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Dave Jones: Linux 2.5.20-dj4

Jun 09, 2002, 03:47 (0 Talkback[s])

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Sync up with some small bits from latest 2.4pre, a few pending
items, and the initial merge of the CPU frequency scaling code.
This should also fix the problems that various people saw with

There's quite a bit in this diff since -dj3, despite the small
changelog. I want to make sure this stuff is ok before moving on
to the other interesting bits in the queue.

As usual,..

Patch against 2.5.20 vanilla is available from:

Check http://www.codemonkey.org.uk/Linux-2.5.html before reporting
known bugs that are also in mainline.

 -- Davej.

o   Various bits from 2.4.19-pre10.
o   unbreak sys_capset()                                (Me)
o   Merge CPU frequency scaling.                        (Russell King,
    | Handle with care, still experimental.              Arjan van de Ven,
                                                         Dominik Brodowski,
                                                         Robert Schwebel,
                                                         Padraig Brady, Me) 

o   Uptime >497 days wrap fixes.                     (Tim Schmielau)
o   Remove some bogus whitespace diffs.                 (Thierry Vignaud, Me)
o   Updated ALSA VIA driver.                            (Thierry Vignaud,
                                                         ALSA folks)
o   Make multiple shared file leases more stable.       (Stephen Rothwell)
o   Fix compilation of bluetooth when compiled in.      (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
o   Make i2c sysctls dependant upon CONFIG_SYSCTL       (Albert Cranford)
o   Add i2c proc entries to read smbus block data.      (Albert Cranford)
o   Fix quota format config.in entry.                   (Alex Riesen)
o   IDE updates up to -84                               (Martin Dalecki)
o   Fix make tags to descend into $arch dirs.           (Rusty Russell)
o   Add missing __KERNEL__ guard to byteorder/generic.h (Dan Kegel)
o   Merge selected bits of kbuild2.5            (Sam Ravnborg, Keith Owens)
    - Dynamic symbol limit for tkparse.
    - depmod & split-include warning fixes.
    - Escape double quotes in config.in files.
    - Add new test targets: allyes, allno, randconfig
o   Make suspend to RAM work again.                     (Pavel Machek)
o   Software suspend cleanups.                          (Pavel Machek)
o   airo driver janitor work.                           (Martin Dalecki)
o   Remove redundant Make rule.                         (Adam J. Richter)
o   Add some missing printk levels to fatfs.            (Andrey Panin)
o   Fix oops on writing to floppy.                      (Jens Axboe)
o   Fix compilation of kernel-api docbook.              (Juan Quintela)
o   Further floppy driver fixes.                        (Mikael Pettersson)
o   Remove bogus casts in ide-cd                        (Peter Chubb)
o   eicon driver was kfree'ing wrong skb.               (Adar Dembo)
o   Death of (f)suser()                                 (Robert Love)
    | And there was much rejoicing in kernel janitor land.
o   postcore_initcall changes for PCI & sys_bus.        (Patrick Mochel)

o   Use page_to_pfn in BIO code.                        (Anton Blanchard)
o   Fix framebuffer oops.                               (A Guy Called Tyketto)
o   PCI device matching fixes.                          (Patrick Mochel,
                                                         Andrew Morton)
o   SIS 745 AGPGART support.                            (Carsten Rietzschel)
o   64bit fixes for swap ops.                           (Anton Blanchard)
o   Add i8253 spinlocks where needed.                   (Vojtech Pavlik)
o   Region handling cleanup for UMC 8672 IDE driver.    (William Stinson)
o   Region handling cleanup for hd.c                    (William Stinson)
o   fcntl() POSIX correctness fix.                      (Andries Brouwer)
o   Region handling cleanup for eexpress                (William Stinson)
o   PCI pool 64 bit warning fix.                        (Frank Davis)
o   Trivial PCI quirk cleanup.                          (Ghozlane Toumi)
o   Update URLs to Linux documentation project.         (Gianni Tedesco)
o   Plug scsi_scan memory leak.                         (Patrick Mansfield)
o   Region handling cleanup for inia100.                (William Stinson)
o   Make daemonize() do reparent_to_init() for caller.  (Rusty Russell)
    | same done for hvc_console & cpqphp_ctlr           (Me)
o   copy_siginfo_to_user() cleanup.                     (Stephen Rothwell)
o   Clean up capability locking.                        (Robert Love)
o   Check dcache allocation success before using.       (Dan Aloni)

o   Drop some more bogus bits found whilst patch-splitting.
o   emu10k1 compile fix.                                (Alistair Strachan)
o   Framebuffer updates.                                (James Simmons)
o   Drop some bogus kbuild bits.                        (Kai Germaschewski)
o   Unobsolete egcs kernel builds.                      (Me)
    | This can be worked around, and this is compiler 
    | of choice on sparc and other archs.

| Dave Jones.        http://www.codemonkey.org.uk
| SuSE Labs
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