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Alan Cox: Linux 2.5.41-ac2

Oct 09, 2002, 18:52 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

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This is basically about making it compile. I've not tried to tackle the 
second problem of testing it all yet.

Linux 2.5.41-ac2
o       Fix jffs/jffs2 properly this time (bpbb)        (me)
o       Fix jffs2 for workqueues                        (me)
o       Next set of i2o_scsi update work                (me)
o       Do the 2.5 checkup pass on the 3c501 driver     (me)
o       Add missing exports for file system modules     (Nikita Danilov)
        on UML
o       Fix ipx proc permission bogosity        (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Switch appletalk spinlocks to rwlocks   (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Correct sys_getpid docs                         (Robert Love)
o       SubmittingPatches indent fix                    (John Levon)
o       cciss, cpqarray. rd. hd fixes                   (Al Viro)
o       Fix cpia with gcc 3.2                           (Randy Dunlap)
o       Use C99 structure initializers in IDE           (Art Haas)
o       Use C99 structure initializers in HFS           (Art Haas)
o       Update DMI scanner                              (Jean Delvare)
o       Fix bogus types in ide-cd.h                     (Skip Ford)
o       ns83820 updates                                 (Ben LaHaise)
o       AIO updates                                     (Ben LaHaise)
o       Beeping and sysrq on m68k                       (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       Improve hid naming                              (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       LSM docs                                        (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o       Merge UML updates                               (Jeff Dike)
o       Fix lockd grace handling                        (Juan Gomez)
o       Final superblock union cleanup                  (Brian Gerst)
o       Fix atm build/makefile breakage                 (Adrian Bunk)
o       Brlock optimisation                             (Robert Love)
o       Miscellaneous USB updates                       (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o       MPT Fusion update                               (Pam Delaney)
o       Back out sched.c change - seem,s to cause hangs (me)
o       Serial compile fix                              (Russell King)
o       S/390 compile fixes                             (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       S/390 workqueue updates                         (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Switch 3215/3270 from work queue to tasklet     (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Update S/390 link scripts                       (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Remove duplicate S/390 memset                   (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Fix S/390 syscall tracing                       (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Multiple 3270 fixes                             (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Configurable core names                         (Jes Rahbek Klinke)
o       Clean up s/390x 16bit uid calls                 (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Fix EH locking on NCR5380                       (me)
        | Should now work on SMP boxes (badly admittedly)
o       Indent wd7000 (no code changes)                 (me)
o       First pass at the in2000 scsi driver            (me)
        | New locking, new_eh, address conversion

Linux 2.5.41-ac1
-       Merge with Linus 2.5.41
        - Drop S/390 drivers subtree for Linus
        - Drop task queue fixes for schedule_work
        - TODO: merge two sets of conflicting UML changes
        - TODO: double check bluetooth merge
o       Fix aacraid makefile                            (Mark Haverkamp)
o       Fix ips compile                                 (Paul Larson)
o       Fix aha152x compile                             (Michel Eyckmans)
o       Fix orinoco_cs compile          (Wichert Akkerman, Martin Waitz)
o       Fix i2o_core compiler                           (Gregoire Favre)
o       Fix missing exports for netfilter
o       Fix compile failure in jffs                     (me)
o       Fix compile failure in jffs2                    (me)
o       Fix Divas_Mod compile                           (me)
o       Fix hisax compile                               (me)
o       Fix ipacx compile                               (me)
o       Fix pcbit compile                               (me)
o       Fix tpam compile                                (me)
o       Fix i2o_lan build                               (me)
o       Fix i2o_proc build                              (me)
o       Fix ppa compile                                 (me)
o       Fix imm compile                                 (me)
o       Fix ipv6 compile                                (me)

Linux 2.5.40-ac6
o       Cadet_wake can be static                        (me)
o       Bluetooth configuration cleanups                (Marcel Holtmann)
o       Hardwired empty bar handling fix take two       (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o       Use kernel crc32 lib for bluetooth              (Marcel Holtmann)
o       Make scsi cdrom honour passed timeouts          (Peter Osterlund)
o       Make aironet4500_cs compile                     (me)
o       Fix bugs where ibmtr unmapped the wrong address (me)
o       Fix crash problem in oss dmabuf.c               (me)
        | Its still very broken but ALSA should replace it
o       Fix opl3sa2 warnings                            (me)
o       Make tcic compile again                         (me)
o       Make i82365 also use del_timer_sync             (me)
o       Fix warnings in fpu emulator                    (me)
o       Fix t128 for NCR5380 changes                    (me)
o       Fix pas16 for NCR5380 changes                   (me)
o       Fix dmx3191 for NCR5380 changes                 (me)
o       First pass seagate st02 cleanups                (me)
o       Clean up de600 driver. Switch to spinlocks      (me)
        remove crud, formatting junk etc
        | Still needs rewriting to use parport
o       Remove extra unlock in wd7000                   (Matthew Wilcox)
o       First basic pass at qlogicgas                   (me)
o       Clean up the fdomain isa scsi                   (me)
o       Clean up max_thread setting limits              (Matthew Wilcox)
o       Ricoh cardbus performance fix                   (KOMURO)
*       Switch appletalk to seq_file /proc      (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Switch X.25 to seq_file                 (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)
o       Fix bugs in the above                   (Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo)

