The above is a draft, but matches the layout seen on most disk arrays
        (including EMC, IBM, LSI, and Hitachi). Later drafts (post SCSI-3) have
        this information in the SCSI Architectural Model.
        Patch description:
        Adds REPORT LUN scanning.
        Adds Douglas Gilbert's INQUIRY modification so broken devices that cannot
handlean INQUIRY
        of more than 36 bytes can be black-listed, plus saving the INQUIRY
        result in Scsi_Device.
        Adds scan_scsis_target function, replacing code in scan_scsis and parts
        of scan_scsis_single. This cleans up the scanning code, and removes a
        really ugly for loop. It would be difficult to add REPORT LUN scanning
        without this change.
        Adds missing scsi_release_commandblocks().
        No longer sets max_dev_lun out of bounds for BLIST_FORCELUN devices.
        Fixes scanning past LUN 7 for SCSI-3 devices (the patch in 2.4.17
        for that fix will not cleanly apply against this code).
        -- Patrick Mansfield

<nathans@sgi.com> (02/04/28 1.531.26.6)
        [PATCH] xattr locking
        This is a patch from Andreas Gruenbacher (the ext2/ext3 EA patch
        maintainer) which converts the extended attribute VFS code from
        using the BKL to instead use the inode semaphore; please apply.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.7)
        [PATCH] A20 tweak for AMD Elan
        The A20 code needs a slight tweak to work on AMD Elans.
        Original patch from Robert Schwebel

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.8)
        [PATCH] ALI 1644 AGP/DRM support.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.9)
        [PATCH] Recognise extra TV card

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.10)
        [PATCH] bluesmoke update.
        o   P4 thermal throttling is now compile time option
        o   ifdefs cleaned up due to above
        o   Only poke the LVT if thermal throttling is enabled.
        o   Remove bogus cache flushing as per previous discussion.
        o   Replace hard coded timer values with MCE_RATE
        o   Change default polling frequency from 5 to 15 seconds
        o   SMP fixes. (Don't readd timer)
        o   Compile time warning fixes.
        o   Add config helptext

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.11)
        [PATCH] Jiffies wrap fixes.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.12)
        [PATCH] help texts for patch-kernel

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.13)
        [PATCH] fix xconfig.
        We now have so many CONFIG_ options we overflow a buffer in xconfig.
        Doubling the size should see us until someone either writes a replacement,
        or can be bothered to make it dynamically allocate.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.14)
        [PATCH] sonypi update.
        From Stelian, already in 2.4

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.15)
        [PATCH] PCI access method fallback.
        Some SiS boards won't boot without pci=bios forcing their method.
        The reason for this is in the probe method, we try the BIOS method, and it
        succeeds and we store the pci_ops. We then try the direct access, it fails
        and we trash the old pci_ops.
        The patch stores the pci_ops when BIOS method succeeds and restores it
        if the direct hardware access method fails.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.16)
        [PATCH] recognise P4 Xeon in mptable.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.17)
        [PATCH] Also look in /boot for .config
        Try to get config file distro placed in boot.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.18)
        [PATCH] x86 pci-pc janitor work
        - printk loglevels
        - request region checks.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.19)
        [PATCH] NCR53c810 PCI quirk
        This device returns a wrong class code which we work around at boot up time.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.20)
        [PATCH] sf16fmi card detect thinko
        Missing loop increment.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.21)
        [PATCH] x86-64 bluesmoke update
        - Drop Intel P4 bits
        - Update other parts in line with latest i386 bluesmoke.c

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.22)
        [PATCH] New synclink_cs driver.
        Posted multiple times to l-k by Paul Fulghum.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.23)
        [PATCH] New synclink multiport driver.
        Posted multiple times to l-k by Paul Fulghum

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.24)
        [PATCH] MAINTAINERS update
        Various bits mostly from 2.4
        Also fix indentation of various entries to match the rest of the file.

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.25)
        [PATCH] iphase bits
        - Nuke unnecessary include.
        - More infortmational debug info

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.26)
        [PATCH] Dynamic LDT sizing.
        Originally from Manfred Spraul.
        * dynamically grow the LDT
        Every app that's linked against libpthread right now allocates a full 64
        kB LDT, without proper error handling, and always from the vmalloc area

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.27)
        [PATCH] broken comment in cris driver

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.28)
        [PATCH] Missing include.
        Uses the error codes, but doesn't include err.h

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.29)
        [PATCH] missing cris config.help entries
        Some that got lost along the way...

<davej@suse.de> (02/04/28 1.531.26.30)
        [PATCH] get rid of some blk.h cruft
        Originally by Christoph Hellwig back in February.
        It recieved no objections when posted to l-k & Jens.
        o remove DEVICE_REQUEST definitions - never used in blk.h itself.
        o remove DEVICE_ON() - never used at all.
        o define LOCAL_END_REQUEST when we do not want end_request() instead
          of other hacks.
        o remove DEVICE_OFF() - only used in floppy driver, thus one now has
          a private end_request().
        o use private end_request() functions for drivers not providing
        o remove TIMEOUT_VALUE - only ever used in hd.c

<bgerst@didntduck.org> (02/04/28 1.531.26.31)
        [PATCH] Removing SYMBOL_NAME part 1
        The SYMBOL_NAME macro (and variations) have been obsolete since 2.1.0,
        when the option to compile the kernel in a.out format was removed.  This
        patch starts the process of removing these macros, starting with x86.

