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Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.20-ac1

Nov 30, 2002, 19:24 (2 Talkback[s])


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

[+ indicates stuff that went to Marcelo, o stuff that has not,
 * indicates stuff that is merged in mainstream now, X stuff that proved
   bad and was dropped out, - indicates stuff not relevant to the main tree]

This is the initial 2.4.20-ac merge up. This one may still have a few
small funnies to shake out especially in the DRM updates.

Linux 2.4.20-ac1
        Merge with Marcelo 2.4.20
o       Fix CIA revision 1 Alcor initialization         (Bjoern Brauel)
o       VIA KT400 AGP support                           (Nicolas Mailhot)
o       ns83820 oops fix                                (Ruger Luethi)
o       Fix bmac missing timer setup                    (Jeff Garzik)
o       NUMAQ compile fixes                             (Adrian Bunk)
o       Fix midi byte loss on fifo full                 (Clemens Ladisch)
o       Fix mptlan compile                              (Adriank Bunk)
o       Update ewrk3 to support setting MAC address     (Adam Kropelin)
o       Merge most of the parisc patch submission       (Matthew Wilcox)
o       Fixes for the drm updates                       (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix AGP GART casting errors                     (me)

Linux 2.4.20-rc4-ac1
        Merge with Marcelo 2.4.20-rc4
o       Fix serverworks BUG with UDMA CD-ROM            (me)
o       Revert pc keyb changes causing hangs on VIA     (me)
        boxes without a PS/2 mouse
o       Fix out of date examples of misc_register       (Chris Wilson)
        and check_region in mousedriver docs
o       Fix hang and carrier handling on lanstreamer    (Kent Yoder)
o       Fix ac97 codec name printing                    (Paul)
o       Fix off by one buffer copy on advansys          (Rik van Riel)
o       Fix division by zero in tigl usb                (Randy Dunlap)

Linux 2.4.20-rc2-ac3
o       Add handling for video capture hang on ALi      (me)
        Magik, when using BT848/BT878 devices
o       Signal handling performance fixes               (Andrew Morton)
o       Add VIA KT400 to the AGP tables                 (Dave Jones)
o       Update direct rendering manager to support      (Arjan van de Ven)
        upcoming XFree 4.3
        | XFree86 release with the Linux bug fixes
        | restored and a lot of noise/junk removed

Linux 2.4.20-rc2-ac2
o       Turn PCI debug back off                         (me)
o       Fix pci cache line printks not to wrap 80 cols  (me)
o       Fix and enable new style drive blacklist lists  (me)
o       Fix tags in journal docbook                     (Juan Quintela)
o       Add the DriverFixers document to 2.4 as well    (me)
o       Cyclades resource handling fixes                (Doug Ledford)
o       Rmap needs flush order fix from base VM         (Hugh Dickins)
o       Handle 8253 latch getting out of sync
        | eg due to BIOS SMM bugs/suspend-resume etc    (Jim Paris)
o       Handle 8253 clones that show the latch value    (Jim Paris)
        momentarily before zeroing
o       memcpy_from/toio could end up prefetching       (Dave Jones)
        | Bad on early Athlons for one
o       iphase ATM updates                              (Francois Romieu)
o       Update MPT fusion driver                        (Pam Delaney)
o       Add 24/32bit audio support to OSS               (Monty)
o       Add USB audio support for 24/32bit audio        (Monty)
o       Add ALi USB workaround to 2.4                   (T H Chou)
o       Add a sanity check to the LVM2 ioctl vmalloc    (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Add PERC 320/DC to the aacraid pci data         (Matt Domsch)
o       Add SiS 651 series AGP identifiers              (Michel Pollet)

Linux 2.4.20-rc2-ac1
-       Merge with Marcelo 2.4.20-rc2
o       Backport ATI IGP IDE stop for ALi IDE           (me)
o       Backport quirks.c handler for RadeonIGP         (me)
o       Export smp_num_siblings                         (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o       Update AMI megaraid driver                      (Atul Mukker)
*       Fix mk712 touchscreen driver                    (Lee Nash)
o       CPUfreq updates                 (Dominik Brodowski, Dave Jones
                                                        David Kimdon)
o       Add new NVIDIA audio chipset identifiers        (Tom McReynolds)
o       Remove duplicates in MAINTAINERS                (Brian Davids)
o       Add missing x86 cache tag info                  (Ricardo Galli)
o       Fix ips as a module with new binutils           (Adrian Bunk)
o       Initialize USB before media drivers             (Duncan Haldane)
o       CMD64x doesn't drive CMD680 - fix docs          (Gabor Papp)
o       Add help to SII3112/CMD680                      (me)
o       Fix newer binutils section conflict in scsi     (Andreas Steinmetz)
        drivers for in2000 and t128

Linux 2.4.20-rc1-ac4

o       Fix the rmap build problem in ac3               (Henning Schmiedehausen)
o       Fix confusing PCI IDE config question           (me)
o       IDE warning fixes                               (me)
o       Update pcmcia_cs (except ide_cs)                (David Hinds)
o       Fix IDE compile without IDE DMA support         (me)

Linux 2.4.20-rc1-ac3
o       Backport speedproc change from 2.5 IDE          (me)
o       Backport ide-lib changes from 2.5 IDE           (me)
o       Move over the 2.5 ide pci driver modules        (me)
        | except trm290 (thats trickier)
o       Backport setup-pci changes from 2.5 IDE         (me)
o       Put in a temporary fix for the boot time second (me)
        interface only oops