Linux 2.5.40-ac5
o       Rework S/390 driver init sequences              (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Swap immediate_bh for tasklets for s/390 3215   (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       UML updates - crash fixes, driver cleanup       (Jeff Dike)
        pcap transport
*       Switch fmi radio card to sleeping waits         (me)
*       Fixing missing printk \n in fmi radio           (me)
o       Update to newer uclinux patch                   (Greg Ungerer)
        | Unresolved now:
        | fs/exec.c kernel/fork.c procfs sysctl
        | can nommu be folded in (Hch)
o       Remove surplus irq_disable from mpt fusion      (Carlos Gorges)
*       Export gdt for APM                              (Carlos Gorges)
        | Marked as _GPL because its deep internals stuff
o       Merge the add/put disk gendisk changes for i2o  (Al Viro)
*       Switch NCR5380/g_NCR5380 to new_eh              (me)
*       Fix cs89x0 netdevice init as module             (me)
o       Change some of the wd7000 code to use
        udelay and do other cleanups
o       Switch wd7000 to new_eh                         (me)
o       Serial driver updates                           (Russell King)
o       Sync bluetooth with 2.4, fix SMP, hotplug       (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
        support L2CAP, BNEP, HCI filter etc
o       Move firmwareloading to hotplug for bluetooth   (Maksim Krasnyanskiy)
*       Pull hpfs out of shared struct superblock       (Brian Gerst)
o       Fix sleep with pre-empt disabled in             (Manfred Spraul)

Linux 2.5.40-ac4
*       Make ibm partition code compile again           (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Remove unneeded config options on S/390         (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Update DASD drivers                             (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Update S/390 xpram driver                       (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Replace S/390 BH code by tasklets               (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Fix S/390 bitops bugs                           (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       S/390x 31bit emulation fixes                    (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Update S/390 link scripts                       (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Add S/390 pre-empt support                      (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Inline some S/390 old compilers couldnt handle  (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Use diag 44 for S/390x spinlocks                (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Better S/390 timer handling                     (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       S/390 code cleanups                             (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Clean up S/390 fpu load/stores                  (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       DECnet updates for testing                      (Steve Whitehouse)
*       Add console shutdown handling to S/390          (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Remove some bogus S/390 sanity checks           (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       Clean up S/390 process irq                      (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Fix/simplify chpids handling on S/390           (Martin Schwidefsky)
*       No /proc/interrupts on S/390                    (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Remove now unneeded S/390 hack in init/main.c   (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Clean up all the S/390 ptrace handling          (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Fix build with local apic enabled               (James Bottomley)
o       Initial i2o_block merge of 2.4/2.5 code         (me)
        | Not yet functional
o       Initial i2o_scsi merge of 2.4/2.5 code          (me)
        | Needs dma mapping, 64bit, be and new_eh
o       Revert Ivan's pci change (breaks serverworks)
*       PCI serial oops fix                             (William Irwin)
*       Remove dead wood from unistd.h                  (Brian Gerst)
o       Fix bug in capget                               (Chris Wright)
o       Switch qnxfs to new style initializers          (Art Haas)
o       Recongize qnx v6 file systems                   (Anders Larsen)
*       Kill off remaining pcibios_ users   (Greg "Ninja Turtle" Kroah-Hartmann)
o       Fix scsi debug for scsi scan changes            (Mike Anderson)
o       Fix some bugs in scsi error handling            (Mike Andersen)
o       Forward port RMK's 2.4 scsi fixes               (Mike Andersen)
o       Allow longer settle times for scsi reset        (Mike Andersen)
o       Hopefully improve error policies a bit          (Mike Andersen)

