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Alan Cox: Linux 2.5.40-ac1

Oct 02, 2002, 23:29 (2 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

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Linux 2.5.40-ac1

+       Initial port of aacraid driver to 2.5           (me)
+       vfat corruption fix                             (Petr Vandrovec)
+       Clean up firestream warnings                    (Francois Romieu)
+       Voyager support                                 (James Bottomley)
+       Fix split_vma                                   (Hugh Dickins)
+       Fix config in video subdirectory                (John Levon)
+       Update olympic driver to 2.5                    (Mike Phillips)
+       Fix sg init error                               (Mike Anderson)
+       Fix Rules.make
o       Merge most of ucLinux stuff                     (Greg Ungerer)
        | It needs putting somewhere so we can pick over the
        | hard bits left
        | Q: Wouldn't drivers/char/mem-nommu.c be better
        | Q: How to do the procfs stuff tidily
        | Q: Wouldn't it be nicer to move all mm or mmnommu specific ksyms
        |    int the relevant mm/*.c file area instead of kernel/ksyms
        | Q: Why ifdef out overcommit -  its even easier to account on 
        |    MMUless and useful info
+       Stick tulip back under 10/100 ethernet          (me)
+       Correct docs for IBM touchpad back to how       (me)
        they were before
o       Fix abuse of set_bit in winbond-840             (me)
+       Fix abuse of set_bit in atp                     (me)

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