Linux 2.4.20-rc1-ac2
o       Ptrace NT flag fix                              (Andrea Arcangeli)
o       lcall NT clear fixes                            (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Fix cpqfc crash on load with IA64               (Martink Knoblauch)
o       Fix delay loop in i810 DRM                      (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Make oom killing more aggressive                (Rik van Riel)
o       Remove dead page launder code                   (Rik van Riel)
o       Backport 2.5 slabbed pte chains                 (William Irwin III)
o       Fold page_over_rsslimit into page_referenced    (Rik van Riel)
o       Bring -ac and -rmap page_alloc in line          (Rik van Riel)
o       Fix cpufreq compile failure                     (Adrian Bunk)
o       Fix a missing path_release                      (Pete Zaitcev)
o       Backport 2.5 ricoh performance fix              (Komuro)
o       Fix serverworks /proc reporting                 (Julian Blake)
o       Backport serverworks OSB4 disk handling         (me)
o       Fix i810 settrigger bugs                        (Paul Stewart)
*       Fix subtractive bridge decode                   (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o       Fix hd_driveid structure layout bug             (Mark Lord)
o       Small matroxfb fixes                            (Petr Vandrovec)
*       Fix intermezzo build                            (K Sreeram)
o       Use longer delays on trident init               (Kenneth Sumrall)
o       CPUfreq updates                                 (Dominik Brodowski)

Linux 2.4.20-rc1-ac1
o       Resync with 2.4.20-rc1

Linux 2.4.20-pre10-ac2
o       Resync with the inter-mezzo 0.9.5 tree
        | Intermezzo now doesnt blow up on startup
o       Ninja-SCSI driver                               (GOTO Masanori)
o       Update CPUfreq                                  (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Natsemi SC1200 drivers                          (Christer Weinigel)
o       Fix ide noncompile with gcc 3.3 snapshots       (Skip Ford)
o       dmi scanner updates                             (Jean Delvare)
o       Put appletalk drivers under ISA bus             (Brian Murrell)
o       Fix scsi crash with AHA2840 card                (Herbert Xu)
o       Fix sleep with lock held in iphase atm          (Francois Romieu)
o       Further sis fb updates                          (Thomas Winischhofer)
o       Fix mishandling of some packet sizes by         (Vaibhav Madan)
o       Update olymic drivers                           (Mike Phillips)
o       Add NFS O_DIRECT support                        (Trond Myklebust)
o       Remove some remaining put_user_ret stuff        (S Baur)

Linux 2.4.20-pre10-ac1
-       Resync with Marcelo

Linux 2.4.20-pre8-ac3
o       Make hisax fail to load if asked to drive       (Alan Hourihane)
        a specific card type that is not found
o       Further CPUfreq updates         (Gerald Britton, H Peter Anvin
                                         Dominik Brodowski)
o       Fix IDE PCMCIA eject lock up                    (me)
o       Reduce the initial md rebuild speed             (Arjan van de Ven)
        | on slow hardware it can basically hold the entire boot up
        | now the user can set it higher after boot (yes it ought to auto
        | tune)
o       Don't wait for missing devices to spin up       (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Stick all the other MODEM definitions for IRDA  (me)
        into the tree
o       VIA C3 seems happiest with 486 scheduled code   (me)
        with no padding
o       Update lanstreamer to new pci api, fix init bug (Kent Yoder)
o       Update SubmittingDrivers document               (Adrian Bunk)
*       Fix vmalloc kfree fix                           (Art Haas)

Linux 2.4.20-pre8-ac2
o       Fix IDE DMA command setup ordering              (Khalid Aziz)
        | This might make a lot more CD devices work reliably with DMA
        | and also let us start turning cd dma on for more cards
o       Write FF ending EOF markers to FAT filesystems  (OGAWA Hirofumi)
        | Needed for some apparently buggy MP3 players
o       Remove a pile more dead speakup bits            (me)
o       Update eepro100 mdio functions                  (Jeff Garzik)
*       Fix 3270 console reboot loop                    (Richard Hitt)
*       Replace tubfs security fix with full proper     (Richard Hitt)
*       Recognize 3174 units                            (Richard Hitt)
*       Dynamically allocate 3270 input buffers         (Richard Hitt)
*       Fix colour processing on 3270 devices           (Richard Hitt)
        | colour ls and RH/SuSE bootup now correctly
        | appar in colours
o       Update to rmap-14b                              (Rik van Riel)
        | Patch thanks to Marc-Christian Petersen
o       Update kernel parameter documentation           (Randy Dunlap)
o       Fix function pasting warning in cycx_x25        (Adam)
o       Fix function pasting warnings in gt91600eth     (Adam)
o       Add storage entry for Datafab DF-UG-07 chips    (Marek Michalkiewicz)
*       SunRPC wakeups fix                              (Trond Myklebust)
o       Wavelan_cs time handling fix
o       Raid autodetect for sun disk labels             (Alex Williamson)
o       hpusbscsi disconnect and smp deadlock fixes     (Oliver Neukum)
o       Kaweth SMP locking fixes                        (Oliver Neukum)
o       Ext3 inode dirty order in corner cases          (Stephen Tweedie)
o       Ext3 truncate performance optimisation          (Stephen Tweedie)
o       Ext3 journal sanity checker                     (Andreas Dilger)
o       Ext3 handle credit debug checker                (Andreas Dilger)
o       Handle leak in vmalloc error path               (Dave Jones)
o       Update all watchdogs for magicclose and         (Joel Becker)
        nowayout support
o       Add missing module license tag to i82092        (Geoffrey Lee)
o       Add docs/correct comment on sys_getpid          (Robert Love)
o       Tighten isapnp compliance with spec             (Jens Toerring)
o       Correct read/write length check in -ac          (Andi Kleen)
o       MediaGX optimisations in pci quirks             (Christer Weinigel)
        | Already handled by the ide code but now set up in
        | boxes without IDE
o       Further CPUFreq updates         (Dominik Brodowski, Russell King,
                                         Hollis Blanchard, Xavier Bestel)
o       Make real time scheduling info available as in  (Robert Love)
        2.5 trees
o       Add back cond_resched needed for jfs            (me)
o       usbfs disconnect backport to 2.4                (Kevin Sissons)
o       Merge VM default flags changes                  (Bjorn Helgaas)
        | Merge with needed additional changes for accounting and for
        | PA RISC
o       Updated EHCI drivers for 2.4                    (David Brownell)
o       SCSI error handling fixes                       (Russell King)
        - retrying a command with stale/invalidinfo
        - reporting wrong command on I/O error

