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Release Digest: GNOME, September 27, 2002

Sep 27, 2002, 23:30 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Quick Lounge 0.93


Quick Lounge 0.93


An applet to orginize your preferred applications on the GNOME Panel.


* Added drag & drop support to the applet properties dialog.
* Added "Add from menu" function, to add many launchers at once.
* Launcher properties dialog uses revert/close buttons instead of 
* Added max size option, usefull for sliding panels.




cvs -z3
co quick-lounge

GTK+ C++ Object Development Environment 1.0 Beta-4

Fri Sep 27 03:25:43 2002

        * Released libgcode-1.0 Beta-4.

Wed Sep 25 03:25:33 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Copyright notices updated in all files implementing signals
        and slots, and using signals to acknowledge any previous
        copyright. This was an oversight.
        * reference docs: Added doxygen comments the all the files
        in the gcode directory but not the subdirectories.

Fri Sep 20 21:05:28 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gdk/types.cc: Replaced deprecated C++ header include.

Fri Sep 20 19:33:52 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * docs/reference/Doxyfile, docs/reference/gcode_header.html,
        docs/reference/gcode_footer.html, docs/reference/gcode.css:
        Added the doxygen files needed to generate the documentation.

        * docs/reference/images: Added the image files used in the
        reference documentation.
        * docs/reference, docs/reference/images: Added reference and
        image file directories.

        * docs/README: Added documentation README file.

Thu Sep 19 21:22:13 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/selection.cc: Added several convenience methods
        that returned the Gdk::Atom value of several Gtk::SelectionData
        fields as a     String. Added a get_targets() method that returns
        all the target atoms as a vector of String. The declaration for
        these methods were added before the Beta-3 release but somehow
        the definitions weren't. Added the missing definitons for these

Thu Sep 19 21:20:28 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gdk/pixmap.cc: Fixed bug in four Pixmap constructors
        that occurred when transparent_color was null.

Thu Sep 19 19:09:34 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/main.h: Fixed the GCODE_MAIN macro definition
        by removing the terminating semi-colon. Fixed the example
        source code that used this macro and corresponding html 
        tutorial files.

        * Began adding doxygen documentation comments to the header

Thu Sep 19 15:39:09 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/main.[cch]: Removed the current_event() method
        due to a memory leak. No easy way to call gdk_event_free()
        on the wrapper without rewriting Gdk::Event. Removed the
        associated methods current_event_time() and 
        current_event_state() for consistency. If you need these
        methods you will have to call the GTK functions directly.

Thu Sep 19 12:17:54 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/main.[cch]: Removed set_locale argument from 
        init() and init_check() methods. Removal wont affect
        any code as it had a default value. The init() and 
        init_check() methods set the local automatically so
        setting the locale explicitly is unnecessary.

Thu Sep 19 00:14:11 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode-config.h.in:Added  HAVE_FLOCKFILE define.
        * configure.in:Added  check for flockfile() function.
        * demos/gcode-demo/demowindow.cc (read_line): Fixed     compile
        problem on solaris (sparc) 8, due to No flockfile() or
        getc_unlocked() fucntion. (Reported by Salman Sheik)

Wed Sep 18 21:39:13 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/Makefile: Removed convert.h from the h_sources list.
        * gcode/gtk/treeview.cc, gcode/gtk/widget.cc,
        gcode/gtk/window.cc: Removed obselete convert.h include
        * gcode/convert.h: Removed the obselete conversion slot
        interface. Used in the early stages, as libgcode evolved
        it wrapped most GTK+ C data types, functions and structures,
        removing the need to use special conversion functions.
Tue Sep 17 22:16:54 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Released libgcode-1.0 Beta-3.

Tue Sep 17 20:35:38 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * docs/tutorial: Added the rest of the html and image files
        completing the tutorial for libgcode-1.0.

Tue Sep 17 16:40:59 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/treeviewcolumn.[cch]: Removed incorrect const
        modifier from CellRenderer parameter in the add_attribute(),
        set_attributes() and clear_attributes() methods.

        * gcode/gtk/treeviewcolumn.cc: Added missing pack_start() call
        to the constructor taking a std::map as an parameter.

Mon Sep 16 13:39:32 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/textview: Added text widget example. 

Sat Sep 14 12:18:42 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/treemodel.[cch]: Changed the "parent" iterator
        argument in the iter_nth_child() method from a reference to a
        pointer because null is a valid value to pass.

Sat Sep 14 11:17:49 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/treeview: Added a treeview widget example.

Fri Sep 13 13:47:49 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/liststore.[cch], gcode/gtk/treestore.[cch]: Added
        missing const modifier to TreeIter argument in the set_value()
        method. Added overloaded set_value() method for the const char*
        data type. This was to make it easier to set values with string

Fri Sep 13 01:38:46 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/treeviewcolumn.[cch]: Changed the order of the
        arguments to add_attributes() to be consistent with other
        attribute-related methods.

