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Release Digest: GNOME, January 5, 2003

Jan 06, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


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GENIUS 0.5.1


In the course of human history it sometimes happenes that bugs turn up
in calculators.  And so it has happened to genius and so here is a fix
release.  Unless you think that sometimes reporting 10 instead of 100
is a good thing it may be time to upgrade.

In any case, Genius is one one of the oldest GNOME projects, it has been
the original GNOME calculator before I got wild ideas about it doing
absolutely everything.  It is programmable has a powerful language and
handles many fun features including matlab like support for matrices.
It requires GNOME2 and a recent enough gmp library.  However you can
still use the command line version if you prefer non-gui interface.

There is still a lot of work required to make this all nice, mostly it needs
to have the function library improved and verified to be correct and
documentation needs to be written (the complete help system is not yet in
place).  Feel free to help out :)

Here are the news in 0.5.1:

* Fix rounding when first digit is rounded and is 9 (reported by
  Kai Arstila)
* Fix atan by using implementation from Guillermo Ballester Valor
  (reported by Kai Arstila)
* Few more functions: Stupid eigenvalue function for 2x2 matrices,
* Reverse the direction of the vandermonde matrix to coincide with how
  we use polynomials
* Fix modular arithmetic on single values and matrices
* Cache identity matrices for speed


Have fun,


George <jirka@5z.com>
   Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
                       -- Napoleon Bonaparte

GNUsound 0.5.1

GNUsound is a sound editor for Linux/x86. It supports multiple tracks,
multiple outputs, and 8, 16, or 24/32 bit samples. It can read a
number of audio formats through libaudiofile, and saves them as WAV.
GNUsound supports a large number of high-quality audio effects through
the LADSPA plugin architecture (see http://www.ladspa.org).

GNUsound 0.5.1 adds an amplitude treshold module, fixes a cuepoint
drawing bug, fixes the behavior of the fast-forward/fast-rewind
buttons, fixes a potential crash in the LADSPA dialog, and fixes a GCC
2.95 compilation problem.

Homepage: http://awacs.dhs.org/software/gnusound
Mirror  : http://gnusound.sf.net

Quick Lounge 1.1.1


Quick Lounge 1.1.1 (for GNOME 2.2)


An applet to orginize your preferred applications on the GNOME Panel.


Update the icons when the icon theme changes.



Web page: http://quick-lounge.sourceforge.net

Gnumeric 1.0.12

Gnumeric 1.0.12 'Coochie coo Balder' is now available.

This is a maintenance release. New development is being done in the 1.1.x
series which is based on gnome2.

Probably the most important change is a reversal of the XML importer change
made in 1.0.11 which turned out to cause problems when importing XML files
that contained non-ASCII characters. The original problem that was the
reason for that change is now being worked around in a different fashion.

* Changes

                * Fix crash on explicitly scoped ranges in regressions

                * backport small text import cleanup.

                * Remove the patch to the xml importer in 1.0.11 and solve 
                  the problem using a blunt object.

                * Improve determinant calculation for singular matrices.

* Availability                                                                  
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