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LinuxPlanet: CrossOver Office: Cutting to the Quicken

Aug 29, 2002, 17:30 (16 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Brian Proffitt)

"'Linux does not have the right applications.' Then you aren't looking hard enough. OpenOffice.org, and its cousin StarOffice, is every bit as useful as any office suite put out for Windows. KOffice, AbiWord, Mozilla, Evolution... solid products all.

But I cannot be quite so cavalier about that last statement. While there are excellent applications out there for Linux, that old bugaboo of intertia rears its ugly head even for me from time to time. There are certain applications out there that require, at least for me, a Windows or Mac be located in the house somewhere...

"While I am an admitted geek, I have heard it stated by several sources that one of the biggest obstacles preventing so-called "normal" people from switching to Linux is the lack of small-business accounting software, such as Quicken. I could point to GNUCash, but let's face it--Quicken is wildly popular amongst the SOHO set as well as the home users who just want to balance their checkbooks every month. Quicken, it seems, has the intertia.

"And this has been noticed by more than just the humble pundits--Codeweavers, Inc. took serious note of Quicken's popularity as well, and was apparently convinced of it since they have now added support for Quicken in the latest release of CrossOver Office 1.2.0..."

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