Wed Sep 11 14:21:40 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/fontselection: Added a font selection example.

Wed Sep 11 11:46:26 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/fontselection.[cch]: Removed obselete Entry and
        Button accessors from FontSelection. These widgets no longer
        appear in the FontSelectionDialog.

Wed Sep 11 09:15:26 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/image.h: Removed undefined method declaration
        is_storage_type(). It Should have been removed long ago.

Tue Sep 10 10:02:16 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/dnd: Added a drag-and-drop example.

Thu Sep 5 16:41:47 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Added new drag_dest_set() and
        drag_source_set() methods which take a single Gtk::TargetEntry
        as an argument. The other methods take a std::vector of entries.

Thu Sep 5 15:48:53 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/dnd.h: Added TargetFlags enumeraton.
        * gcode/gtk/selection.h: Changed unsigned int argument
        drag_flags to Gtk::TargetFlagsField in Gtk::TargetEntry
        constructor and set method.

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Cleaned up header file includes.

Wed Sep 4 14:22:16 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Changed the Gtk::SelectionData
        and Gdk::Context pointer parameters in the virtual 
        "on_selection_" and "on_drag_" signal handlers to references.

Tue Sep 3 16:43:03 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/window.h: Replaced the left over GtkWindowType
        in the type_property declaration with Gtk::WindowType.

Tue Sep 3 13:01:57 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/selection: Added a selection example that works
        to the "examples/selection" subdirectory. This example 
        shows how to retrieve a selection and to take ownership and
        supply a selection.
        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Added a selection_owner_get()
        method that returns true if the widget is the owner
        of the specified selection. This saves having to call
        gdk_selection_owner_get() directly.
Tue Aug 27 07:26:43 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Added selection_owner_unset()
        method. Added GDK_CURRENT_TIME as the default argument
        for methods requiring a time. 

Mon Aug 26 01:36:18 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/main.[cch]: Removed the unecessary smart pointer
        wrapper from the Gtk::Widget argument in the SlotType
        definition of the KeySnooperSignal and replaced it with a
        Gtk::Widget reference. Changed the StopType's return value
        from int to bool.

Sat Aug 24 21:19:47 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/menu/stock.cc: Improved the stock menu example by
        adding a menu that pops up when the user clicks the mouse 
        button down inside the window's client area.
        * examples/menu/menu.[cch]: Improved the manual menu example 
        by adding a menu that pops up when      the user clicks the mouse
        button down inside the window's client area.
        * examples/menu/itemfactory.[cch]: Improved the item factory
        menu example by adding a menu that pops up when the user clicks
        the mouse button down inside the window's client area.

Tue Aug 20 03:18:59 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/colorselection.[cch]: Added Gtk::ColorSelection

Tue Aug 20 01:33:27 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/calendar.[cch]: Fixed the select_month(), mark_day()
        and unmark_day() methods to return a bool instead of an int.

Mon Aug 19 01:13:03 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/statusbar.[cch]: For naming consistency, changed 
        the accessor has_size_grip() to get_has_size_grip().

Sun Aug 18 23:08:27 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/dialog.cc: Replaced a few left over gint's with int.        
        * examples/progressbar.cc: Fixed the bool activity mode value
        so that the activiy mode works properly.
        * gcode/gtk/progressbar.[cch]: Added default constructor to
        Gtk::ProgressBar and removed the default orientation argument
        from the other constructor.

Sun Aug 18 02:17:22 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * examples/arrow/arrow.cc: Fixed error in Arrow constructor
        which caused all arrows to be displyed as ARROW_RIGHT. This
        was caused by some code being commented out during testing.

Fri Aug 16 05:13:23 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/glib/object.[cch]: Added an emit_by_name() method
        to G::Object which takes a signal name followed by a variable
        number of arguments and emits the signal by name.

Tue Aug 13 14:12:41 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/treeview.cc: Added missing 'cursor_changed_signal'

Tue Aug 13 01:37:11 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/glib/type.h: Fixed compiler error reported by Pointer<>
        when the class it manages is derived from G::TypeInterface. It
        reported the ReferencedBase methods is_referenced(), ref() and
        unref() as inaccessible. This was fixed by changing the 
        inheritance of G::TypeInterface from virtual protected to virtual

        * gcode/utf_string.cc: Fixed the compiler error generated by the
        clear() method definition 'return string_.clear();'. Older versions
        of basic_string<> did not have a clear() function. Changed the 
        definition to 'return string_.erase(string_.begin(), string_.end());'

Sun Aug 11 14:15:47 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/table.h: Changed the attach methods default arguments
        to take the GCode enum values Gtk::EXPAND and Gtk::FILL.

