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Linus Torvalds: Linux-2.5.17

May 21, 2002, 13:34 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

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Full Changelog

Various FS updates (including merges of quota and iget_locked), and
Makefile cleanups from Kai.

And yet more TLB shootdown stuff.



Summary of changes from v2.5.16 to v2.5.17

        copy_from/to_user checking in
         o drivers/sound/*.c
         o fs/intermezzo/ext_attr.c
         o drivers/isdn/*.c
         o drivers/usr/*.c
         o sound/{core,pci}/*.c
         o drivers/char/*
         o drivers/block/*.c

Andrew Morton <akpm@zip.com.au>
        o check for dirtying of non-uptodate buffers
        o reduce lock contention in do_pagecache_readahead
        o larger b_size, and misc fixlets
        o fix dirty page management
        o reiserfs locking fix
        o pdflush exclusion infrastructure
        o dirty inode management
        o i_dirty_buffers locking fix
        o ext2: preread inode backing blocks
        o pdflush exclusion
        o fix ext3 race with writeback
        o fix ext3 buffer-stealing
        o writeback tuning
        o remove PG_launder
        o improved I/O scheduling for indirect blocks

        o Missing init.h in drivers/pci/power.c

        o Thread group exit problem reappeared

Christoph Hellwig <hch@infradead.org>
        o cleanup read/write
        o Small cleanup of nfsd export checks
        o kNFSd cleanup of nfsd_open
        o get rid of <linux/locks.h>

        o quota-1-newlocks
        o quota-2-formats
        o quota-3-register
        o quota-4-getstats
        o quota-5-space
        o quota-6-bytes
        o quota-7-quotactl
        o quota-8-format1
        o quota-9-format2
        o quota-10-inttype
        o quota-11-sync
        o quota-12-compat
        o quota-13-ioctl

        o iget_locked  [1-6]

        o ips for 2.5

        o Rules.make cleanup: introduce c_flags, a_flags
        o Remuve some cruft from top-level Makefile
        o Move DocBook stuff out of top-level Makefile
        o Move arch specific options to their Makefile
        o Don't implicitly export all symbols
        o top-level Makefile cleanup
        o Remove assembler rules from top-level Makefile
        o Add scripts to generate include/linux/{version,compile}.h
        o Rules.make: Use variables for commands
        o Small Rules.make cleanup
        o Rules.make: check for changed command line
        o Makefile cleanup: Don't rebuild init/version.o on each build
        o IA64: Use standard AS rule
        o x86_64: Use standard AS rule
        o Rules.make: Remove special rule for $(export-objs)
        o Fix a typo in drivers/pcmcia/Makefile
        o Fix arch/alpha/boot AS rule
        o Makefile: fix merge
        o ISDN: Export CAPI user interface directly
        o ISDN: Remove remaining MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT from CAPI drivers
        o Make AFLAGS_KERNEL use consistent with CFLAGS_KERNEL
        o ISDN: CAPI: Remove duplicate statistics
        o ISDN: CAPI: Remove capi_interface_user etc.
        o ISDN: CAPI: Move the notification callback
        o ISDN: Have the CAPI application alloc struct capi_appl
        o ISDN: CAPI: Pass struct capi_appl * instead of index
        o ISDN: CAPI use struct capi20_appl * in signal callback
        o ISDN: CAPI: Get rid of capi_signal mechanism
        o ISDN: AVM T1 ISA CAPI controller fix
        o Update /BitKeeper/etc/ignore
        o kbuild: Use $(CURDIR)
        o kbuild: Suppress printing of '$(MAKE) -C command' line
        o kbuild: Fix object-specific CFLAGS_foo.o
        o Small fix for net/irda/Makefile
        o Fix ext2 compilation
        o Fix some compiler warnings
        o kbuild: Remove generated .<object>.cmd files on 'make clean'
        o kbuild: Standardize building of init/*
        o kbuild: Speed up vmlinux build

        o reiserfs bitops warnings
        o reiserfs iput deadlock fix

Neil Brown <neilb@cse.unsw.edu.au>
        o Increase snd buffer size for UDP
        o Change MD Superblock IO to go straight to submit_bio
        o Tidy up raid5 code
        o Initial md/raid5 support for 2.5 (with bio)

        o Clean up %cr3 loading on x86, fix lazy TLB problem
        o Fix double i_writecount handling (Tony Luck)
        o Make generic TLB shootdown friendlier to non-x86 architectures
        o Fix OSS API emulation when sound is compiled as a module
        o Update kernel version to 2.5.17
        o New makefiles generate .*.cmd files, not .*.flags files