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PR: PC-to-Phone Service Now Available In Linux

Feb 07, 2003, 08:30 (8 Talkback[s])

Quicknet Technologies has announced the first Linux commercial PC-to-Phone supported service for Linux users in concert with GnomeMeeting.Org.

Using Quicknet's Linux Special Edition products in combination with GnomeMeeting, users can now make and receive voice calls over the Internet with Quicknet's MicroTelco VoIP services using a standard telephone set. GnomeMeeting, now supporting Quicknet's Linux Special Edition products, is specially designed to meet the needs of the Linux community. Quicknet's Linux Special Edition products include the award winning Internet PhoneJACK-PCI, Internet LineJACK-ISA and the Internet PhoneCARD-PCMCIA add-in cards, which have been developed specifically to carry your voice over the Internet or Intranet at the highest possible quality.

"By integrating Quicknet's worldwide Voice-over-IP services and hardware, the open source drivers for Quicknet's cards included in the Linux kernel, the OpenH323 project and GnomeMeeting we can now provide the Linux user with an Open Source, easy to use, low cost and very high quality service for making Internet based calls worldwide," said Stacey Reineccius, President of Quicknet Technologies.

All of Quicknet's Linux Special Edition products feature the ability to connect and use a familiar analog telephone set (including cordless phones) to make and receive Internet phone calls using a Linux PC. Main features include:

  • Low cost PC-to-Phone calling worldwide
  • Free PC-to-PC calling (using MicroTelco)
  • Video Conferencing point to point
  • Receive calls while online from other users
  • QoS Features and Special DSP co-processing support provides PSTN-like Voice Quality Service
  • Works alongside existing sound cards (sound card not required)
  • Fast and easy installation & set-up

"Being able to do PC-To-Phone calls has always been a very exciting feature for me as it demonstrates the full power of current and modern VOIP protocols," stated Damien Sandras, creator of GnomeMeeting.

GnomeMeeting allows Linux users to videoconference with industry standard H.323 applications such as the Microsoft NetMeeting program for Windows. The program has proved extremely popular with Linux users, and is now included in many Linux distributions including Red Hat, Mandrake and SuSE Linux.

For more information or to purchase the Linux Special Edition products, check out the Quicknet Linux Special Edition website at http://www.linuxjack.com.

GnomeMeeting version 0.96 is available from the following download locations at http://www.gnomemeeting.org and will be included standard in the Red Hat v8.1 and Mandrake v9.1 releases this Spring.

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