Linux 2.4.20-pre8-ac1
-       Merge with 2.4.20-pre8
-       Drop assorted noise differences with Marcelo tree
-       Drop speakup
        |Its now very clear the user space solution is both
        |cleaner, and handles newer hardware like USB which
        |can't be handled other ways
-       Drop ls220 dvd driver work for now
        |Until someone picks it up and finishes it
-       Drop margi pcmcia driver
        |Until it gets a major cleanup
-       Drop 32 v 8 group cache in ext2/ext3
        | AKPM rightly IMHO claims this should be handled by
        | buffer cache usage times instead.
-       Fix typo in macintosh pmu fix                   (Arjan van de Ven)

Linux 2.4.20-pre7-ac3
o       Clean up rlimit bits for generic_file_write     (Solar Designer)
*       USBLCD update                                   
*       USB header updates                              (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
o       USB serial fixes                                (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
-       Revert incorrect vlan.c change                  (Dave Miller)
o       Interrupt.h needs asm/system for smb_mb         (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Fix signed/unsigned in usblp_write              (Silvio Cesare)
o       Fix signed/unsigned in mdc800                   (Silvio Cesare)
o       Fix 64 to 32bit chop in brlvger                 (Silvio Cesare)
*       Fix unterminated strchr in ieee1394             (Silvio Cesare)
o       Fix signed/unsigned in apm_emu                  (Silvio Cesare)
*       Put allocation sanity checks into ibm hotplug   (Silvio Cesare)
o       Use unsigneds in the amdtp buffering            (Silvio Cesare)
o       Fix typo in i810_audio                          (Juergen Sawinksi)
o       Fix the initdata in the PCI ide                 (Jens Axboe, me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre7-ac2
o       Fix mtd glitch                                  (Art Haas)
o       Updated Configure.help entries                  (Steven Cole)
o       Configurable core file naming                   (Jes Klinke)
*       PCI layer updates                               (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o       Fixing missing hard_cur_sectors assignment      (Andre Hedrick)
        on legacy ide disk path
o       Remove _p form I/O helpers                      (Andre Hedrick)
o       Remove all the ifdef stuff from ide-iops        (me)
        | This means if you have a device needing delays (we don't
        | in our tree right now) you should register a new set of
        | delaying iops yourself. That keeps the crud in the afflicted
        | code not in the core. No functionality actually removed I believe
o       IDE taskfile diag breakages fix                 (Andre Hedrick)
o       CMD648 Ultra DMA mask setup                     (Andre Hedrick)
o       PDC202xx-old cleanuops - use dma_master address (Andre Hedrick)
*       Test tg3 fix                                    (Dave Miller)
*       Add SETTIMEOUT to wafer5823 watchdog            (Joel Becker)
o       Add Motorola TimePort to USB ACM idents         (Andrew Meredith)
*       Fix get_user checks in sc520_wdt, shwdt, 
        sc1200wdt, advantechwdt, alim7101, machzwdt,
        eurotechwdt, wdt_pci, w83877f_wdt watchdogs     (Joel Becker)
o       Fix piix build I hope                           (me)
o       Give tmpfs directories a size to avoid          (Hugh Dickins)
        confusing broken apps

