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Release Digest: GNOME, January 21, 2003

Jan 22, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])


Desktop-as-a-Service Designed for Any Cloud ? Nutanix Frame

Glom 0.6.0

*** Glom

Glom is a GUI that allows you to design MySQL table definitions and the
relationships between them. It also allows you to edit and search the data in
those tables.

The design is loosely based upon FileMaker Pro, with the added advantage of
separation between interface and data. It attempts to provide a simple generic
framework sufficient to implement most database applications. These systems
normally consists of lots of repetitive, unmaintainable code.

This is an early buggy version. There is every chance that this will
destroy your existing data if you use it with your MySQL database.

Glom is written in C++, with gtkmm and Bakery.

More information is at

*** Changes


* Ported to gtkmm 2, and Bakery 2, which has less dependencies.

* No new functionality.

It still doesn't approach the grand Glom vision, but it can be used to
create MySQL tables, edit Table definitions and edit simple data.

Murray Cumming


gnome-utils 2.2.0


So this is the one where Glynn finally gives up maintaining gnome-utils.

This definitely means -
        o no more CVS screwups
        o no more updating bugzilla.gnome.org/ keywords, pissing Luis off
        o no more arsey bug fixes that didn't actually fix the bug

This potentially means -
        o new features
        o new rewrites
        o pants off

So let us rejoice in a GNOME 2.2 gnome-utils release...." Slainte ".

Highlights since GNOME 2.0 -

GNOME Character Map
        o Now supports unicode characters (James)
        o We have our font selection again (Honlai)

GNOME Dialog *
        o With enough CPR, we revived it (Archit)
        o Documentation to ease your woes (John)

GNOME Floppy Formatter
        o Better UI, GConf support (Stef)

GNOME System Log
        o Now looks more beautiful than ever (Deepa)

GNOME Search Tool
        o Almost a total rewrite and the 
          gem of gnome-utils - better UI, better
          everything (John)

GNOME Archive Generator
        o We've removed this. File Roller is heaps
          better! (Paolo)

My thanks to the following people, who put in heaps of effort into
making a GNOME 2.2 version happen. You rock my world and it's been fun
working with you.

Dennis Cranston, John Fleck, Deepa Natarajan, Stephane Dermurget, Archit
Baweja, Arvind Samptur, Alex Duggan, Mike Newman, Fernando Herrera,
Emmanuel Vecchia, Jaiserca, Pasu Duraisamy, Mark McLoughlin, Irene Ryan,
Pat Costello, James Su, Honglai Lai, Federic Zhang, Muktha Narayan,
Hidetoshi Tajima, Rodrigo Moya, Jacob Berkman, Christian Meyer,
Christian Neumair, Zbigniew Chyla, Pablo Saratxaga, Alessio Frusciante,
Jordi Mallach, Pauli Virtanen, Daniel Yacob, Vincent van Adrighem, Pablo
Gonzalo del Campo, Miloslav Trmac, Andras Timar, Kostas Papadimas, Naba
Kumar, Abel Cheung, Artis Trops, Kjartan Maraas, Christophe Merlet, Ole
Laursen, Hasbullah Bin Pit, Christian Rose, Yuriy Syrota, Maxim
Dzumanenko, He Qiangqiang, Wang Li, Dmitry G. Mastrukov, Marius
Andreiana, Mugurel Tudor, Fatih Demir, Manuel Borchers, Wang Jian,
Peteris Krisjanis, Andrew V. Semoilov & Duarte Loreto.

Where can I get it!


                                See ya,
                                        Glynn ;)

* Watch out for zenity. It will take the world by force. In a mostly
  zenish way.


gQueue 0.3


gQueue 0.3


Gnome frontend for cups queues. It shows the printing jobs queue and let
you remove some jobs.

What's new
Added gnome icons, system tray icons (thanks to Mark D'voo) and spanish
support. Little bugfixes were made (thanks to Francesco Checco Gigli).


Drivel LiveJournal Client 0.8.2


Drivel LiveJournal Client 0.8.2


A LiveJournal client for GNOME.


- add notification area icon
- minimize to notification area after post
- minimize to notification area on window close
- add option to disable the notification area
- made the notification area icon check for updates to your friends page
- save the entry window's size and position
- cleaned up the entire interface to match the GNOME HIG






GnuCash 1.7.8


GnuCash 1.7.8 "Lil Devil"


Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you
to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. It is based on
professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate

What's New in GnuCash 1.7.8?

