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Release Digest: GNOME, August 14, 2002

Aug 15, 2002, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Yelp 1.0.3


Yelp 1.0.3


Help browser for GNOME 2.0 which supports docbook documents, info and

* Fixed a bug that caused Yelp to segfault on 
  startup if you used MANPATH instead of 
  manpath                                       (Mikael Hallendal)
* Stylesheet improvments                        (Sander Vesik)
* Updated translations (pt)                     (Duarte Loreto)



gtkmm 1.3.20

*** gtkmm2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. This development branch of gtkmm
wraps gtk+ 2.0.x.

We are now seriously pushing for a binary API frozen 2.0 release. There
are no known API issues apart from these, which will be punted to some
future version:

Although we froze the source API after the last release, we made several
minor API changes in this release. This will delay the binary freeze slightly,
because that must be enforced strictly.

*** Changes

* API changes:
  - Gtk::Combo: Added ComboDrowDown class - it wraps the deprecated GtkList
    widget that is used in the GtkCombo interface. gtkmm coders can now set
    individual item strings and use widgets for Combo items. See
    examples/book/combo. (Martin Schulze)
  - Gdk::Drawable: draw_rectangle() and draw_arc(): Changed filled arg from 
    int to bool. (Michael Koziarski)
  - Gdk::Color: *_p() renamed to get_*_p(). (Andreas Holzmann) 
  - Gtk::TextMark: Added get_iter() as a convenience. (Martin Schulze)
  - Gtk::TextBuffer: delete_at_cursor() and insert_at_cursor() return the 
    iterator, to be consistent with the other methods. (Martin Schulze)
  - Gtk::TextBuffer: paste_clipboard(), insert_child(), and 
    create_child_anchor() parameters are now const. (Martin Schulze)
  - Gtk::Bin::add_label(): Added override, using enum. (Gergo Erdi)
  - Gtk::IconFactory and Gtk::StockItem: Changed string parameters to
    Gtk::StockID to allow use of Gtk::BuiltinStockID. (Murray Cumming)

* Gtk::TreeView classes:
  - TreeView::append_column_editable() Workaround for gcc 2.95.3 compilation
    bug. (Martin Schulze)
  - TreeModel::foreach() return value marshalled properly. (Gergo Erdi)

* lifecyle:
  - C++ deletion really destroys GtkObjects again. 
  - Glib::Object: removed warnings wDownload hen using libglademm. (Murray Cumming)
  - Gtk::manage(): Now emits warnings when you try to use it on a top-level 
  (Murray Cumming)Download 

* examples:
  - Removed old menu and combo examples.
  - Corrected use of Gtk::manage() on top-level windows.
  - Added cleaner combo example in example/book/combo
    (Murray Cumming, Martin Schulze)
  - Rulers example fixed. (Martin Schulze)

*** Download


You will need the alpha release of libsigc++1.1, available here: 

If you wish to install this in parallel with gtk--1.2, you will first 
need to update to the latest libsigc++1.0.x, available here: 

*** Development 

This is an unstable release, currently under heavy development. You can find 
cvs instructions here: 

The CHANGES file describes some of the more significant differences 
compared to gtkmm 1.2: 

There is also ongoing discussion on the mailing list: 
and in the #c++ channel on irc.gnome.org/  

Murray Cumming


gnomemm 1.3.9

*** gnomemm

The libgnome*mm libraries wrap the GNOME2 libraries for C++, for use
with gtkmm2. They are collectively known as gnomemm. This release should work 
with the 'GNOME 2.0 Desktop Release Candidate' releases. You will need the 
latest gtkmm2 release.

libgnomeuimm wraps libgnomeui for C++.
libgnomecanvasmm wraps libgnomecanvas for C++.
libglademm wraps libglade for C++
libgnomemm wraps libgnome for C++.
gconfmm wraps GConf for C++.

We have also provided gnomemm as one umbrella package, gnomemm-all, for your 

*** Changes:

gconfmm 1.3.7:

* Corrected installation of gconfmm.h header. (Murray Cumming)

libglademm 1.3.4:

* Glade::Xml uses the new gtkmm ConstructParams system. (Murray Cumming)

libgnomecanvsmm 1.3.9

* stipple properties use Gdk::Bitmap param type instead
  of Gdk::Pixmap and Gdk::Drawable. (Gergo Erdi)
* Point: avoid infinite recursion. (Michael Babcock)
* examples/canvas/canvas_events: Avoid infinite recursion (Erwin J. van Eijk)
* examples updated for new pack_start() gtkmm API. (Murray Cumming)

libgnomeuimm 1.3.9:

* Gnome::UI::Items::Icon constructor uses a Gtk::StockID instead of a 
  const char*, to allow use of Gtk::Stock::*. (Gergo Erdi)
* examples updated for new pack_start() gtkmm API. (Murray Cumming) 

*** Download 


You will need the latest unstable gtkmm2, available from the same place.

*** Installation:

The gnomemm libraries should be built and installed in this order:
libgnomemm, gconfmm, libgnomecanvasmm, libglademm, libgnomeuimm.
Or you could use the gnomemm-all umbrella package.

Murray Cumming


Gnet 1.1.5

GNet 1.1.5 is a bug fix release.

GNet is a simple network library.  It is written in C,
object-oriented, and built upon GLib (1.2 or 2.0).  It is licensed
under the GNU LGPL.

The GNet homepage is <http://www.gnetlibrary.org>;

Tarball and RPMs available.

1.1.5 ("Bloodmeal" release)
* New gnet_init() function.  This should be called in main(). [1]
* GNet now properly links to libgthread (if necessary)
* More automated test cases
* Several compile fixes and small bug fixes

[1] GNet asynchronous DNS will not work when using GLib 2.0 unless
gnet_init() is called in main().  If you cannot upgrade to GNet 1.1.5,
the workaround is to call g_thread_init() at the start of main().

(BTW, gtkdoc 0.9 trashes GNet's template files and no longer grabs
parameter documentation.  Please contact me if you know how to fix

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