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Release Digest: KDE, May 29, 2002

May 30, 2002, 05:00 (4 Talkback[s])
VetTux 1.0.5
Summary An animal clinic system for veterinarians.
Release Note Changed the application name to VetTux from FreeVet and the license to commercial from QPL 1.0. The free evaluation version is limited to 50 customers. Ported to Qt 3. Please see the ChangeLog for other changes.
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x)
Category Business / Enterprise
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7327
Opera 6.01
Summary A fast, full-featured and stable Web browser.
Release Note Fixed a security issue with file uploading.
KDE Version Qt 2.3.x (KDE 2.1.x +)
Category Networking / Internet : Browsers
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7326
KDirStat 2.2.0
Summary A small utility which provides graphical directory statistics.
Release Note Stable release.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Utilities : File System
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7325
KMess 0.9.5
Summary An MSN Messenger® client.
Release Note Added a drop-down emoticon chooser to the chat window to select emoticons; the ability to associate an image with each contact to popup when the contact comes online; a new GPL emoticon theme, with 3 smiley colors; display of a contact's MSN profile via the RMB popup menu; the ability to delete an unused account from the Settings menu; support for international characters; the ability to enable / disable Other Folder Notification; inviting contacts to join multi-party chats; and Brazilian Portuguese and Italian translations.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Communications : Instant Messenging
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7321
Kahuna 0.8
Summary A program to manage 3COM SuperStack® II hubs.
Release Note Added device groups; support for receiving SNMP Traps; and KIconLoader functionality. Changed the command-line options.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Computer Devices : Networking : Hubs / Routers
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7320
KLineakConfig 0.3
Summary A tool for configuring "Easy Access" keys.
Release Note Maintenance release (lineakd 0.3 compatability).
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Computer Devices : Keyboard
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7319
xLDAP Navigator 0.1
Summary An LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) client.
Release Note Initial announcement on APPS.KDE.com. (Ed: The Qt requirements are a hypothesis, please write if they are incorrect.)
KDE Version Qt 3.0.1 (KDE 3.0) or Qt 2.2.x (KDE 2.0.x)
Category Networking / Internet : Information Retrieval
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7318
distcc 0.3
Summary A tool which distributes compilation of C and C++ code across several networked machines.
Release Note Initial announcement on APPS.KDE.com. Added support for C++ compilation (Qt and KDE can now be compiled).
KDE Version n.a.
Category Development : Tools
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7317
TaskJuggler 1.1
Summary A project management tool.
Release Note Initial announcement on APPS.KDE.com. The KDE support is currently very experimental, and requires adding the --with-kde-support=yes switch to ./configure.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x or Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x)
Category Office : Organization / Tracking
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7316
XDrawChem 1.3
Summary A two-dimensional molecule drawing program.
Release Note Added session management (saving preferences); simple reaction analysis; free energy change estimation; and 13C NMR comparison.
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x) or Qt 2.3.x (KDE 2.1.x +)
Category Math / Science : Chemistry
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7315
Qwt 0.4.1
Summary A set of widgets and classes for technical and scientific applications.
Release Note Added support for enabling/disabling single curves in the legend; and wheel event handling in sliders. Improved printing (can now print to any type of QPaintDevice; added printing of backgrounds and legends; and margins, creator and document title are now configurable); layout management; and extensibility of many classes. Implemented QStrings for visible text; and qmodules.h awareness. Reduced flicker during resize/repaint.
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x) or Qt 2.0.x (KDE 2.0.x)
Category Development : Libraries / Classes : GUI Widgets
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7314
undelete 0.6
Summary A kioslave for recovering files deleted on a ext2 (Linux) file system.
Release Note Added a control center configuration module; and a listing of file systems which support undeletion in undelete:/. Improved performance of mimetype detection.
KDE Version KDE 2.2.x
Category Utilities : File System
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7313
Kipcalc 0.5
Summary A simple IP address calculator.
Release Note Initial announcement on APPS.KDE.com.
KDE Version KDE 2.1.x
Category Utilities : Network
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7310
KnetmonApplet 0.6.6
Summary A panel applet for monitoring network interfaces.
Release Note Added a logarithmic trace to the interface load graph; and a Czech translation. Improved the applet layout; the "zoom" window; and menu management.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Computer Devices : Networking : Monitoring
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7309