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Alan Cox: Linux 2.2.24

Mar 05, 2003, 17:04 (7 Talkback[s])

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No changes from 2.2.4-rc5 except to remove the -rc4 identifier

Linux 2.2.24-rc5
o       Fix n_hdlc globals pollution                    (Paul Fulghum)
o       Fix initialisation of sk->sleep                      (Holger Smolinksi)
o       Handle init_ethdev returning null in tulip      (Neale Banks)
o       Backport rtc wildcard fix to 2.2                (Paul Gortmaker)
o       Correct wireless config help                    (Neale Banks)
o       Fix smc9194 build                               (me)

Linux 2.2.24-rc4
o       Fix ethernet as modules problems                (me)
o       Fix 8139too and rtl8139 padding                 (me)

Linux 2.2.24-rc3
o       Backport the ethernet padding fixes             (me)
        | All done except 8139too, rtl8139]

Linux 2.2.24-rc2

o       Apply AMD fix correctly                         (Bruce Robson)
o       Fix possible memory scribble in starfire        (Ion Badulescu)

Linux 2.2.24-rc1

o       Fix a typo in the maintainers                   (James Morris)
o       Dave Niemi has moved                            (Dave Niemi)
o       Fix incorrect blocking on nonblock pipe         (Pete Benie)
o       Fix misidentification of some AMD processors    (Bruce Robson)
o       Fix a very obscure skb_realloc_headroom bug     (James Morris)
o       Fix warning in lance driver                     (Thomas Cort)
o       Fix sign handling bug in pms driver             (Silvio Cesare)
o       Drop mmap on /proc/<pid>/mem as 2.4/2.5 did       (Michal Zalewski)
        (also fixes some bugs)