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Linus Torvalds: Linux-2.5.18

May 25, 2002, 22:47 (0 Talkback[s])

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Full Changelog

Various bits here and there. 



Summary of changes from v2.5.17 to v2.5.18

        o usb-storage

        o drivers/char/rio/*.c

        o change USB scanner maintainer

Brian Gerst <>
        o cpu_has_tsc
        o cpu_has_mmx
        o remaining cpu_has cleanups

        o [ARM 1146/1: Fix complilation bug in 2.5.10-rmk1 for jffs

        o net/core/sock.c: Fix typo in sysctl_{w,m}mem_default init.

        o [ARM 1136/1: missing include in badge4.c
        o [ARM 1133/1: Small fixes for BadgePAD 4 pcmcia support.
        o [ARM 1137/1: additional defines for SA-1111 OHCI

        o Sparc: Do not BUG in srmmu_pte_alloc_one.
        o include/asm-sparc/pgalloc.h: In pmd_alloc_one, dont BUG just return NULL

Martin Dalecki <>
        o 2.5.17 dquota punishment
        o 2.5.17 IDE 65-70

        o Sparc: Use dma_addr_t and size_t in sparc32 DMA function args.
        o IPv4: Make pkt_too_big debug msg more informative.
        o drivers/net/sunlance.c: Make init_block_dvma a dma_addr_t
        o Tigon3: Fix typo in netgear ga320t support changes.
        o Sparc64 updates
        o Fix build fallout from namei.h/jiffies.h changes.
        o Sparc64 build fixes:

        o cpia_usb, remove urb->next
        o usbcore, remove urb->next
        o hcds, remove urb->next
        o audio, set urb->interval

        o rwsem update

        o USB Makefile bug fix
        o USB build changes
        o USB se401, remove urb->next usage
        o USB stv680, remove urb->next usage
        o usb.h #include dependancies and whitespace cleanup
        o USB cdc-ether driver compile time fix
        o USB storage #include fixup
        o USB driver #include cleanups

Christoph Hellwig <>
        o fix bitop warnings in parallel port generic driver
        o buffermem_pages removal (1/5)
        o fix sr compile warnings
        o bfs header move around + warning fix
        o split namei.h out of fs.h
        o include buffer_head.h in actual users instead of fs.h (1/10)

        o Update to srm_env.c driver (for Alpha arch.)

        o kbuild: Make USE_STANDARD_AS_RULE default
        o Fix UTS_MACHINE
        o Fix building .i / .s files for testing
        o kbuild: Stop immediately on error
        o kbuild: aic7xxx firmware build should not overwrite shipped files
        o kbuild: Regenerate include/linux/version.h only if necessary
        o kbuild: Restore build nr, improve vmlinux link
        o drivers/net: Simplify linking of subdirs
        o Simplify linking/building objects in subdirectories
        o drivers/pnp/pnpbios_core.c: Warning fix
        o kbuild: Fix command line printing
        o kbuild: Fix warning when .version doesn't exist yet
        o kbuild: Rearrange Rules.make
        o kbuild: Consistent use of [AC]FLAGS_KERNEL and MODFLAGS
        o EXPORT_SYMBOL: Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from arch/*
        o EXPORT_SYMBOL: Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from drivers/*
        o EXPORT_SYMBOL: Remove the option of implicitly exporting symbols
        o EXPORT_SYMBOL: Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from fs/*
        o EXPORT_SYMBOL: Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from net/*
        o EXPORT_SYMBOL: Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS from sound/*
        o kbuild: Use standard multi-part object declaration in drivers/char/*
        o ISDN: Fix compiler warnings
        o kbuild: Use standard multi-part object declaration in drivers/video/*
        o kbuild: Small cleanups
        o ISDN: Use 'built-in.o' instead of 'vmlinux-obj.o' as O_TARGET
        o ISDN: Move AVM entries to right dir
        o kbuild: Assorted small cleanups
        o Fix dummy gameport_{,un}register_port
        o Compiler warning fixes
        o kbuild: Clean up sound/*/Makefile
        o Add missing includes
        o kbuild: Remove now redundant 'O_TARGET := built-in.o' lines
        o kbuild: Make O_TARGET default to 'built-in.o'
        o kbuild: Beautify ACPI Makefiles
        o kbuild: Remove usage of L_TARGET in drivers/*
        o kbuild: Correct dependencies for generated soundmodem tables
        o kbuild: Use standard multi-part object declaration in lib/*
        o kbuild: Simplify linking subdirs in drivers/*/Makefile
        o kbuild: Use standard multi-part object declaration in fs/*
        o kbuild: Use standard multi-part object declaration in net/*
        o kbuild: Fix some issues I missed before

        o tcp_input.c: Really make sure rto = 3*rtt, found by Pasi Sarolahti
        o tcp_recvmsg: Fix application bug induced races with MSG_PEEK and copied_seq.

        o reiserfs 64 bit bug in get_virtual_node_size

        o possible fix for broken floppy driver, take 2

        o suspend-to-{RAM,disk} fixup
        o suspend-to-{RAM,disk}
        o more suspend-to-{RAM,disk} fixes
        o One more fix for swsusp
        o swsusp cleanups
        o swsusp: making myself maintainer
        o swsusp fixes

        o USB pegasus driver, new vendor and device id.

        o [ARM] 2.5.15 PCI cleanups/fixups
        o [ARM] 2.5.15 random fixups:
        o [ARM] Make etherh.c build again - combine struct ei_device inside our
        o [ARM] Fix build errors caused by fb changes
        o [ARM] Fixups for GCC 3.x:
        o [ARM] Miscellaneous
        o [ARM] Remove old NetWinder uncompressed kernel image compatibility code.
        o [ARM] Acorn DMA/Expansion card fixups
        o [ARM] Make Acorn SCSI drivers build again.

        o remove preempt_disable from pdflush
        o get/put_cpu methods

        o Tasklet cleanup
        o Futex update.
        o DMA-mapping.txt typo fix
        o printk() cleanup in ide-pnp.c
        o drivers/net/epic100.c: missing __devinit
        o drivers_net_sundance.c: missing __devinit
        o declance.c
        o Remove warning in fs/nfs/nfsroot.c
        o Fix order of #includes in init_version.c
        o check_region elimination
        o serial typo
        o MIPS min/max replacement
        o MIPS min/max replacement II
        o min/max elimination in netfilter.h
        o cris signal fix
        o sigio delivery fix
        o check_region elimination
        o MIPS/MIPS64  signal fix
        o jiffies.h
        o arch/arm/kernel/via82c505.c
        o smp_call_function doco fix
        o check_region elimination
        o check_region elimination

        o jfs_readdir does not need to grab BKL
        o JFS external journal support

        o Tigon3: Add Netgear GA320T support.

        o Make the pte unmapping atomic wrt other threads.
        o Fix over-eager header file cleanup
        o Merge DRI CVS tree into standard kernel
        o Fix up more headers to make the drm merge compile more cleanly
        o Undo block devices changes from floppy fix: incorrect.
        o Update kernel version
        o Move check_pgt_cache() to tlb_finish_mmu().
        o Make sw-suspend compile even without ACPI sleep support.
        o Clean up tlb_start/end_vma.
        o Fix up header file

Alexander Viro <>
        o add proper ->getattr()
        o remove s390 procfs abuses
        o kill ->i_op->revalidate()
        o clean up readdir() for in-memory
        o new helpers for /proc
        o rd.c blocksize handling
        o removal of BKL from d_move()
        o md.c cleanup
        o kdev_t -> bdev cleanups

        o m68k mmu update