- Scheduled Transactions: 
        GnuCash now has the ability to automatically create and enter
        transactions, remind when a transaction is due, give a choice of
        entering a transaction or postponing it and remove an automated
        transaction after a certain period.
- Mortgage & Loan Repayment Druid:
        Used to setup a variable payment loan scheduled transaction.
- Small Business Accounting Features: 
        GnuCash now can be used for Customer and Vendor tracking,
        Invoicing and Bill Payment, and using different Tax and Billing
        Terms in a small business.
- OFX Import:
        GnuCash is the first free software application to support the
        Open Financial Exchange protocol that many banks and financial
        services are moving to use. The development of OFX and HBCI 
        support has also resulted in an improved transaction matching
        system that more accurately picks duplicate transactions.
- HBCI Support: 
        GnuCash is the first free software application to support the
        German Home Banking Computer Interface protocol which includes
        statement download, initiate bank transfers and direct debits.
- New User Manual and Help:
        A brand new user help has been written which focuses on how to
        do tasks in conjunction with a Tutorial and Concepts guide that
        gives the user background information on using GnuCash.
- New Multi-Currency Transaction Handling:
        GnuCash no longer requires separate currency exchange accounts
        to handle multiple currency transfers.
- Redesigned Menu's
        The GnuCash menu's have been redesigned to conform more with the
        new GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.

Specifically updated in this version;

 o Welcome to Release Canidate 3
 o Fixed build issues introduced in last release
 o Fix compile errors on SuSE 8.0 + 8.1
 o Update translations, po/ru.po by Vitaly Lipatov, po/el.po by
 o Ignore certain splits with an "amount" of zero.
 o Convert from the old to new symbols for Russian Roubles.
 o Invoices change a couple of columns.  Enable viewing the "taxable"
   entry.  Enable viewing all the tax accounts individually.
 o Scrub hbci include paths to prevent gcc 3.x compile errors.
 o Default the OFX import directory to the directory of the last OFX
   file imported, or the user's home dir for the first export.
   Remembered across invocations of gnucash.
 o Default the save directory to the directory of the last file used.
   Default the exports directory to the directory of the last file
   exported, or the user's home dir for the first export. Remembered
   across invocations of gnucash.
 o Correctly handle the case where no stocks have been defined and the
   user asks gnucash to get price quotes.
 o Work around bug in ghttp library so that intl users whose whole
   units/fractions separator is a comma can request web pages.
 o Add "Default Report Currency" preference.
 o Set invoice currency based on owner's currency.
 o Use invoice's currency for printing the invoice.
 o Make the progress bar argument a double instead of an int.  This
   gets around an issue with guile 1.6.
 o Add a checkbox to search-for-all
 o Changes to make the build system work on multiple architectures and
   with multiple versions of the autotools suite.  Make generated g-wrap
   sources depend on config.status.
 o Remove restriction on guile versions > 1.4 Provide a version
   dependant load path variable for the SRFI location. (Empty in 1.6
   since they're bundled with guile.)
 o Limit QIF matches against only the accounts in the old group, so we
   don't match against ourselves.  This should limit the matches to only
   "reasonable" matches.
 o Remove "user name" and "user address" preferences, as they are no
   longer used by anything.
 o Create a taxtable option type using the new generic optionmenu code
 o Create a default customer and default vendor taxtable option for
   the "File Properties" option menu.
 o Reset the search-type to "New Search" if we end up displaying no
 o Use the "New Search Limit" pref to decide when to start a new
   search vs. when refine the search.
 o Create two new global preferences: "Notify Bills Due?" and "Bills
   Due Days"
 o Added sources needed for OS X to dist.
 o Lots more bugfixes, see changelog.

gedit 2.1.91


gedit 2.1.91 - "Siamo solo noi" (for GNOME 2.2 RC2)


Small and lightweight UTF-8 text editor for the GNOME environment.
It supports most standard editing features, plus several not found in your
average text editor (plugins being the most notable of these). 
Complete GNOME integration is featured.


- Updated to latest recent-files code (James Willcox)
- Updated about box (Paolo Maggi)
- Fixed mem leaks (Paolo)
- Fixed several bugs in the diff plugin (Paolo)

New and updated translations

- Amharic (Daniel Yacob)
- Norwegian (Kjartan Maraas)
- Korean (Young-Ho Cha)
- Slovak (Stanislav Visnovsky)
- Simplified Chinese (He Qiangqiang)
- Turkish (Fatih Demir)
- German (Christian Neumair)
- Vietnamese (Pablo Saratxaga)
- Brazilian Portuguese (Evandro Fernandes Giovanini)



camorama 0.16


camorama 0.16


gnome2 webcam application with image filters


-  new gui
-  switch from gdk-imlib to gdk-pixbuf
-  now using libglade
-  added schema



MrProject 0.8

MrProject 0.8 - the Cheeky Release (touch my calendar)

The MrProject team is proud to present MrProject 0.8 release of

What is MrProject?

