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Release Digest: GNOME, January 28, 2003

Jan 29, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

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GSwitchIt 2.0.2

GSwitchiIt toolkit v2.0.2 "Happy birthday, friend" for GNOME 2

There is major restructuring in the non-standard switching key support.
Now GSwitchIt does not do any key grabbing (in gswitchit_applet) - just
patching low level XKB structures (in xkb-properties-capplet). So more
correct code, more stable behavior etc.

The applet is a standalone app again, not shared library. Michael Meeks
was so convincing...:)

A lot of translations (thanks to Gnome Translation Project) and new
flags. Now, the distribution also includes the GIMP script for creating
new flags (thanks to Alan Horkan).

All the secondary layout processing code gone into libxklavier.

Some minor bugs were fixed too.

Important note: all the bug reports for this release should be put into
GNOME bugzilla, not sourceforge one.



libgda 0.10.0
libgnomedb 0.10.0
mergeant 0.10.0

libgda/libgnomedb/mergeant 0.10.0 have been released.

libgda/libgnomedb are a complete framewok for developing
database-oriented applications, and actually allow access to PostgreSQL,
MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQLite, FireBird/Interbase, MS Access and xBase
files and ODBC data sources.
Mergeant is an end user application that makes use of libgda and
libgnomedb to allow users to easily manage their databases.

This release is the next in a series that will result in 1.0, which is
what GNOME-DB developers are already working on. For this reason, we
need users and developers to use it and report any problem/suggestion.

Changes in this release since 0.9.0:

libgda 0.10.0

 - Added support for PostgreSQL 7.3 new features (vivien, gonzalo)
 - Added LANGUAGES schema to set of supported schemas (rodrigo)
 - Fixed TABLES schema retrieval on Oracle (rodrigo)
 - Fixed translatable strings (menthos, holger)
 - Improvements on FreeTDS provider (holger)
 - Added changes notifications in data models (rodrigo)
 - Added new schemas to test suite (rodrigo)
 - Fixed GdaTable class (rodrigo)
 - First working version of the MDB (MS Access files) provider (rodrigo)
 - Fixed retrieval of NUMERIC fields' info on PostgreSQL provider
 - Fixed circular calls in gda_datamodeldescribe_column (rodrigo)
 - Added man page for configuration tool (gonzalo)
 - Added build requirements for gda-sqlite and man page for
   in SPEC file (david)
 - Fixed FreeTDS include path for RedHat (holger)
 - Made all plugins resident (rodrigo)
 - Implemented basic read-onlyness for MySQL connections (rodrigo)
 - Fixed AGGREGATES schema for MySQL (rodrigo)
 - Lots of work on the reporting engine (santi)
 - Added support for PostgreSQL's bytea type fields (gonzalo)
 - Added use of syslog for the log functions (rodrigo)
 - Fixed unref'ing problems on providers (gonzalo)
 - Added first working version of the LDAP provider (german)
 - Removed obsolete config.h files all over (gonzalo)
 - Added event notification framework to GdaClient, and converted error
   to the new system (rodrigo)
 - Implemented saving data models to XML (rodrigo)
 - First basic version of the xBase provider (rodrigo)
 - First GNOME 2 version of the ODBC provider (nick)
 - Added support for SSL in MySQL connections (rodrigo)
 - Added MONEY type (rodrigo)
 - Unified parameter names for providers' connection strings (gonzalo)
 - Updated translations:
        - cs (mitr)
        - de (cneumair, chrisime)
        - es (pablodc)
        - no (kmaraas)
        - sk (stano)
        - sl (minmax)
        - sv (menthos)

libgnomedb 0.10.0

 - Added --disable-gtk-doc argument to configure (rodrigo)
 - Fixed .server file paths (rodrigo)
 - Fixed weird size of provider list in configuration dialog (rodrigo)
 - Fixed modal dialog on 'save as..' grid's menu item and made the code
   actually ask the user if he wants to overwrite existing files
 - Re-Added GnomeDbIconList from the 1.4 version (rodrigo)
 - Implemented session management (rodrigo)
 - Replaced GnomeDbSqlEditor widget with a more generic GnomeDbEditor,
   to support many languages (rodrigo)
 - Removed obsolete config.h files all over (gonzalo)
 - Fixed alignment for grid's cells (rodrigo)
 - Improved look of error and login dialogs (rodrigo)
 - Remember values between GnomeDbDsnConfigDruid's pages (rodrigo)
 - Many improvements on GnomeDbGrid (rodrigo)
 - Updated translations:
        - de (cneumair)
        - es (pablodc)
        - it (algol)
        - no (kmaraas)
        - pt_BR (evandrofg)
        - sl (minmax)
        - sv (menthos)

mergeant 0.10.0

 - Many bug fixes and improvements on the queries interface (vivien)
 - Fixed crash when providers return wrong schema data (vivien)
 - Added condition editor to query interface (vivien)
 - Added more settings to the configuration dialog (rodrigo)
 - Added StartupNotify support to .desktop files (rodrigo)
 - Implemented session management (rodrigo)
 - Added transactions-related commands to GUI (rodrigo)
 - Added icon area for status icons (rodrigo)
 - Improved menu bar (rodrigo)
 - Added MIME information for Mergeant files (rodrigo)
 - Updated documentation (vivien)
 - Added placeholder support to the SQL page (rodrigo)
 - Added online help (rodrigo)
 - Replaced most GtkCList's with GnomeDbGrid's (rodrigo)
 - Improved joins GUI (vivien)
 - HIG-ization of many dialogs and widgets (vivien, rodrigo)
 - Adapted to libgnomeprint* 2.2 (rodrigo)
 - Added logging tab to SQL page (rodrigo)
 - Updated translations:
        - cs (mitr)
        - de (cneumair)
        - fr (redfox)
        - sv (menthos)
        - vi (pablo)