Linux 2.5.40-ac3
*       Resync telephony drivers with 2.4               (me)
        | Forward port security and other minor fixes
o       Fix aironet4500 build for tq changes            (me)
o       Fix keyspan USB warnings with gcc 3             (me)
o       Switch to the newer 2.4 depca driver            (me)
o       Re-merge depca fixes from 2.5.0->2.5.40]
o       Fix depca spinning waiting for irq probe        (me)
o       Fix depca copy with interrupts off              (me)
o       Fix depca clash with other ALIGN macros         (me)
*       Initial port of NCR5380/g_NCR5380 to new locks  (me)
        | This still needs new_eh, further clean up
        | and possibly making NCR5380_main a thread
*       Initial locking rework for the wd7000 scsi      (me)
        | Still needs new_eh
*       Update jffs to the dequeue_signal changes       (me)
*       Update jffs2 to the dequeue_signal changes      (me)
*       Fix shpnt misuse in NCR53c406a, wrong free_irq  (me)
*       Update NCR53c406a to new style sglist           (me)
        | Still needs new_eh
*       Architecture updates for S/390                  (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Include updates for S/390                       (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Base S/390 driver updates                       (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Add the new syscalls to S/390                   (Martin Schwidefsky)
o       Fix sleeping with locks in sound_core           (Jaroslav Kysela)
o       Fix oops on shutdown of cs4281                  (Suresh Siddha)
o       Fix cdrom paths in devfs                        (Jordan Breeding)
o       Fix missing cache tag entry in intel cpu table  (Jean Delvare)
*       Remove old 2.2 compatibility pci functions      (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o       Clean up some dead devfs bits                   (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix an oops in the hugetblpage stuff            (Andrew Morton)
        | Its still a stupid idea but now it doesnt oops
o       Handle read only BARs with type bits set        (Ivan Kokshaysky)

Linux 2.5.40-ac2
*       Fix a cut and paste error in the amd rng docs   (Troels Hansen)
*       Forward port OSS maestro3 fixes for toughbook
o       Forward port ramdisk cache coherency
o       RTL8150 USB updates                             (Petko Manalov)
o       Fix corega USB ident                            (Petko Manalov)
o       USB keyboard driver fix                         (Dave Miller)
o       USB prototype fix                               (Luc Vanoostenryck)
o       USB string fixes                (cip307@cip.physik.uni-wuerzburg.de)
o       USB test driver                                 (David Brownell)
o       Speedtouch USB driver fixes                     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Clean environment for hotplug                   (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix mprotect oops                               (Hugh Dickins)
o       NUMA-Q cleanups                                 (Martin Dobson)
o       Split timers into one x86 timer type per file   (John Stultz)
o       Cyclone timer support for x440 etc              (John Stultz)
*       Fix sleeping from illegal context for ioperm    (Andrew Morton)
o       Fix imm compile                         (bonganilinux@mweb.co.za)
o       Fix irda for tq changes                         (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix xjack telephony build                       (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix ppa compile                                 (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix aha152x compile for tq changes              (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix hamradio drivers for tq changes             (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix plip driver for tq changes                  (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix mpt fusion for tq changes                   (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix isdn for tq changes                         (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix ieee1394 for tq changes                     (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix new timer code to build with cpufreq on     (me)
o       Fix capi build for new tq_ code                 (me)
        | ISDN still needs moving to real locks
        | this just cleans up one item
o       Fix missing header in mtdblock_ro               (Carlos Gorges)
o       Fix a typo and other header                     (me)
o       Fix up ixj_pcmcia for 2.5                       (me)
        | Note for janitors - it looks like a lot of the pcmcia release
        | code people "fixed" should be using del_timer_sync not del_timer
*       Fix missing header in longhaul cpu speed driver (me)
*       Pipe read/write cleanup                         (Manfred Spraul)
*       Make IDE PCI config text clearer        (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)

Linux 2.5.40-ac1
+       Initial port of aacraid driver to 2.5           (me)
*       vfat corruption fix                             (Petr Vandrovec)
+       Clean up firestream warnings                    (Francois Romieu)
+       Voyager support                                 (James Bottomley)
*       Fix split_vma                                   (Hugh Dickins)
+       Fix config in video subdirectory                (John Levon)
+       Update olympic driver to 2.5                    (Mike Phillips)
*       Fix sg init error                               (Mike Anderson)
+       Fix Rules.make
o       Merge most of ucLinux stuff                     (Greg Ungerer)
        | It needs putting somewhere so we can pick over the
        | hard bits left
        | Q: Wouldn't drivers/char/mem-nommu.c be better
        | Q: How to do the procfs stuff tidily
        | Q: Wouldn't it be nicer to move all mm or mmnommu specific ksyms
        |    int the relevant mm/*.c file area instead of kernel/ksyms
        | Q: Why ifdef out overcommit -  its even easier to account on 
        |    MMUless and useful info
*       Stick tulip back under 10/100 ethernet          (me)
*       Correct docs for IBM touchpad back to how       (me)
        they were before
o       Fix abuse of set_bit in winbond-840             (me)
*       Fix abuse of set_bit in atp                     (me)