Linux 2.4.20-pre7-ac1
-       Merge 2.4.20pre6
        -       Discard nasty list_t disease patch
        -       Discard mac fb bug add
-       Merge 2.4.20pre7
        -       Dropped ide-sibyte. The mips people need to move
                this and their ide.h changes to the new IDE layer.
        -       e1356fb has missing kmalloc range checks - TODO
        -       e1356fb has a user triggerable kernel memory leak - TODO
*       Fix quoting bug in unbz64wrap                   (me)
        | Note that csets-to-patches has a trivial /tmp/exploit too
        | Its not clear if you can trick the stuff into a rev that is
        | deliberately malformed, if so there are even more problems
        | I hope Linus unpack scripts are better written ;)
o       Fixed mips Config.in error in mtd               (me)
o       Fix highpoint 374 bug                           (Jens Axboe)
o       Turned down natsemi threshold notice            (me)
o       Alan's crazy cardbus with bridge hacks          (me)
        | Unfinished experiment but it doesn't affect normal
        | cardbus (ie anything that worked before)
        | Very much a work in progress
*       Fix make xconfig                                (Adrian Bunk)
o       Define blk_queue_empty for 2.5 compat in IDE    (Jens Axboe)
o       Kill reduce media failure retires config        (Jens Axboe)
o       mad16 cleanups                                  (Greg Alexander)
o       CPUfreq update                                  (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Configure.help updates                          (Steven Cole)
o       IRQ distribution code for PA Risc               (Grant Grundler)
o       Radeonfb fix for cards reporting zero RAM       (James Mayer)
        | Got lost somewhere, reapplied
o       Fix loop cleanup error                          (Yann Morin)
o       Don't let devfs files open until loop is set    (me)
o       Fix a second loop cleanup bug                   (me)
o       Small i810 audio tweaks                         (Doug Ledford)
X       vlan hang on shutdown fix                       (Dave Miller)
*       Update to final version of matrox drm hang fix  (Jonny Strom)
o       Fix it8172 misclaim of non IDE device           (me)
o       Further generic IDE cleanup                     (me)
o       Lock IDE modules once loaded                    (me)
*       Voodoo1/2 frame buffer fixes and big endian     (Helge Deller)
o       shmem_rename fixes                              (Hugh Dickins)
o       Other tmpfs cleanups                            (Hugh Dickins)
o       Memory accounting cleanup for mremap            (Hugh Dickins)
o       Memory accounting fixes for anonymous shared    (Hugh Dickins)
o       Memory accounting fixes for private read only
        mappings being mprotected to writable           (Hugh Dickins)
o       Update documentation on memory overcommit       (Hugh Dickins)
*       Fixes and updates for IBM PCI hotplug           (Irene Zubarev)
o       Bring EHCI into line with 2.5                   (Dave Brownell)
*       Update USBnet to 2.5 equivalent                 (Dave Brownell)
        | Adds Yopy, Epson support
*       Fix oops on use after disconnect with hpusb     (Oliver Neukum)
o       Add SIS646 (645DX) PCI idents for AGP           (Murray Root)
Linux 2.4.20-pre5-ac6
o       Fix ide BUG() with cdrom stuff                  (Jens Axboe)
o       Inode kernel data leak fix                      (Ben LaHaise)
*       Fix spinlock workaround to keep sparc people    (Dave Miller)
*       Transparent pci-pci bridge fixes                (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o       Backport sched_yield O(1) fixes from 2.5        (Robert Love)
o       Comments for scheduler code                     (Ingo Molnar)
o       Implement 2.5 compatible task_cpu wrappers      (Robert Love)
o       Backport minor scheduler fixes for O(1) from 2.5(Robert Love)
o       Add configure.help for new USB bits             (Adrian Bunk)
o       OHCI takeover fix                               (Zwane Mwaikambo)
*       Add ALI1541 gameport support                    (Pascal Schmidt)
o       Make rs_read_proc static                        (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       cpufreq updates                                 (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Radeonfb fixups for mobility P/M                (H Peter Anvin)
o       synclink MP link fix                            (Andrian Bunk)
o       Fix mad16 gameport unload                       (Greg Alexander)
o       Indent cpqfc so I can actually read it          (me)
        | No code changes

Linux 2.4.20-pre5-ac5
o       Fix ALi OOPS on RLX blades                      (Dan Eaton)
o       Finish up ide pci register code                 (me)
o       Switch IDE PCI drivers to use new register code (me)
o       Fix scribble over constant data in hpt34x       (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre5-ac4
o       Fix error path bug in pci resource code         (Keith)
o       Fix p4-clockmod compile error                   (Adrian Bunk)
o       Align packets nicely on kaweth USB ethernet     (Oliver Neukum)
o       Further Changes file fix                        (Steven Cole)
o       TCP timestamp handling fix                      (Dave Miller)
o       Compile warning fixes                           (Niels Jensen)
o       Next batch of IDE header updates                (Andre Hedrick)
o       IDE scsi update                                 (Andre Hedrick)
        | Needs some highio cleanup yet
o       IDE DMA updates                                 (Andre Hedrick)
o       Update the IDE PCI driver layer                 (Andre Hedrick)
o       Fix pdc202xx further braindamage                (me)
o       Further icside fixes                    (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o       Fix ide-lib atapi DMA check             (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o       CMD64x rev 5/7 UDMA check fix           (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz)
o       Add blk_fs_request helper                       (Jens Axboe)
o       IDE highmem fixes (scsi needs doing             (Jens Axboe)
        I suspect)
o       Longer PIO timeout for taskfile write           (Andre Hedrick)
o       Fix promise cable detect                        (Andre Hedrick)
o       Split promise into old and new drivers          (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre5-ac3
*       Fix procfs handling for zoran driver            (Silvio Cesare)
*       ZR36067 doesn't support bitmask clipping so     (Silvio Cesare)
        error such a request.
o       LBA48 on older promise IDE fix                  (Mike Isely)
*       Report jfs tools version in ver_linux           (Steven Cole)
*       HP XP arrays can need largelun                  (Steve Mickeler)
*       Allow maestro3 gpio amp control setup by        (Michael Olson)
        hand for odd machines (Panasonic CF-72)
*       Add autodetect to the CF-72 maestro3 funny      (me)
*       Fix overlarge read in vicam usb                 (Silvio Cesare)
*       Length limit S/390 cio proc write files         (Silvio Cesare)
*       Length limit S/390 chandev proc write files     (Silvio Cesare)
*       Length limut S/390 dasd statistics write        (Silvio Cesare)
*       Two fixes to 3270 driver for S/390              (Silvio Cesare, me)
*       Fix buffer limits in tubfs for S/390            (Silvio Cesare)
        | Really this code wants redoing to loop rather than do shorter
        | read/writes on full buffers. but thats not trivial
*       Use define values not magic constants on S/390  (Silvio Cesare)
        netiucv buffer checks
*       Correct a vmalloc corner case                   (Dave Miller)
*       Fix hisax oops with out of range card type      (Alan Hourihane)
*       Update Documentation/Changes for reiserfs       (Neils Jensen)
*       Fix incorrect type in i2c-core                  (Silvio Cesare)
*       Fix length limits in i2c-dev                    (Silvio Cesare)
*       Fix incorrect type in amdtp                     (Silvio Cesare)
o       Update Buslogic maintiners entry 8(
o       Don't register a gameport at I/O zero if none   (me)
        is configured on es1370, es1371, 
*       Handle unprintable ac97 codec names (STAC)      (me)
*       Restructure pcigame and trident audio not to    (me)
        fall over each other

