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Release Digest: KDE, September 12, 2002

Sep 13, 2002, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

KMyIRC 0.2.5
Summary An IRC client designed to be easy and useful.
Release Note This release is alpha quality and not intended for production use.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.1
Category Communications : IRC
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7829
Favorin Time :: Server 0.9
Summary A client / server group calendar.
Release Note Initial public beta release.
KDE Version n.a.
Category Productivity : Time Management
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7828
Favorin Time 0.9
Summary A client / server group calendar.
Release Note Initial public beta release.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Productivity : Time Management
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7827
KsirK 0.9.1
Summary A clone of a well-known world domination strategy game.
Release Note Initial announcement on APPS.KDE.com.
KDE Version KDE 3.1.x
Category Games : Strategy
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7826
M.E.S.H. 1.6
Summary Tool that measures distortion between two discrete surfaces (triangular meshes).
Release Note Implemented a reader for ASCII and binary PLY files.
KDE Version Qt 3.0.2 (KDE 3.0) or Qt 2.3.x (KDE 2.1.x +)
Category Math / Science : Visualization
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7825
KPSK 1.0rc1
Summary An amateur radio program to operate the PSK31 Mode using your soundcard as modem.
Release Note Ported to KDE 3. Added a frequency scaled waterfall display; a user-configurable color waterfall;clear buttons for Rx, Tx and Aux windows to the main menu; automatic clearing of the Tx window after transmission; and full documentation.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Communications : Radios
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7824
myldapklient 0.6.0
Summary A small LDAP-to-KAB bridging client.
Release Note Restored KDE 3 address-book functionality.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category PIM
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7823
Zeiberbude 2.0.3
Summary A P.O.S. program for Internet cafes.
Release Note Bugfix release. Added user-defined background images to the clients; and an option to lock or unlock the workstation without creating a user. (Ed: changes combined for versions 2.0.1, 2.0.2 and 2.0.3.)
KDE Version Qt 3.0.x (KDE 3.0.x)
Category Business / Enterprise
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7822
KVerbos 1.05.13
Summary An interactive learning tool for the forms of Spanish verbs.
Release Note Bugfix release.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x or KDE 2.2.2
Category Educational : Languages
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7821
KAlarm2 0.7.6
Summary A personal alarm/reminder message/command scheduler.
Release Note Bugfix release. Added a facility to set defaults for some alarm edit dialog settings; options to prompt for confirmation when deleting or acknowledging alarms; a Help button in the configuration dialog; support for the KDE bug-tracking system; and translations for Venda, Xhosa, Zulu, Czech, Norwegian (bokmaal) and Turkish. (Ed: combined changes for versions 0.7.4, 0.7.5 and 0.7.6.
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x or KDE 2.0.x
Category Utilities : Time
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7820
KMyFirewall 0.9.2
Summary A configuration tool for iptables, the Linux firewalling subsystem.
Release Note Added support for loading kernel modules; support for renaming rules; support for copying / moving rules between chains in the same table; support for setting the MARK target option to a rule; a dialog for managing the --reject-with-type option for the REJECT target and the --set-makk option; nice RMB menus to the main window and the Rule Editor; new icons; and some documentation. Rewrote the Rule Editor; the parser; the main window; the chain editor; the script installer; and the output viewer. Completed automatic configuration for most distributions. (Ed: changes combined for versions 0.4.5, 0.9, 0.9.1 and 0.9.2.)
KDE Version KDE 3.0.x
Category Administration : Firewall / Security
More Info http://apps.kde.com/info.php?vid=7819