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Release Digest: GNOME, June 18, 2002

Jun 19, 2002, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

COnfigurator for Gnome 0.3.2


COnfigurator for Gnome 0.3.2


A program for editing advanced Gnome settings in an easy way - the backend
uses gconf and XML descriptions, but all the user will see is a (somewhat)
nice GUI.


- If a section doesn't have any valid GConf keys then a notebook tab will
no longer be created for it.


- Small change to the configure script to make it properly detect
- Fixed a bug were a GConf key would be marked as being valid when in fact
it had no schema attached to it (this would then lead to a crash when
trying to access the schema). 



GtkGLExt 0.2.1

Hello everyone,

GtkGLExt, OpenGL extention to GTK, version 0.2.1 is released.


This release includes new gears demo which comes with Mesa.
It is a good example for examining the performance of GTK2 based
real-time OpenGL programs.

It have been tested on Linux (RedHat 7.3), IRIX (6.5), and WinXP with
GTK+ 2.0.5.

Could you please try it and tell me your comments?

General Information

GtkGLExt is an OpenGL extention to GTK 2.0 or later.

This package is composed of GdkGLExt library and GtkGLExt library.
GdkGLExt library includes low-level OpenGL related objects,
GdkGLConfig, GdkGLContext, GdkGLDrawable, GdkGLWindow, and so on,
which has GLX like interface. GtkGLExt library includes high-level
gtk_widget API extentions using GdkGLExt, which extends ANY GTK+ widget
to an OpenGL-capable widget.

The objects included in these libraries are implemented using C and
fully compliant with GLib's GObject and it's latest features.

The official web site is:

The official download & development information site is:

Supported Platforms

Currently GtkGLExt supports

  * UNIX platforms
      Tested on Linux (RedHat 7.3) and IRIX (6.5).

  * Win32 platforms
      Tested on Windows XP & 2000 Professional using MinGW/Cygwin

Thank you,

Naofumi Yasufuku  
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -- Alan Kay