Linux 2.4.20-pre5-ac2
o       BeFS updates                                    (Will Dyson)
o       Fix prototype mismatch in tc/tc.c               (Silvio Cesare)
o       SunRPC oops fix                                 (Chuck Lever)
o       Fix SunRPC TCP handling for write_space         (Chuck Lever)
o       Update ver_linux reporting further              (Steven Cole)
o       Cpufreq updates                                 (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Update pegasus.h license header                 (Petko Manolov)
*       USB lcd driver                                  (Adams IT)
o       Update bluetooth drivers                        (Greg Kroah-Hartmann,
                                                         Masoodur Rahman)
o       USB serial update                               (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
o       Workaround for some usb keyboards               (Itai Nahshon)
o       Minolta DImage4 entry for unusual_devices       (Petr Konecny)
o       OHCI completion of unlinked urbs fix            (David Brownell)
*       Tighten AC97 modem detect rules                 (me)
*       Report AC97 codecs by their PNP ID              (me)
o       Further sis memory checks                       (Zwane Mwaikambo)
o       Add new opcodes to the hdreg.h IDE table        (Andre Hedrick)
o       Update cris and x86_64 ide.h files              (Andre Hedrick)
o       Fix includes in freecom.c                       (Andre Hedrick)
o       Winbond IDE requires PCI                        (Andre Hedrick)
o       icside cleanup                                  (Andre Hedrick)
o       Report ide unregister failures                  (Andre Hedrick)
o       Clean up legacy hd driver to use outb           (Andre Hedrick)
o       Ditto for ide-cs                                (Andre Hedrick)
o       ns87415 needed to call its own ide_dma_end      (Andre Hedrick)
o       Make via_base unsigned long not uint            (Andre Hedrick)
o       Update ide-ppc (probably broken until some  (Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
        other changes go in)                         Andre Hedrick)
o       Fix bugs in the ide-cd -> ide-scsi pass over (Andre Hedrick)
o       Kill GET_ERR macro in ide-disk                  (Andre Hedrick)
o       IDE dma hack fix for etrax - needs to be        (Andre Hedrick)
o       Update as yet unused ide-lib code               (Andre Hedrick)
o       Fix types in ide_probe reporting                (Roman Zippel)
o       Add disable/enable irq probe handling           (Roman Zippel)
o       Fix non PCI IDE build problems                  (me)
o       Merge Matrox G450 updates                       (Petr Vandrovec)
o       Re-enable DRM for GMX2000 (it doesnt work yet)  (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre5-ac1
        Resync with 2.4.20pre5
o       Fix IDE compile                                 (me)
o       Update defconfig                                (Niels Jensen)
o       Various warning fixes                           (Niels Jensen)
*       Remove epat debug printk that escaped           (Moritz Barsnick)
o       Fix PPC build for pre4-ac                       (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       Fix hang in Matrox DRM                          (Jonny Strom)
o       Backport 2.5 LDT allocation improvements        (Manfred Spraul)
*       Lp tidy and printk levels               (Lucas Correia Villa Real)
o       Update yenta region size patch                  (Manfred Spraul)
*       Fix an i2c bus leak on the acorn pcf8583        (Silvio Cesare)
*       Fix e100 phy build                              (Linus Torvalds)
o       Further i810 audio updates                      (Juergen Sawinski)
*       Tidy ver_linux output with gcc 3.x              (Steven Cole)
o       ppp_generic fixes for building on boxes         (Bjorn Helgaas)
        with out* as macros
o       pdc4030 updates                                 (Peter Denison)
*       Forte sound driver updates                      (Martin Petersen)
o       Fix AMD7441 PCI ID error
o       Tighten asm-ia64 io macros                      (Andreas Schwab)