MrProject is a project management application under development, that
will help build project plans and track the progress of a project. 

The development of MrProject is led by CodeFactory as a free software
project, and all code is licensed under the GNU General Public License. 

More information is available at the MrProject home page:

Over-all changes between 0.7 and 0.8

      * Calendar support!
      * Milestone tasks
      * Critical path highlighting
      * Project phases

Updated translations
      * sv (Christian Rose, Richard Hult)
      * de (Christian Neumair)
      * cs (Miloslav Trmac)
      * fr (Christophe Merlet)
      * lv (Artis Trops)
      * ru (Vitaly Lipatov)

What does it look like?

Take a look at:

Ok, I really want to try it out, where do I get it?

We have split MrProject up in two packages. One for the core project
logics, named libmrproject and one for the GNOME front end, named
mrproject. The tarballs can be downloaded from:


Red Hat - Source

Red Hat - 8.0

Hmm, it looks nice and everything, but...

Ok, ok, we get it, you want to file bugs and feature requests. You can
do this at:


  The Cheeky MrProject Team.

Mikael Hallendal                micke@codefactory.se
CodeFactory AB                  http://www.codefactory.se/
                                Cell: +46 (0)709 718 918


Firestarter 0.9.1

About Firestarter

  Firestarter is visual firewall tool for GNOME. The program features
  a friendly setup wizard, a real time hit monitor, an advanced rules
  based system for traffic shaping and many advanced features like
  kernel tuning, NAT and port forwarding setup tools.

Changes in this version

  - GNOME Notification Area support (RH 8.x, GNOME 2.2)
  - Firewall improvements, including default aggresive port stealthing
  - Reliability and usability improvements:
    - Refreshes the firewall on a DHCP lease renewal
    - Much better handling and feedback in unexpected situations
    - Reliable status display, syncs with system services
    - Many GUI changes, including some HIG fixes
  - A new much improved manual is available, viewable at:
  - Many bug fixes


  Firestarter is available from http://firestarter.sourceforge.net
  Program screenshot: http://firestarter.sourceforge.net/fs-mistshot.png

Tomas Junnonen



A bunch of releases:


        * fixes
                + nasty blocking accept call (Michael)


        * fixes regression test (Michael)


        * bug fixes
                + i18n memory leak (Paolo Maggi)
                + docs spelling fixes (Jochen Voss)
                + i18n re-hash (Hidetoshi Tajima)
                + portability fix (Michael)
                + registration env leak (Martin H)

libbonobo 2.2.0

        * Features
                + large pretty new docs; lots of work
                    (Gustavo J.A.M. Carneiro)

        * Bugs fixed
                + translation fix (Abel Cheung)
                + portability fixes (James H.)
                + build fixage (Julio Merino, Frederic Crozat)

libbonoboui 2.2.0

        * Bugs fixed
                + toolbar size allocation (Michael)
                + toolbar popup positioning (Kang Jeong-Hee)
                + help display fixes (Michael, Marcus FreeBSD)
                + build fixes (Michael, Kjartan Maraas)
                + file sel brokenness (NotZed)
                + 64bit cleaning (HHetter)
                + custom icon sizing (Mark McLouglin)

        * Featurelets
                + new component_set_widget API (Michael)
                + improved lifecycle helpers (Michael)
                + built in BONOBO_DEBUG menu (Gustavo Carneiro)

        All available from the normal place, with many thanks to all our
studious translators.

 mmeeks@gnu.org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot


guinstaller 0.4.0


guinstaller 0.4.0


A Gui installation project used to assist insatallation of source code
files. It  is based on Gtk+. 

Added basic RPM installation support.
Added .tar.Z and .tar.bz2 support.




DiaSCE 1.0.5


DiaSCE 1.0.5


DiaSCE (David is a Simple Code Editor) is a C/C++ code editor for GNOME. It
pretends to be a complement to Glade, so it doesn't include an environment
for GUI's development.It has neither a debugger. The idea is for it to be a
light code editor that doesn


- Now the configure scritp tryes to autodetec the system type and creates a
specific define for each one.
- The user libs are checked by the configure script, and if not fund will
not be added to the link command.