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Release Digest: GNOME, January 6, 2003

Jan 07, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Re-Imagining Linux Platforms to Meet the Needs of Cloud Service Providers

Straw 0.15


Straw 0.15


A GNOME 2 desktop news aggregator, using the RSS syndication format


- create links to creative commons licenses
- previous/next now wrap around the feed list if needed
- deal with entities in titles so they aren't displayed in the item list
- filter out font tags from item descriptions, so some feeds using font
size=2 aren't unreadable any more


- fix problem with web servers which don't support if-none-match
- save more data from articles: freshmeat data, dc creator, cc license
- fix a problem with sessions
- fix broken makefile




GTetrinet 0.5.0

GTetrinet 0.5.0


GTetrinet is a Tetrinet client using Gtk+ and GNOME-libs.
Tetrinet is a variant of the popular Tetris brick game, that can be played
simultaneously by 6 players. GTetrinet's goal is to remain completely
compatible with the Windows, original client. Tetrinet clients need to
connect to a dedicated server in order to be useful. GTetrient only provides
the client part, but there are plenty of available servers around.
Look at http://www.tetrinet.org/ for a list of servers.


Here it is! GTetrinet 0.5.0 is our first GNOME2-based version. Besides the
port, many improvements have been introduced in the UI, and some bugs have
been squashed, but most people will just care of how nice GTetrinet looks
with their desktop now :) Or, mostly nice, because we need to work on the
icons a bit more... but that'll be in another version :)

I'd like to thank James Antill and Dani Carbonell for all their work on this
release. Without them, 0.5.0 would not be out at this time.

Please contact me at jordi@sindominio.net to report problems with this vers=
We'll probably create a gtetrinet mailing list in the near future to make
sure no feedback gets lost.

- Finally, GNOME2 port!
- The configuration is now read from the ~/.gnome2/gtetrinet file. If you
  want to keep your old config, moving ~/.gnome/gtetrinet to the new
  location should be enough.
- GTetrinet now remembers and restores the last used server in the
  connect dialog.
- The "discard special" key can now be configured.
- The toolbar now has icons, as well as the application window.
- GTetrinet will switch to the apropriate notebook page when you connect
  to a server, and when the game starts or ends.
- Several other improvements.


(might take a while to appear, depends on SF's mood today.)

Jordi Mallach P=E9rez  --  Debian developer     http://www.debian.org/
jordi@sindominio.net     jordi@debian.org     http://www.sindominio.net/
GnuPG public key information available at http://oskuro.net/~jordi/

GTetrinet 0.5.1


GTetrinet 0.5.1


GTetrinet is a Tetrinet client for GNOME2. Tetrinet is a variant of the
popular Tetris brick game, that can be played simultaneously by 6 players.
GTetrinet's goal is to remain completely compatible with the Windows,
original client.


A few bad bugs cropped into 0.5.0. This version should address all the
crashes people reported. There is one crasher bug, still. If you use the C
locale, do NOT try to input 8bit characters into text boxes, as that
crashes GTetrinet. The right thing is to use a sane locale, but the bug
will be fixed in some other release.

- Fix bad bugs in dialog handling which made GTetrinet crash on connect
  or other situations.
- Other minor fixes.
- We've found out that using the C locale and typing 8bit characters into
  chat windows makes GTetrinet crash. This will be fixed in the future,
  for the moment, you've been warned.


(as always, may take a while to appear)


File Roller 2.1.5


File Roller 2.1.5 (for GNOME 2.2)


File Roller is an archive manager. It lets you open, modify
extract archive files sush as tar and zip.


* Handle LHA archives created on Windows.
* Bugfixes.




Web Page: http://fileroller.sourceforge.net


GnuCash 1.7.7


GnuCash 1.7.7 "It ain't easy, livin free"


Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you
to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. It is based on
professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate

The GnuCash team is pleased to announce Release Candidate 2 version 1.7.7:
"It ain't easy, livin free".

What's New in GnuCash 1.7.7?

- Scheduled Transactions:
    GnuCash now has the ability to automatically create and enter
transactions, remind
    when a transaction is due, give a choice of entering a transaction or
postponing it
    and remove an automated transaction after a certain period.
- Mortgage & Loan Repayment Druid:
    Used to setup a variable payment loan scheduled transaction.
- Small Business Accounting Features:
    GnuCash now can be used for Customer and Vendor tracking, Invoicing and
Bill Payment,
    and using different Tax and Billing Terms in a small business.
- OFX Import:
    GnuCash is the first free software application to support the Open
Financial Exchange
    protocol that many banks and financial services are moving to use. The
development of
    OFX and HBCI support has also resulted in an improved transaction
matching system that
    more accurately picks duplicate transactions.
- HBCI Support:
    GnuCash is the first free software application to support the German
Home Banking
    Computer Information protocol which includes statement download,
initiate bank
    transfers and direct debits.
- New User Manual and Help:
    A brand new user help has been written which focuses on how to do tasks
    conjunction with a Tutorial and Concepts guide that gives the user
    information on using GnuCash.
- New Multi-Currency Transaction Handling:
    GnuCash no longer requires separate currency exchange accounts to
handle multiple
    currency transfers.
- Redesigned Menu's
    The GnuCash menu's have been redesigned to conform more with the new
    Human Interface Guidelines.