<bgerst@didntduck.org> (02/04/28 1.531.26.32)
        [PATCH] Removing SYMBOL_NAME part 2
        CRIS and x86-64 arches

<bgerst@didntduck.org> (02/04/28 1.531.26.33)
        [PATCH] Removing SYMBOL_NAME part 3
        SuperH arch

<bgerst@didntduck.org> (02/04/28 1.531.26.34)
        [PATCH] Removing SYMBOL_NAME part 4
        m68k arch

<bgerst@didntduck.org> (02/04/28 1.531.26.35)
        [PATCH] Removing SYMBOL_NAME part 5
        ARM arch

<akpm@zip.com.au> (02/04/28 1.531.26.36)
        [PATCH] Re: [patch] change mempool to not alter managed elements
        Here's an array-based implementation.

<dougg@torque.net> (02/04/28 1.531.26.37)
        [PATCH] scsi mid to lower level api documentation
        Here is some documentation to describe the interface of lower level
        drivers (e.g.  aic7xxx) in the scsi subsystem.
        The patch is made up of a text file: drivers/scsi/scsi_mid_low_api.txt
        and some Documentation/DocBook additions to enable html, ps and pdf

<haveblue@us.ibm.com> (02/04/28 1.531.26.38)
        [PATCH] BKL documentation update change
        I added ->readdir(), and a new section referring to the sb_op BKL shift
        as well.

<rmk@arm.linux.org.uk> (02/04/28 1.531.1.40)
        [PATCH] drop obsolete stat/waitpid/s(sg)etmask/signal from ARM build
        The following patch drops the above functions from the ARM port; we've
        already removed them from the syscall table on ARM, so we can safely
        remove these from the ARM build.

<bcrl@redhat.com> (02/04/28 1.531.1.41)
        [PATCH] vsnprintf returns incorrect length
        In conjunction with some of the earlier problems found in /proc code,
        now it turns out that snprintf doesn't work correctly in the kernel...
        Without the following patch, snprintf can return lengths greater than
        the size argument passed.  The net effect is that code using the return
        value from snprintf can still buffer overrun.  This is fixed by not
        updating the pointer in the buffer unless there is actually space.

<sebastian.droege@gmx.de> (02/04/28 1.531.1.42)
        [PATCH] BTTV .text.exit link fix with newer binutils
        Here's a simple patch to allow the bttv driver to be build with newer

<chris@wirex.com> (02/04/28 1.531.1.43)
        [PATCH] 2.5.10 BKL not always released in sem_exit()
        The patch below fixes sem_exit() so that the BKL is always released.

<ink@jurassic.park.msu.ru> (02/04/28 1.531.1.45)
        [PATCH] gdb/strace fix for 2.5.x
        Yes, gdb and strace are broken on alpha since 2.5.6, IIRC.
        Some necessary 'thread_info' changes still are missing in ptrace.c.
        Fixed thus.

<adilger@clusterfs.com> (02/04/28 1.544)
        [PATCH] minor cleanup in ext3 code
        The following patch is a _very minor_ cleanup in the ext3 code for
        ext3_prepare_write().  It simply removes the setting of "handle" from
        the current transaction handle, because "handle" is actually set again
        a couple of lines later, where it properly allocates a new transaction
        handle for this write.  The code removed in this patch is probably left
        over from some development version of ext3 where the transaction handle
        was started before ext3_prepare_write was called.
        The only reason I saw this was because I was trying to find where the
        handle was allocated for an ext3 file write, and at first glance it
        didn't appear to be allocated anywhere...

<torvalds@home.transmeta.com> (02/04/28 1.546)
        Missing function declaration

<torvalds@home.transmeta.com> (02/04/28 1.547)
        Refix broken bitop target that got re-broken by the CVS merge

Summary of changes from v2.5.10 to lia64-v2.5.10

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/16 1.489.4.2)
        ia64: Fix alloc_consistent() for zx1 platform to return <4GB memory as per
        DMA-mapping.txt.  Patch by Alex Williamson.

<steiner@sgi.com> (02/04/16 1.489.4.3)
        [PATCH] ia64: Correct copyright message in shub_md.h.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/18 1.489.4.4)
        ia64: Include config file for fusion driver in arch/ia64/config.in.

<asit.k.mallick@intel.com> (02/04/19 1.489.4.5)
        [PATCH] Don't prefetch beyond end of patch to avoid bringing in cache-lines

<peter@chubb.wattle.id.au> (02/04/19 1.489.4.6)
        [PATCH] The attached patch cleans up IA32 support a little.
        As it's impossible at present to compile and use IA32 support as a
        module, disallow that; and also provide dummy functions to remove
        compilation warnings if CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT is off.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/19 1.489.4.7)
        ia64: Fix ACPI/IOSAPIC breakage introduced by big ACPI update.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/23 1.489.4.8)
        ia64: Send SIGILL for break operands in range 0x3f000 to 0x3ffff to
        simplify dynamic bundle patching.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/24 1.531.16.2)
        ia64: Correct unwind info for signal trampoline.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/24 1.531.16.3)
        ia64: Update comments for E2BIG and TCSETS like for x86.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.4)
        ia64: Make default behavior of SIGURG to ignore the signal, as per SUS.

<elenstev@mesatop.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.5)
        [PATCH] This patch adds a help text for CONFIG_IA64_GRANULE_16MB.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.6)
        ia64: Add optimized ip_fast_csum() by Ken Chen and merge his cleanups
                to do_csum.S.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.7)
        ia64: Change "McKinley" to "Itanium 2" for user-visible strings.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.8)
        ia64: Treat lfetch.fault like speculative loads as is required by the
                architecture definition.  Patch by Ken Chen.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.9)
        ia64: Add IA64_ISR_CODE_* macros from Ken's patch.

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.10)
        ia64: Add missing .prologue directive to ip_fast_csum().

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.11)
        ia64: Revert compile-time optimization for bzero().

<davidm@wailua.hpl.hp.com> (02/04/25 1.531.16.12)
        ia64: Fix merge errors in do_csum().