Linux 2.4.20-pre4-ac2
-       Pull NFSD back in line with Marcelo
o       Fix IDE PCMCIA build error                      (me)
o       Fix check/request region race in IDE DMA        (me)
o       Fix I/O handling of dma_base2 request fail      (me)
o       More debugging around the simplex ide DMA       (me)
*       Fix kmalloc error leak in fd1772                (Silvio Cesare)
*       Handle out of memory on acorn ps/2              (Silvio Cesare)
*       IEEE1394 integer overflow fix                   (Silvio Cesare)
*       Khttpd race fixes                               (Dan Kegel)
*       Backport kaweth fixes from 2.5                  (Oliver Neukum)
O       Fix gcc 2.x build of brlvger                    (Eyal Lebedinsky)
*       Error handling clean ups for USB storage        (Pete Zaitcev)
o       Fix loops_per_jiffy mod calculation overflow    (Yoann Vandoorselaere)
*       PCI hotplug oops fixes                          (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o       APM do idle now doesnt keep warning on error    (Ben LaHaise)
o       Reinitialize AGP on i845 after a suspend        (Charl Botha)
o       Don't rserve port 0x45 on sbc60xxwdt            (Anders Pedersen)
o       Export elevator_init so modules can switch      (Arnd Bergmann)
        to no-op elevators
o       Fix gmac link status reporting                  (Roberto Gordo Saez)
o       Radeonfb update                                 (Peter Horton,
                                                         Erik Andersen)
+       Fix resource leak on error in sisfb             (me)
+       Fix sisfb to fail the load if no card is        (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre4-ac1
-       Resync with Marcelo
        - JFS files from Marcelo tree taken to be definitive
o       Remove undefined signed overflow in readv/writev(me)
*       Fixed the pci resource mess. Turns out the bug
        was in the 2.4 core PCI code not IDE            (me)
o       Fix 3D hangs with screensaver and forking       (Tim Smith)
*       Add an apparently buggy Intel APM to DMI table  (me)
*       Fix non compile of kernel in French             (Keith Owens)
*       Typo fixes                                      (James Mayer)
o       Quieten harmless invalidate_bdev warnings       (Christoph Hellwig)
+       Forte sound driver for OSS                      (Martin Petersen)
        | Based Jaroslav's ALSA driver
+       Remove some bogus printks, fix an error         (me)
        handler, correct non blocking open
        | spin_lock/copy needs fixing still
*       Fix wrong struct in range check in ixj.c        (Silvio Cesare)
*       Use loff_t types in zorro/proc.c                (Silvio Cesare)
o       Abort IDE cd reads immediately on medium        (Erik Andersen)
        error as that isnt correctable
*       USB typo fixes                                  (James)
*       UHCI FSBR and bitop fixes                       (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix OHCI on slow machines                       (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Update to latest rtl8150 driver                 (Petko Manolov)
*       Update Microtek scanner driver                  (Oliver Neukum
*       EHCI fixes                                      (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       __FUNCTION__ cleanups for USB                   (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Update to latest pegasus driver                 (Petko Manolov)
*       Update to latest OV511                          (Mark McClelland)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac6
o       Next collection of code cleanups                (Andre Hedrick)
        -       Clean up the rest of the ratefilters
                (no functional change)
        -       Clean ups for the attach logic
o       Removed 'have you read the release notes' check (me)
o       Kill AUTODMA ifdefs in the drivers              (me)
o       Rework OSB4 bug handling - we now keep disk
        devices out of UDMA mode. Fix the sanity check
        so we don't blow up with CD-ROM media errors
o       Kill remaining if(dmabase) checks in init_dma   (me)
        | init_dma isnt called with !dmabase...
o       Create ide-lib for some common stuff            (me, Andre Hedrick,
                                                         Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix the ide-proc crash on boot                  (me)
        | May also fix the 'where did my proc file go' bits
o       Move q40 driver into legacy not pci             (me)
o       Remove do-nothing casts from slc90e66           (me)
o       Make all the pci driver functions static        (me)
o       Add printk levels to trm290 driver              (me)
o       Restore irq state at the end of the ali chipset (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Ripple errors back further. An unsupported      (me)
        hpt374 will now print errors and skip the
*       Fix crash mounting EFS from a CD-ROM            (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac5
*       Fix sparc64 pcibios to match the new behaviour
o       Comment, add FIXME notes to the via ide driver  (me)
o       Add a FIXME note that we need to update PIIX
        to handle /proc for dual controller
o       Bump versions on ide stuff we have changed      (me)
o       Add VIA vt8235 IDE support                      (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       Delete xp_fixup - the new enable_device_bars    (me)
        resolves this properly.
o       Add BUG() checks to verify dmabase check        (me)
        is unneeded before removal
o       Further splitting of the setup_pci_device code  (me)
        | Again no functionality changes
o       Make cs5530 use pci_set_mwi/pci_set_master      (me)
        (also clean up add docs)
o       Move all the actual IDE drivers into            (me)
        subdirectories so we can see what is what
o       Clean up ide-pnp a little                       (me)
o       Further i810_audio updates for 845              (Juergen Sawinski)
o       USB quirks for konica/mintola digital cams      (Jan Willamowius)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac4
o       Clean up ALi rate selection code                (me)
o       Clean up PIIX rate selection code               (me)
o       Don't frob bit 1 on later ALi chips             (me)
        | Should fix Fujitsu hang
o       Remove dead PIIX DMA setup function             (me)
o       Make new ide code using pci_set_master          (me)
o       Chop up some of the big chunks of setup-pci.c   (me)
        into smaller functions
o       When pulling an unconfigured IDE controller     (me)
        native try assigning missing resources
o       Fix wrong case in ide_getor_setdma_base       (me)
        (dma_base is ulong not u32)
o       Disable winxp fix (it shouldnt be needed now)   (me)
*       Blacklist a Dell with APM bugs                  (Peter Bowen)
o       Fix SMP ps2esdi build                           (Adrian Bunk)
*       Fix gcc2.95 build of st5481 driver              (me)
o       Handle wrap cases in pcilynx                    (Silvio Cesare, me)
o       Fix efi/raid problem                            (Matt Domsch)
o       Fix hd.c build                                  (me)
o       Fix a wrong type in bttv-driver                 (Silvio Cesare, me)
o       Updated scsi-debug driver                       (Douglas Gilbert)
o       Fix a khttpd null dereference                   (Dan Kegel)
*       Fix isdn/gcc 2.95 build fail                    (Kai Germaschewski)
o       Don't synchronize the tsc in "badtsc" mode      (me)
        | Fixes oops noted by John Stultz
o       Initial work on reverse engineering the IBM     (me)
        thinkpad docking bridge
o       Return EEXIST on pci hotplug duplicate name     (me)
o       Fix IDE code reporting wrong I/O setup in       (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac3
o       IDE updates                                     (Andre Hedrick)
o       Merge -ac fixes for ALi and PCI bars            (me)
o       Add docs to PIIX and ALi                        (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac2
o       Updates to device mapper                        (Joe Thornber)
o       Fix mempool corruption bug                      (Christoph Hellwig)
*       Correct pci_alloc_consistent with 64bit mask    (Steffen Persvold)
*       Elevator accounting improvements                (Jens Axboe)
*       Clean up vt.c ioperm ifdef even more            (Milton Miller)
o       Fix PAGE_BUG usage problem                      (Eyal Lebedinsky)
*       Tweak isdn to try and fix gcc 2.95 compile      (Kai Germaschewski)
o       Make parameter variables on synclink* static    (me)
o       Add documentation to jbd layer                  (Roger Gammans)
-       NFSD link fix                                   (Greg Louis)
*       Fix NFS oops on 64bit big endian                (Dave Miller)
*       Add another vaio to the dmi blacklist           (Marc Boucher)
*       Fix devfs enabled build                         (Christoph Hellwig)
o       Fix resource assignment for cardbus behind      (H J Lu)
        pci transparent bridges
o       Fix makefile for speakup a bit                  (O Sezer)
*       Update ftd_sio driver                           (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Update usb serial Config.in                     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix error handling on ipaq usb serial           (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Update pl2303 usb serial                        (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix usb serial warnings in gcc3                 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix gcc3 warnings in ir-usb                     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix DMA off stack in USB storage                (Roland Dreier)
*       Add SDDR-55 USB storage driver                  (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Fix gcc3 warnings and other bugs in usb btooth  (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       HP usb scanner driver                   (Oliver Neukum, John Fremlin, 
                                                        Matthew Dharm)
*       Update usb scanner driver                       (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)

