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LinuxOrbit: Break out Your Games Library: Running Windows Games with WineX 2.1

Aug 31, 2002, 05:30 (0 Talkback[s])
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"I've tried many versions of Wine over the last 3 years. At first, I tried getting Microsoft Office™ to run under the original Wine development version from WineHQ with limited success. I did get MS Word™ to run, but it ran so slowly that it really didn't make it a viable option for using full time. And Word tended to crash a lot when trying to save documents, which is probably the worst time for a crash to happen. When Codeweavers started to add to the Wine project, things started picking up. Codeweavers Wine includes a nice GUI installer that gives the user feedback when there are problems. And Office applications run a little bit better under Codeweavers Wine than they did with the original WineHQ versions. Codeweavers is now concentrating on their CrossOver Office products, which run all Office applications beautifully. I've not tried them personally, but I have heard users say they work well.

"Prior to CodeWeavers releasing CrossOver Office, I'd already chosen a different method for using MS Windows applications under Linux. I'm a big fan of VMware Workstation, even if the price-tag puts the product out of reach for the average hobbyist Linux user ($299.00 US for the download version). It's rock solid and when your income relies on contract writing jobs with publishers that require you to use MS Word, you can't go wrong with the investment in VMware Workstation. The only thing that VMware Workstation lacks is the ability to run Windows 3D games. It's this lack that made me take notice when TransGaming Technologies announced the release of WineX 2.1.

"The thing that caught my eye the most was that WineX 2.1 supports Black and White, which coincidentally is the last Windows game I purchased. I never really got into the game, but I thought that here was my chance to re-visit it and maybe play it again. Other new games that were officially supported by the WineX 2.1 release included Warcraft III, which might well be my next game purchase, since I really liked Warcraft 2. With this news in mind, I decided to give WineX a try. Rather than getting a trial subscription for $5.00 a month, I purchased a full year subscription for $50.00, with my rationale being that for the price of a brand new game, I could use some of my older game titles without setting up a dual boot system. And one of the added benefits is that I get to see how the WineX development improves over time..."

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