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Release Digest: GNOME, May 27, 2002

May 28, 2002, 05:00 (2 Talkback[s])

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libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.191

libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.191 have been released.

libgda/libgnomedb are a complete framework for developing
database-oriented applications, and actually allow access to PostgreSQL,
MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLite and ODBC data sources.
gnome-db is a set of visual applications that let you access from a nice
UI all the features provided in libgda/libgnomedb.

This is another preview release of the GNOME 2 versions of these 3
projects, and likely to be the last one before the final gASQL/gnome-db
merging, which is now showing in your nearest CVS server.

libgda 0.8.191

 - Added framework for editable data models (rodrigo)
 - Made MySQL data models editable (rodrigo)
 - Extended data model API (rodrigo)
 - Fixed configuration file write support (gonzalo)
 - Removed obsolete GdaRecordset class (gonzalo)
 - Removed obsolete GdaField class (gonzalo)
 - Added GDA_COMMAND_TYPE_SCHEMA (gonzalo)
 - Added GdaDataModelHash class (gonzalo)
 - More API documentation (gonzalo, rodrigo)
 - Removed unneeded dependencies from libgda.pc (rodrigo)
 - Added support for creating and droping databases
   in the providers' API (rodrigo)
 - Added new connection features (rodrigo)
 - Extended GdaValue API (gonzalo)
 - Added GdaSelect class, for doing SELECT's on data
   models (rodrigo)
 - Extended test suite (gonzalo, rodrigo)
 - Added GdaXmlConnection class (rodrigo)
 - Updated translations:
        - da (olau)
        - es (pablodc)
        - fr (redfox)
        - no (kmaraas)
        - pt (dnloreto)
        - sk (stano)
        - vi (pablo)

libgnomedb 0.8.191

 - Fixed memory leak in model management (gonzalo)
 - Moved database: monikers from gnome-db (rodrigo)
 - Updated translations:
        - da (olau)
        - fr (redfox)
        - pt (dnloreto)
        - vi (pablo)

gnome-db 0.8.191

 - Fixed activation of the configuration tab (rodrigo)
 - Fixed referencing problems in component factory (rodrigo)
 - Moved database: monikers to libgnomedb (rodrigo)
 - Updated translations:
        - da (olau)
        - fr (redfox)
        - no (kmaraas)
        - sk (stano)
        - vi (pablo)

Tarballs are available at

To install this new version, you'll need:
* libgda: glib, libxml2, libxslt
* gnome-db: libgda and dependencies, libgnome/ui, libglade, libbonoboui.

You can find more information at the projects' homepage
(, or you can ask any question/propose anything
want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at


        Hi lovers of stable releases!

        The new stable collection of your favorites games are out there, this
will be hopefully the last stable release.

        This release features updates translations and some bug fixes.

        This release is named after someone who is sited right next to me:
'Ricardo Cruz. He just asked to have his femalized name on the release.

        Get it at the usual places.

        Have fun.

Juan Pablo Mendoza
Monterrey, NL.






A lightweight Web Browser for Gnome using GtkHTML.


- More items in the context pop-up menu
- Added ftp url handling, to open your favourite ftp client
- Almost 100% Cookie Spec implementation using XML
- HTTP POST works now
- Redirection works almost 100%
- SSL Certificate failure warning dialog


- Fix a bug that crashed elysium-download if it wasn't already running
- Fix the fact that SSL didn't work at all
- Use the gconf proxy settings instead
- Disable http auth since it's broken right now
- Fixed crashes in the form handling code
- Require the newest neon for api changes and bug fixes
- Fixed the referer (sic) handling code



Tenes Empanadas Graciela v0.10.0


Tenes Empanadas Graciela v0.10.0


Tenes Emapandas Graciela (TEG) is a clone of ``Plan Táctico
Estratégico de la Guerra``, which is a pseudo-clone of Risk,
a multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Some rules are


Includes the new theme Draco, by wfx
New play mode: Fog of War, suggested by Thomas R. Koll
New toolbar, with usefull info
Added a way to localize the countries
Robots can be launched in the server
All translations are up-to-date!
Improved the score system

Fixes some problems with leave/rejoin game.


GnomeMeeting 0.92.1

A new release of GnomeMeeting is available.

GnomeMeeting is the premier videoconferencing software for UNIX.
It is compatible with the H.323 protocol and allows you to make audio
and video calls to remote users with H.323 software or hardware. It
supports all the modern features of videoconferencing software like
registering to an ILS directory, gatekeeper support, making multi user
conference calls using an external MCU, and using modern Quicknet
telephony cards (

Changes since last release include:

  - Ported to the new GNOME 2.0 platform 
    (including Anti-Aliasing of the fonts and icons),
    with a rewrite of the preferences management code. (Damien)

  - Reorganisation of the Preferences Window, 
    and improved UI (Damien, with the ideas of Kenneth).

  - New First Time Configuration Assistant (that helps to set the
    connection type, and adapt settings following that) (Damien,
    improvements by Miguel)

  - Experimental Quicknet support (Roger and Damien)

  - Improved Text Chat which supports smilies (Kenneth)

  - Support for Call forwarding (Roger and Damien)

  - New man page (Kilian)

  - New gnomemeeting-config-tool script that could help people having 
    problems with installing GConf schemas (Kenneth)

  - Various minor fixes and lots of code rewrite (Damien)

  - Support for new Audio Codecs (Damien)

  - Better image quality when transmitting (no more green dots) (Derek, 
    in the new OpenH323 version)

You can find the source code for GnomeMeeting on the GnomeMeeting site:


If you encounter bugs, please report these at 
Help with configuration issues is provided on the mailing list.