Linux 2.4.20-pre2-ac1
-       Merge 2.4.20-pre2
        -       drop change to apic error logging level
        -       drop bogus sign cast in spin_is_locked
o       Merge LVM2 device mapper                        (Joe Thornber)
*       Clean up locking a little in ps2esdi            (me)
        | This driver needs much love and attention
*       Similar for xd.c (same comments too)            (me)
*       Allocate xd bounce buffer early (can deadlock   (me)
        during an I/O)
*       Fix partition table breakage                    (me)

Linux 2.4.20-pre1-ac3
o       Report "unknown errror" not "on fire" for usblp (Pete de Zwart)
*       Teach ac97_codec.c about 3rd/4th codecs         (Juergen Sawinksi)
o       Add MMIO support for i845 audio                 (Juergen Sawinksi)
o       Tidy up error paths on i810_audio init          (me)
*       Use cpu_has_tsc macro in joystick/random too    (John Stultz)
*       Oliver Neukum becomes new HFS maintainer        (Oliver Neukum)
        | Treat him gently HFS is non trivial to fix
*       Merge synclink-mp driver                        (Paul Fulghum)
*       Fix wavelan dev->trans_start handling                (Jean Tourrilhes)
*       Switch to newer wavelan_cs update               (Jean Tourrilhes)
*       Merge e100/e1000 docs                           (Jeff Garzik)
*       Remove wrong use of set_bit in dl2k driver      (Matthew Wilcox)
*       Add another tulip PCI ident                     (Antoine,
                                                 Aaron Baranoff, Owen Taylor)
*       Update 8139too PCI identifiers                  (Wilson Chen)
*       Add another pl2303 identifier                   (Lutz Rothhardt)
*       Remove confusing usb typedefs                   (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Add ti edge port USB driver                     (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
*       Cypress sl811 USB controller driver
*       Driver for Aiptek 8000U USB                     (Chris Atenasio)
*       ti silverlink cable driver              (Romain Liévin, Julien Blache)
*       USB midi driver                                 (NAGANO Daisuke)
*       Fix up hci_usb for USB changes                  (me)
*       Fix ub st5481_usb for USB changes               (me)
*       Fix sis DRM warnings                            (me)
*       Fix bad ifdef in lvm-snap                       (me)
*       Fix irda-usb compile error from USB changes     (me)
*       DECnet refcounting fix                          (Steve Whitehouse)
*       Export 8253 lock for ftape etc                  (me)
*       Fix undefined C in the dpt_i2o                  (me)
*       Fix oops case in i810-tco                       (me)
o       Config help updates                             (Steven Cole)
o       Merge 2.5 mempool support (needed for LVM2)     (Ingo Molnar)
o       Add vcalloc, including overflow checking        (Joe Thornber)
o       Add mempool slab helpers                        (Joe Thornber)
o       Make bh->b_inode a flag in b_state           (Andrew Morton)
o       Use a seperate b_journal_head instead of        (Andrew Morton)

