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Release Digest: GNOME, November 24, 2002

Nov 25, 2002, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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Straw 0.13.2


Straw 0.13.2


A GNOME 2 desktop news aggregator, using the RSS syndication format


- Accept gzipped content


- Recognize RSS 0.9 namespace
- Really disable the subscriptions menu item if there's nothing to show



gnomemm 1.3.12

*** gnomemm

The libgnome*mm libraries wrap the GNOME2 libraries for C++, for use
with gtkmm2. They are collectively known as gnomemm. You will need the 
latest gtkmm2 release.

libgnomeuimm wraps libgnomeui for C++.
libgnomecanvasmm wraps libgnomecanvas for C++.
libglademm wraps libglade for C++
gconfmm wraps GConf for C++.
libbonobomm wraps libbonobo for C++.
libbonobouimm wraps libbonoboui for C++.
libgnomemm wraps libgnome for C++.

We have also provided gnomemm as one umbrella package, gnomemm-all, for your 
convenience. Alternatively you could use jhbuild's meta-gnome-C++.

*** Changes:

gnomemm now includes the libbonobo*mm wrappers, because libgnomeuimm 
requires them. And these now require orbitcpp 1.3.x.

gconfmm 1.3.10:

* Changeset now wrapped.
* Segfaults when using lists fixed.
* Reference documentation greatly improved.
* Most classes are now autogenerated with gtkmmproc.
* Internals code simplified.
(Bassoukos Tassos)

* Segfault fixed with default-constructed Values.
(Murray Cumming)
libgnomeuimm 1.3.12:

* Now uses libbonobouimm, and therefore orbitcpp 1.3.x.
* Gnome::UI::App: Uses C++ Dock* classes instead of C Bonobo types.

libbonobomm 1.3.2:

* Now uses orbitcpp 1.3.x.

libbonobouimm 1.3.3:

* Now uses orbitcpp 1.3.x.
* DocItem constructor fixed.
* headers: widgets and servers directories are now properly 
  installed under the bonobomm directory
* Dock, DockItem, DockLayout widgets: 
  Uses C++ DockPlacement enum and C++ DockItem class.
  (Murray Cumming)

* Bonobo::WIdget: Improved constructors
* Bonobo::Control: added constructor that wraps an existing Gtk::Widget as a Bonobo control.
  (Gergo Erdi)

* Corrected pkg-config file:
  (Sven Herzberg)

*** Download

You will need the latest unstable gtkmm2, available from the same place.
You will also need the lastest orbitcpp 1.3.x:

*** Installation:

The gnomemm libraries should be built and installed in this order:
libgnomemm, gconfmm, libgnomecanvasmm, libglademm, libbonobomm, libbonbouimm, libgnomeuimm.
Or you could use the gnomemm-all umbrella package.

You can also use jhbuild, like so:
# jhbuild meta-gnome-C++

Murray Cumming


acme 1.99.10


acme "Give us a grin" 1.99.10


Main news are a fix for the crashes with Gtk+ 2.1.x, support for "Close
Window" and "Shade Window" keys, and a nifty new icon for the eject

Where's my automated changes thingo ?


Have fun.

/Bastien Nocera

Perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but
there is no longer anything to take away.
                                                Antoine de Saint-Exupery



gsoftpad 1.2 Released ( complete and stable release )


gsoftpad is software for create, valid and edit PAD file in Gnome

PAD is the Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide
product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard
way, using a standard database format that will allow webmasters and
program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both
authors and webmasters. After padfile is submit, the system will
automatically poll the file periodically for new versions. This means, you
do not have to resubmit your PAD file when new versions of become

for more info see

- Add Load/Save program and company info.
- Add "Check for new release."
- Add preview pad file in web browser.
- Add button for auto fill the section "file info".
- Add "Launch URL in browser" for web address.
- Add simtel extension.
- Link click in extension.
- And the traditional "Many others change."

- Fixe window with no parent.
- Fixe bug with focus in mozilla widget.


gjots 0.5


gjots 0.5


gjots - a jotter which allows you to organise your thoughts in a tree
structure. Encryption with ccrypt.


- Add find & replace with POSIX Extended Regular Expressions
- Integrate with gnome & KDE menus