 _      Damien Sandras
(o-     GnomeMeeting - H.323 Video-Conferencing application -
//\             web:
v_/_    FOSDEM 2002  - Free Software and Open Source Developers Meeting -



Hi Guys,

        A new release of the accessibility poking tool;

* What changed ?

at-poke 0.1.0

        * Bug fixes
                + build fixage (Jacob Berkman)
                + tree model re-write, adapts to changes
                  perfectly now (Michael)
        * Features
                + relation set poking (Michael)
                + object-update handling (Bill Haneman)
                + Java compatibility hacks (Bill)
                + graphics tweaks (Bill)
                + tree view acceleration / cache (Michael)

at-poke 0.0.2

        * Bug fixes
                + action invocation fix (Dave Camp)
        * Features
                + first pass at adapting to tree changes (Michael)
                + editable interface poking (Michael)
                + icons in tree view

* Where can I get it ?

--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot



* What changed ?

        + fix EINTR handling on msg reads (Michael)
        + use prefix where appropriate (Huw Rogers)

* Where is it ?

--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot


Yelp 0.9


Yelp 0.9


Help browser for GNOME 2.0 which supports docbook documents, info and


* Caching docbook in memory for faster access   (Mikael Hallendal)
* View info pages in chunks                     (Patanjali Somayaji)


* Fixed bug that caused crashes on Solaris      (Mikael Hallendal)
* Fixed mem leaks                               (Mikael Hallendal,
                                                 Richard Hult)
* Stylesheet updates                            (Sander Vesik)


gedit 1.121.0


gedit 1.121.0 (for GNOME 2.0)


Small and lightweight UTF-8 text editor for the GNOME environment.
It supports most standard editing features, plus several not found in your
average text editor (plugins being the most notable of these). 
Complete GNOME integration is featured.


- Added Undo and Redo items in the popup menu (Paolo Maggi)


- Bug #82877, #75863 (Paolo)
- Bug #82333 (James Willcox)
- Mem leaks (James, Gustavo Giráldez)

Updated/New Translations

- Slovak (Stanislav Visnovsky)
- Norwegian (Kjartan Maraas)
- Spanish (Pablo Gonzalo del Campo)
- Bulgarian (Evgeni Boevski)



GNOME Applets 1.104.0

This is the unstable GNOME2 branch (though in reality it is probably
more stable than the "stable" branch right now). Here's what's new:

* gconf sanity checks
* updated docs (Trevor Curtis)

* fix up mouse click handling so middle click dragging works (Mark
* prefs help points to right section - bug #82965

* handle mouse clicks properly (Mark)

* handle mouse clicks properly (Mark)
* gconf sanity checks

* use safer g_strdup_printf - bug #76042 (Richard Kinder)

* gconf sanity checks
* handle mouse clicks properly

* gconf sanity checks
* update docs (John Fleck)

* sort history list with most recent at top - bug #82652
* gconf sanity checking
* handle mouse clicks properly - fixes bug #81510

* fix bug #82449 (Balamurali Viswanathan)

* gconf sanity checking
* handle mouse clicks properly
* get help working

* gconf sanity checks

Please enjoy yourself responsably ;)



libgnomeprint & libgnomeprintui 1.114.0

Note: all applications that depend on this libraries are recommended to bump
      their requirements to 1.114 or higher

What is libgnomeprint[ui]?
Libgnomeprint & libgnomerpintui are the printing libraries for GNOME applications.


Changes libgnomeprint

- Set the orientation in the .ps files (%%%%Orientation) from GNOME_PRINT_KEY_ORIENTATION
- Added GNOME_PRINTKEYDOCUMENT_TITLE and set %%Title in the .ps file (Chema)
- Acoording to jacob, a void function cannot return a value (Jacob)
- Added functionality to dump a GnomePrintConfig tree structure to the console (Chema)
- Change the order of medias in data/media.xm so that Custom, USLetter & Legal are on top (Chema)
- Call setpagedevice with pagesize and orientation 0 (Andreas) [#79343]
- Added the custom backend lets the user specify the print command line (Carlos)
- Added GNOME_PRINTKEYPREFERED_UNIT for the paper dialog (Andreas)
- Make the generic printer use lpr as the default rather than (Chema)
- Code & build cleanups, remove debuging messages and compile warnings (Chema)
- In add pango as a requirement of libgnomeprint-2.0. (Chema)
- gnome_printconfigget_length does not need a length conversion if unit = NULL (Andreas)
- installer/parseAFM.c parseGlobals bug ( [#80407]
- fix gff_psoensurebuffer_t1) ( [#80415, #80414]
- gff_psoensurebuffer_t1 bug ( [#80414]
- replaced all the stat+open with fopen+stat (Chema, Morten) [#76815]
- i18n fixes (Zbigniew)
- added /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts for the Solaris fonts to be loaded properly (Bharat Tewari) [#75628]

Changes libgnomeprintui
- several gnome-print-paper-selector fixes and improvements (Andreas) [#82268, #81768, #81674, #82215, #82271]
- Added examples directory with several code examples (Chema)   
- gnome-print-master-preview bug (Andreas) [#58300]
- code & build cleanups, remove debugging messages and compile warnings (Chema)
- fixed a crash when printing for the second time (Andreas & Federico)
- Added gnome_printmasternew_from dialog
- Added the custom transport which lets user specify the print command (Carlos) [#79733]
- fix #81644 (Chema)
- make gnome-print-dialog HIG compliant (Paolo)
- multiple i18n fixes (Zbigniew)
- Improved keynav and added a11y support & mnemonics to dialogs (Damon)
- Fix range selection in print dialog (Andreas)