Tarballs are available at

To install this new version, you'll need:
* libgda: glib, libxml2, libxslt
* libgnomedb: libgda and dependencies, libgnome/ui, libglade,
libbonoboui and, optionally, gtksourceview
* mergeant: libgda/libgnomedb and dependencies

You can find more information at the projects' homepage
(, or you can ask any question/propose anything
you want in the GNOME-DB mailing list, which is available at




Meld is a gnome2 diff and merge tool.
It also has support for CVS built in.


- Allow unnamed buffers ("cut and paste" diffs)
- Dont refresh cvs view every time we open a diff.
- Filebrowser focus now switches to next entry when an entry is

- Fix bug where deep directories were not correctly handled

See for installation instructions.


seti_applet 2.1.1


seti_applet 2.1.1


Displays in an applet (with nice graphics) the current
status of any seti@home client running. Changes: (2.1.1) -
First release for gnome 2.2 (missed 2.0 through slackness)


- Can now force the size of the applet - make it so just the radar dish
- Scales much better with the panel size
- Console now much much better (thanks to Jean-Michel Ardantz, also for his
work on gconf integration and much more!)


- Builds fix for libgtop

Release Notes

- Some combinations of panel size/orientation will look a bit funny with
this release - it will be fixed in later releases.


File Roller 2.2.1


File Roller 2.2.1


File Roller is an archive manager. It lets you open, modify
extract archive files sush as tar and zip.


* Change icon themes on the fly and allow svg icons.
* Added pt, sk and mn translations.



Web Page:


GnomeMeeting 0.96


GnomeMeeting 0.96 aka  "Seems, madam? I know not seems!"


GnomeMeeting is an H.323 compatible videoconferencing and VOIP/IP-Telephony
application that allows you to make audio and video calls to remote users
with H.323 hardware or software (such as Microsoft Netmeeting). It supports
all modern videoconferencing features, such as registering to an ILS
directory, gatekeeper support, making multi-user conference calls using an
external MCU, using modern Quicknet telephony cards, and making PC-To-Phone


        * PC-To-Phone calls (Scheduled for availability by 31 January
        * New configuration druid with easy audio and video configuration
and testing
        * New addressbook with groups and drag-and-drop support
        * New ILS browser with drag-and-drop support
        * callto:// URLs available for everyone without the need to be
visible on ILS (ILS invisibility)
        * Full Quicknet card support
        * New dialpad
        * Dynamic video quality adjustment during calls to improve video
        * Dynamic jitter buffer adjustment during calls to improve audio
        * Video bandwidth limitation support
        * Improved status icon support
        * Full internationalisation support in H.323 and ILS
        * Menus reorganisation
        * HIG compliance fixes and GUI cleanups
        * Possibility to compile without the GNOME libraries
        * Possibility to disable video reception for dialup users
        * Possibility to change user input capabilities method
        * Updated and complete translations: ca.po (Josep Puigdemont),
cs.po (Petr Vokac), da.po (Ole Laursen), de.po (Stefan Bruens), es.po (Raul
Jover), fr.po (Fabrice Alphonso), lv.po (Artis Trops), nl.po (Huib
Kleinhout), ru.po (Leon Kanter), sv.po (Christian Rose), zh_TW.po
(Chung-Yen Chang), ...


Sodipodi 0.29

Eh, oh... yes, it is...

What is Sodipodi?

Vector drawing program.

What's New

Sodipodi 0.29 release notes

This is the first version using Gtk+ 2.0 widget set and updated support
libraries. So it is probably quite buggy inside and out.

The number of required libraries has come down considerably. Most
importantly you do not need gnome libraries anymore, libgnomeprint and
libgnomeprintui are optional. Thus building it should be much easier.

This version should compile on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. The support is
still in very early phase of development, so it may require some
tweaking, depending on actual build system used.

Highlights (in the order of Changelog):

    * Port to Gtk+ 2.0 (Mitsuru)
    * Removed libgnome, libgnomeui, libgal dependencies, reimplement 
      missing pieces (Mitsuru)
    * Gnome print support is now compile time option (Lauris)
    * Smooth canvas scroll (Lauris)
    * Initial direct PostScript print implementation (Lauris)
    * Windows32 port (Lauris)
    * Support GtkIM in text context (MenTaLguY)
    * Fixed namespace loading code (MenTaLguY)
    * Optional loading of Xft font database (Lauris)
    * Control constrains draw to 15 degrees instead of 90 (Nathan)
    * Fixed linear grid snapping code (Nathan)
    * Allow multiple toolboxes and toolbox docking (Lauris)



Lauris Kaplinski
Tartu, Estonia