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Release Digest: General, February 14, 2003

Feb 14, 2003, 23:30 (0 Talkback[s])

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Open Webmail 1.90

[ Thanks to Thomas Chung for this information. ]

Open WebMail is a webmail system written with perl. It is designed to manage very large mail folder files in a memory efficient way. It also provides a range of features to help users migrate smoothly from Microsoft Outlook to Open WebMail.

Open WebMail has the following features:

multiple languages, multiple charsets, multiple iconsets/styles, strong mime support, SMTP relaying, virtual hosting, user alias, per user based capability, mulitple authentication modules(unix, pop3, mysql, postgres, ldap), PAM support, folder/message management, draft folder, confirm reading support, reply with stationery, full content search, spelling check, auto reply, mail filter, calendar, event reminder/email notification, webdisk, pop3 support, online password changing, message count preview, user history...

What's new in 1.90

  1. new webdisk support: user can use his homedir as a virtual disk on web. Its main features includes
    1. basic file operation lke copy, move, delete
    2. file download and upload. download for directory or multiple files are supported.
    3. online archive list, compression and decompression, supporting format: zip, tar.gz,, rar, arj
    4. thumbnail support
    5. file name or content search
    6. user can copy attachment files between messages and the webdisk
  2. support ssh terminal through the Mindterm SSH Java applet v 1.21 (thanks to author Mats Andersson, for releasing this great software under GPL)
  3. when use_homedirfolders is 'no', change folderdir to from cgi-bin/openwebmail/etc/users to cgi-bin/openwebmail/etc/users/mail This is a preparation for the webdisk in the near future :)
  4. address book popup window supports default filter and the checked entries will be remembered when filter rule is changed. (thanks to Javier Smaldone, for his code)
  5. support weekstart at any day of a week in calendar add option default_charset to openwebmail.conf.default (suggested by Isam Ishaq,
  6. support event color in calendar (suggested by Jukka Liukkonen,
  7. escape the sessionid when saving a link to the web calendar. So any links that appears inside openwebmail can be used as a link url for a calendar event.
  8. support Alt-Key shortcuts for most buttons in openwebmail. This could be helpful for some users. Please refer to doc/accesskey.txt for all shortcut keys.
  9. traditional chinese help tutorial translation (thanks to Alex Huang, ps:simplified chinese help tutorial is converted from this version
  10. Spanish help tutorial translation (thanks to Javier Smaldone,
  11. improved
    1. better init check
    2. more folder check options
    3. option --no to skip sitereport
  12. fix a security bug related to siteconf and auth_module (thanks to Dmitry Guyvoronsky,
  13. fix a bug in which didn't convert the charset of the attached files to the sendcharset(the charset used for outgoing message) before the message is sending (reported by James Briggs,
  14. turn all blocking lock into nonbloking lock with timeout to eliminate deadlock in case openwebmail can not obtaine lock for some files
  15. many minor impreovments and bug fixes

Zope 2.6.1

Zope Corporation announced the release of Zope 2.6.1, the latest version of the award-winning open source application server. The new release represents the successful global collaboration of community developers, as it is the first to contain a majority of enhancements from the Zope community.

"This is the first Zope release where I have have been empowered to add my Zope improvements directly into the product," says Toby Dickenson, a major contributor to the new release. "It is that directness which has been the key to capturing so many changes. I have just been doing the same job I have always done, but I can now do it in a way that benefits the whole community immediately."

Zope 2.6.1 has improved internationalization and translation support for page templates and enhanced full-text indexing, with faster results and better handling of world languages. System administrators will appreciate the improved OS signal handling and log rotation support. High volume web sites will benefit from improved object cache control, providing better performance with lower memory usage.

"This release shows that Zope is becoming a global product," says Sven Guttmann, Senior Consultant at arvato systems GmbH, a Bertelsmann AG company. "At Bertelsmann, we have a major internal website with 50,000 new XML articles per day. We gain much value from the contributions of Zope developers and we also contribute back. This model for open source development clearly is working."

"Among all the open source projects at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young France, a big part of them are based on Zope," says Mickael Remond, open source officer at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. "The Zope community is very productive, and the standard features allow us to develop a large part of the functions the clients are asking for. Our development teams quickly learned the Zope development process and are now up-to-speed in developing Zope applications."

Zope 2.6.1 can be downloaded from the website . With this release, Linux and Solaris binary builds now include Python 2.1.3 with large file support, providing pre-packaged support for large site deployments.