Specifically updated in this version;

o Welcome to Release Candidate 2
o Give the user better feedback on exactly what the exchange rate means.
o Better handling of corrupt XML data files. Print better error messages
for unknown tags, or mismatched start/end tags.
o When checking for gtkhtml-1.1, make the lack of pkg-config a fatal error.
Also check for pkgconfig
o Updated translations, po/de.po
o Fix HBCI reparent warnings. Make the PIN dialog a bit nicer.
o Fixes to Postgresql backend.
o Changed the "ALTER TABLE table ADD COLUMN..." statements to conform to
the current Postgres implementation (and SQL 92) standard by putting the
DEFAULT modifier in a separate ALTER statement. This was reported by
Christopher B. Browne.
o Implement unpost function in invoices.
o Correctly open a help window when the initial URL contains a label
component to it.
o Make the reconciliation window respect the 'include subaccount' flag any
time it opens a register. Consolidate logic for opening a new register.
Enhance the reconciliation start window to update the ending value when
this flag is changed.
o If the amount is monetary, map the keypad decimal key to the correct
decimal character for the locale.
o Fix malformed URLs for bringing up a report options window.
o Add new option for specifying sort critera for piecharts and barcharts.
o The report title should change when the report name field is changed in
the options.
o Add a smart function for going "back" from the "load a file" page. If
there are any files loaded it returns to the "loaded files" page instead of
the initial druid page.
o Add support for i18n of price source strings.
o Add icons to gtk only windows.
o Search on NOTES add code to prevent searching on template-txn accounts so
SXes don't show up in find results.
o Create a 'file compression' option and pass the data into the backend.
This is an option in the preferences.
o Provide a simple checkbook set of accounts
o When editing an exchange rate, always change the _VALUE_ of the split,
not the amount. This has the affect of keeping the visible number the same
and changing the "other" account.
o Add a set of business accounts to the account setup
o Give a much higher importance to the date heuristics in the OFX import.
o Disable skipping transactions which already have an online id during
matching, untill a fix for the "transfer between two accounts" bug is
properly fixed.
o Large set of fixes to the build system by John H. Pierce
o Lots more bugfixes

Available at the usual places!



libsigc++ 1.2.3

*** libsigc++ 1.2

libsigc++ implements a typesafe callback system for standard C++. It
allows you to define signals and to connect those signals to any
callback function, either global or a member function, regardless of
whether it is static or virtual.

libsigc++ is used by gtkmm to wrap the GTK+ signal system. It does 
not depend on GTK or gtkmm.

*** Changes


* Fixed segfault when a signal observer deletes
  itself from within its signal handler. (Tim Shead)

*** Download:

libsigc++ documentation is available here:

Murray Cumming


intltool 0.25

A new release of the intltool package is available; this time codenamed
"IT bør ikke dræbe sprog, men holde dem i live". The intltool package is
a set of tools for translating the contents of data files using the
gettext translation framework.

As always we suggest everyone to upgrade.

Some of the changes in intltool since version 0.25 (and the not
announced 0.24):

   - support latest version of Makefile.in.in/ from glib-gettextize
     from glib >= 2.1.5 (Frederic Crozat)
   - strip the hints from POTFILES.in in -M mode. (Yanko Kaneti)
   - Don't generate .h.h lines in the POTFILES.in
     for xgettext when the input file line is from a known type and 
     also has the [type: gettext/..] hint. (Yanko Kaneti)
   - Fix xml-i18n-tools part to work with new gettext 4 (Yanko Kaneti)
   - Fixed #96169  (Kenneth, Laurent Vivier and Morten Welinder)
   - Added a new .theme.in -> .theme rule (Jonathan Blandford, 
     Glynn Foster)

Thanks to everyone helping out with this release!

You can find the source code for intltool 0.25 on GNOME FTP site:


If not available now, it should be shortly after the mirrors sync.

If you have problems with intltool, please report bugs at
bugzilla.gnome.org. And if you are good at auto*, perl then please take
a look at the bugs in bugzilla.

    -- Kenneth