Wed Aug 07 21:53:17 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Released libgcode-1.0 Beta-2.

Wed Aug 07 17:17:12 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * imported new source code base into CVS repository.

Sun Jul 28 19:11:44 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * demos/gcode-demo.demowindow.cc, demos/gcode-demo/stock_browser.cc:
        Updated code to use the new get_value_type() and set_value_type()
        functions so the demo program would compile with gcc-3.1.1.
        * gcode/gtk/treemodel.[cch]: Renamed the overloaded get_value()
        member template function that takes     two template parameters to
        get_value_type() so it would compile with gcc-3.1.1.
        * gcode/gtk/liststore.[cch], gcode/gtk/treestore.[cch]: Renamed
        the overloaded set_value() member template function that takes
        two template parameters to set_value_type() so it would compile with

Sat Jul 27 02:32:00 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Removed the contents the GCode CVS repository and reset the
        project history file.

Mon Jul 22 02:27:14 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Major changes. Removed gxc subdirectory into it's own library
        libgxc - The GCode eXtension Classes. Will keep libgcode for
        GTK+ wrapper classes only.

Sun Jul 21 10:02:28 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * The beta-1 release would not compile with gcc-3.1.1. The file was
        removed from the project web site to prevent downloads.

Sat Jul 20 06:45:52 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Released GCode-1.0-Beta-1

        * Updated several tutorial files.

Wed Jul 17 04:10:28 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Changed the integer parameter of add_events()
        and set_events methods to take a Gdk::EventMaskField. Changed the
        get_events() accessor to return a Gdk::EventMaskField instead of an

Wed Jul 17 04:10:28 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Added missing protected default constructors to numerous widgets
        making it easier to derived new custom widgets from existing widgets
        or their base classes.

Sun Jul 07 03:19:37 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gdk/window.[cch]: Changed get_position and get_root_origin
        to return a Gdk::Point rather than take a reference to a Gdk::Point as a

Sun Jul 07 03:09:42 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/widget.h: Fixed data type typo in on_drag_motion method 

Sat Jun 22 14:02:25 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: Added a virtual initialize() function to
        Gtk::Widget. This function gets called imlicitly during widget
        but before the 'realize' signal is sent. initialize() can be used to
        initialize data common to several constructors or data that needs to be
        initialized after all derived class constructors have been called.

Tue Jul 02 19:12:53 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/radiobutton.[cch]: Added new constructor to Gtk::RadioButton.

        * gcode/gtk/radiomenuitem.[cch]: Added new constructors to
        that make using radio menu items easier.

Thu Jun 20 14:19:12 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gtk/box.[cch]: Added a Gtk::BoxChild wrapper class for 
        GtkBoxChild. Gtk::Box::children() now uses this wrapper class instead
        of GtkBoxChild.

        * gcode/gtk/box.[cch]: Added a query_child_position() method the
        query_child_position() returns the zero-based position of a packed widget
        with respect to its packing type, either Gtk::PACK_START or
        If the widget is not found -1 is returned.

Tue Jun 18 10:04:48 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gdk/types.[cch]: Added Gdk::GrabStatus enum and the Gdk namespace
        functions keyboard_ungrab, pointerisgrabbed and pointer_ungrab.

        * gcode/gdk/window.[cch]: Added keyboard_grab and pointer_grab methods to

        * gcode/gtk/widget.[cch]: For convenience, added keyboard_grab and
        pointer_grab methods to Gtk::Widget.

Sun Jun 16 08:20:11 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/gdk/gc.h: Removed the 'FUNCTION_' prefix from the Gdk::Function
        enum names.

Tue Jun 4 06:34:55 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/string.[cch] gcode/memory.[cch]: Renamed these files to
        gcode/utf-string.[cch] gcode/memoryhandler.[cch] to avoid name conflict
        with standard files. Reported by Stanislaw Salik 

        * gcode/utf-string.h: Updated numerous files to include this new
        header file.

Tue Jun 4 00:36:25 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * gcode/string.cc (String::erase) gcode/gtk/widget.cc 
        (Gtk::Widget::Widget) gcode/pango/attributes.cc
        (Pango::AttrList::insert) gcode/pango/font.cc
        (Pango::FontDescription::better_match): Applied patch from
        Stanislaw Salik      which removed spurious
        default function parameters.

Mon Jun 3 00:00:00 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * demos/gcode-demo/Makfile.am: Changed makefile to build and
        install gcode-demo by default.

Mon Jun 3 00:00:00 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * demos/gcode-demo/demowindow.cc demos/gcode-demo/images.cc
        demos/gcode-demo/textview.cc: Fixed segfault in gcode-demo
        that occurred when program could not find the image files.

Thu May 30 00:00:00 2002  Jeff Franks  

        * Initial import into cvs.