Linux 2.4.20-pre1-ac2
-       Fix compile failure for uniprocessor APM        (me)
o       Fix a compile warning and save 8K in do_mounts  (Niels Jensen)
o       Update x86 defconfig                            (Niels Jensen)
*       Remove dead bits in dpt_i2o                     (Eric Sandeen)
*       Configure.help cleanup                          (Steven Cole)
*       EExpress can use I/O 0x240 on some cards        (Pavel Janik)
*       Update epic100 driver                           (Jeff Garzik)
-       Fix compile of old hd.c                         (me)
o       Add "badtsc" option based on John Stultz        (John Stultz, me)
o       Rewrote the code a bit to allow automatic       (me)
        detection of notsc on Summit
        | When and if IBM document the other timers on the
        | Summit this will also make it easy to plug it in
        | (We can now handle detecting mixed multiplier PII
        | as well if someone wants to add the code)
o       Clean up timer stuff further based on comments  (me)
        by John Stultz.
*       Handle console_unblank failure from IRQ path    (Arnd Bergmann)
o       Rewrite NSC USB controller changes from parisc  (me)
        port into a general OHCI quirk
o       First set of i810 audio updates                 (Doug Ledford)
*       AF_UNIX abstract addresses fix                  (Alexey Kuznetsov)
*       Further mpt fusion updates                      (Pam Delaney)
o       Rev 0xC4 of ALi apparently isnt LBA48           (me)
o       Add license tag to AF_UNIX                      (Christian Kurz)
*       USB scanner endian fixes                        (Frank Zago)
o       Update 2.4 to the 2.5 LDM driver                (Richard Russon)
*       Update 8193cp driver for 64bit DMA, checksum    (Jeff Garzik)
*       Update 8139too driver                           (Jeff Garzik)
*       Natsemi updates                                 (Tim Hockin)
*       Remove unneeded net includes                    (Brad Hards)
*       Spelling fixes in drivers/net
*       Fix use after kfree in au1000 ethernet          (Marcus Alanen)
*       Mark roadrunner driver as experimental          (Greg Banks)
*       Mark the FMV driver obsolete                    (Greg Banks)
*       Tidy rcpci45                                    (Eric Sandeen)
*       Fix ppp compile warning                         (Eric Sandeen)
*       Move 3c509 license tag outside of ifdefs        (Jeff Garzik)
*       Fix ALi irda warning                            (Eric Sandeen)
*       Fix flags types in a few drivers                (Celso González)
*       E100 needs bitops.h                             (Dave Miller)
-       Remove a debug line in the Makefiles            (Alex Riesen)
*       Back port 2.5 file lease code and race fixes    (Stephen Rothwell)
o       PnPBIOS ESCD reader fixes                       (Thomas Hood)

Linux 2.4.20-pre1-ac1
-       Merge with 2.4.20pre1
        - Drop broken isicom change
        - Fix formatting errors in x86_64 char/Config.in
        - Fix formatting errors in x86_64 isdn/Config.in
        - Fix formatting errors in x86_64  radio card Config.in
        - Fix formatting errors in x86_64 drivers/net/Config.in
        - Drop broken atarilance change
        - Fix wrong ioctl return in e100_ethtooltest, e100ethtool_gstrings
        - Fix security hole in e100 ioctl handler
        - Fix identical hole in e1000 ioctl handler
        - Remove mess where x86_64 sticks its arse in all sorts of
          config files and makes a mess of it. Other ports don't because
          the result sucks, x86_64 shouldnt either
        - Drop utterly bogus change to drivers/sound/Config.in
        - Revert uncompilable tg3 driver
*       Fix up the eepro100 mess from 20pre1            (Christoph Hellwig)
*       Switch to Namesys __FUNCTION__ reiserfs fixes   (Oleg Drokin)
*       Fix eepro formatting on register
o       Fix radeon build on PPC                         (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       PPC scheduler, bitups, rwsem bits               (Ben Herrenschmidt)
*       Rework JFS indoe locking                        (David Kleikamp)
*       Dynamically allocate JFS metapages              (David Kleikamp)
*       JFS rmdir/unlink d_delete removal               (David Kleikamp)
*       Add resize support to JFS                       (David Kleikamp)
*       Rmemove unused code in aacraid                  (Christoph Hellwig)
*       Export the new pci_enable function to modules   (Tomas Szepe)
o       Handle APM on armada laptops                    (Samuel Thibault)
*       Fix further errors in depca
*       Fix a harmless physical/logical cpu confusion   (me)
        in the APM code
-       Fix migration to CPU 0 before poweroff          (me)
o       Make the APM on CPU 0 locking cover all of APM  (me)
        | idle on SMP needs work, but this seems to work for the rest
        | with my SMP boxes