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Xandros Desktop Is Launched

Oct 22, 2002, 14:30 (57 Talkback[s])

In weak economic times costly software and hardware upgrades can directly impact a corporation's bottom line. Xandros today announced the availability of the premiere version of Xandros Desktop--the industry's first true alternative to Windows--which can potentially save corporations millions of dollars as well as lengthen the lifecycle of their current computers.

This innovative new operating system offers all the benefits of Windows--including ease-of-use and full compatibility with the most popular Microsoft applications--without the expensive and frequent hardware and software upgrades, system crashes and susceptibility to viruses for which Windows other operating systems havehas become known. Xandros Desktop also features CodeWeavers' ground breaking CrossOver technology, which allows users to run both Windows and Linux applications simultaneously without the need for the Windows operating system.

In 2001, Xandros acquired the Corel Linux Business Division's award-winning software development team with the objective of developing Xandros Desktop. This new operating system is a fraction of the size of Windows; extremely lean requirements provide Xandros Desktop users with dramatically better stability and reduced operating costs. This feature alone stands to prolong the life of an average computer from under 24 months to more than six years, and offers corporations millions of dollars in potential savings on expensive hardware upgrades.

According to a recent report by the Gartner Group, Microsoft's new licensing program will cost an average-sized company with 500 to 2,500 desktop computers an additional $900,000 to $1.6 million dollars respectively in software costs alone. In contrast, Xandros Desktop is significantly less costly: It is conservatively priced at $99 per user, with corporate and OEM discounts available.

"The Xandros Desktop will change the way people think about desktop computing on a global basis," said Frederick Berenstein, Co-Chairman of Xandros. "We are proud to bring to market a complete solution that will allow businesses, governments, and schools all over the world access to affordable computers and software."

Additional benefits of Xandros Desktop include:

Compatibility: Xandros Desktop offers seamless interoperability with existing Windows, Unix, and Linux network environments, allowing for easy commercial deployment. Xandros' powerful new file manager allows file sharing between local Linux and Windows computers, networked Windows clients, and a wide range of peripherals.

Ease of Use: Xandros Desktop installs in just five mouse clicks and offers dual boot functionality with Windows. Users already familiar with Windows applications have virtually nothing new to learn; Xandros applications look, feel and operate much like Windows.

Better Security: Based on Linux, Xandros Desktop provides better security than Windows because its fundamentally superior code structure makes it less susceptible to viruses. In addition, the open source nature of the code allows for constant testing and improvement by an international team of elite programmers.

Network Updates: Xandros Networks provides users with system upgrades, security patches as well as new applications, games and utilities.

While Linux-based operating systems have long been the standard for servers and large scale applications, desktop Linux-based operating systems have been difficult to install, cumbersome to use and incompatible with Windows--until now. Startling research by the Gartner Group predicts Linux desktop operating systems will grow from five percent of worldwide PC users to about 30% over the next four years, due in part to innovative solutions such as Xandros Desktop.

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