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LinuxPR: CodeWeavers Release CrossOver Plugin 1.1.1

May 16, 2002, 23:30 (14 Talkback[s])


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ST. PAUL, MN -- (May 16, 2002) -- CodeWeavers, Inc. today released CrossOver Plugin version 1.1.1, the company's Windows(R)-To-Linux(R) adapter for Windows browser plugins and document viewers.

This release adds support for the Macromedia Flash 6 player as well as the Superscape Viscape plugin.

In addition, this release resolves many bugs and addresses a number of issues, including better support for Mozilla associations, improved sound support, better support for multi-user installations, and many, many more bug fixes.

CrossOver Plugin is immediately available for download from the CodeWeavers Web site, www.codeweavers.com for $24,95, and a CD version, priced at $34.95 is also available.

The complete release notes are as follows:

* CrossOver 1.1.1 - 2002/05/13

  • Added support for MacroMedia Flash.
  • Added support for Superscape Viscape.
  • Added a workaround for Mozilla bug 78919. Word/Excel/PowerPoint associations now work in Mozilla (>=0.9.4) and Netscape 6 (>=6.2).
  • Added support for ~/.mozilla/plugins which can be used with Mozilla >=0.9.9.
  • Fixed the main sound issues.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause some files to be world-writable.
  • Uninstalling no longer blindly deletes everything in the installation.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented 'Cleanup CrossOver' from deleting the wineserver socket. Added support for multi-user setups. (aka the 'Unable to load the windows plugin library...' bug)
  • Fixed the memory leak in Excel Viewer.
  • Fixed the handling of ';' in MIME types.
  • Fixed the bug that caused wineprefixcreate.sh to use undefined values.
  • Fixed the handling of large numbers of icons in PluginSetup.
  • Fixed the uninstallation procedure of the RPM packages generated by buildrpm.sh.
  • Fixed the open file dialogs to not truncate the last character when renaming a file.
  • Fixed the KDE tab Launch button.
  • Set the umask during multi-user installations so that all users will have access to the windows applications.
  • Improved the handling of broken FreeType and Xrender versions. (aka the 'Unable to close run pipe...' bug)
  • Improved the MIME type association support. Many bugs were fixed including an incorrect test for $display, and an incompatiblity with Debian for Mailcap files.
  • Improved the Windows to Unix path conversion when invoking a Linux browser.
  • Improved the RPM packages so that they no longer need X to be running to be installed or uninstalled.
  • Removed the dependencies on the IO::Dir and Getopt::Long.pm Perl modules.

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