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Release Digest: GNOME, January 12, 2003

Jan 13, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

gQueue 0.2


gQueue 0.2


Gnome frontend for cups queues. It shows the printing jobs queue and let
you remove some jobs.


french i18n

small bug fixes


GTetrinet 0.5.2


GTetrinet 0.5.2


GTetrinet is a Tetrinet client for GNOME2. Tetrinet is a variant of the
Tetris brick game, that can be played simultaneously by 6 players.
goal is to remain completely compatible with the Windows, original

The big change in this release is the fix for the infamous "connecting
which, by Murphy's law, everyone except bocata and I managed to trigger.
There's some other stuff, check below.
On another note, this was probably (unless Bad Things(tm) happen) the
0.5.x release, and also the last one to be released on SourceForge. Our
is to move GTetrinet to GNOME cvs immediately.
For 0.6, we want finish porting the obsolete Gtk 1.2/GNOME 1.4 stuff in
code and fix some of the most annoying behaviours in GTetrinet, as
by several users. Unfortunately, the dark time of exams has started, so
expect much (unless we get patches ;) until mid-February or so.

- Fixed segfault on connect dialog many people were seeing. Really.
- Fixed behaviour of "Ok" button in preferences. It actually works now.
- Take in account players that have left during a game in progress, so
  you can't use specials against ghost players.
- Added intltool support.
- Dialogs look nicer now, and are HIG compliant.
- Added sanity checks in the connect dialog, in case you include invalid
  or no nickname, server name or spectator password.
- Ignore the shift status, so you can use shift keys as game keys.
- Rewrote fields message input field, so it deals with composed
- Other minor fixes and code cleanups.

(as always, it may take some time to appear)

GARNOME 0.20.0

GARNOME 0.20.0: "Back in the Pan"

GARNOME - the bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers and
tweakers everywhere. If you're dying to test the latest GNOME development
releases, but don't want to fall into the depraved addictions and
co-dependencies of testing from anonymous CVS, then GARNOME is for you.

[ In other words, GARNOME is a build tool for GNOME which includes the
developer platform and desktop releases, as well as a host of other kickarse
software. Everything is as easy to build as 'make install'. We call it a
'distribution' because it's sanity-tested and often patched before release,
for your convenience, enjoyment and testing pleasure! ;-) ]

What's New?

  * Updated to GNOME 2.2 RC1 (2.1.90) releae.
  * New: gnome-vfs-sftp, libglademm, regexxer, xine-lib.
  * magicdev is now built from phoebe sources.
  * totem has been updated to 0.13.1, as we now include xine-lib.

  * (This release is bloody huge because I've included a Galeon patch to
    update it to current CVS.)

Where Do I Get It?

The tarball and documentation [1] are available on the GARNOME website:


Enjoy! :-)

- Jeff

[1] People who don't read the documentation tend to look pretty silly on
garnome-list and in #garnome.

       "In the beginning was the word, and the word was content-type:       
                        text/plain" - Martin Schulze                        

PythonCAD, 2nd Release

I'd like to announce the second release of PythonCAD, a CAD package
for open-source software users. As the name implies, PythonCAD is
written entirely in Python. The goal of this project is to create
a fully scriptable drafting program that will match and eventually
exceed features found in commercial CAD software. PythonCAD is released
under the GNU Public License (GPL).

PythonCAD requires Python 2.2. The interface is GTK 2.0 based,
and uses the PyGTK module for interfacing to GTK. The design of
PythonCAD is built around the idea of separating the interface
from the back end as much as possible. By doing this, it is hoped
that both GNOME and KDE interfaces can be added to PythonCAD through
usage of the appropriate Python module. Addition of other interfaces
will depend on the availability of a Python module for that
particular interface and developer interest and action.

The second release fixes a few of the shortcomings in the initial release.
Setting linetype properties, color choice, and drawing entity style
are now done from the "Draw" menu. This release also adds some missing
functionality, such as the ability to change the linetype, color, and
style of the drawing entities, and the ability to move entities from
one layer to another. The Python code has had numerous doc strings added,
and various bug fixes have been applied.

Visit the PythonCAD web site for more information about what PythonCAD
does, and aims to be. My thanks to all the GTK and PyGTK developers
for providing the ability to even make PythonCAD available.


Come and join me in developing PythonCAD into a world class drafting

Art Haas
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety.
 -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759