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CrossNodes: Kiss Your BIND Good-bye: In-Depth Configuration with Tinydns

Aug 22, 2002, 18:00 (14 Talkback[s])
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"Last week we looked at the broad strokes of Tinydns, a replacement for BIND you can drop into anything from a home LAN to an enterprise deployment. This week it's time to get in-depth with configuration, so let's start off with some clarification of terminology. DNS is confusing enough, and BIND is the Lord of Vague Concepts. Simply resolving names to IP addresses shouldn't be complicated and weird, but it is.

"Recursive: this is a word that UNIX gurus use and abuse to death. All it means is "you do whatever it takes to answer this question." A recursive DNS query means the program doing the query keeps churning until an authoritative answer is found. Aha! you say, a light dawning. That is why tinydns does not support recursion- to close off one popular avenue for Denial of Service attacks. dnscache handles recursive requests, that is why it is hidden away inside the private network.

"Iterative: pass the buck. tinydns supports iterative queries--it hands off the query to other servers and forgets about it until someone sends back an answer. Same as 'non-recursive...'"

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