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Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.21pre5-ac3

Mar 12, 2003, 15:51 (0 Talkback[s])

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Linux 2.4.21pre5-ac3
o       Add cpuid for SiS processors (SiS SiS SiS)      (me)
o       Fix basic ADMA100 driver support                (Mark Lord)
o       Fix memory leak on UFS error path               (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix eepro100 ethtool hang                       (Jason Lunz)
o       Fix procfs memory leak                          (Kazuto Miyoshi)
o       Forte media driver update                       (Martin Petersen)
o       WIN_SET_MAX crashes some old Samsung disks so   (Jens Axboe)
        dont issue it on disks < 32Gb in size
o       Compaq MS1000 may have sparse lun               (Tom Coughlan)
o       Add SiS FB idents for newer chipsets            (Thomas Winischhofer)
o       Fix vsscanf in hex mode                         (Kevin Corry)
o       Fix 64bit jiffy cleanness in sis900, shaper,    (Dave Miller)
        dgrs, qlogicfc and tty layer
o       Reiserfs journal overflow fix                   (Hans Reiser)
o       PCMCIA oops fix with HostAP                     (Pavel Roskin)
o       Handle more panasonic compact USB CD-ROMs       (Go Taniguchi)
o       Extend USB hotplug to handle multi interface    (Go Taniguchi)
        HID devices (eg IBM BladeCenter)
o       Update ALi PCI ident data                       (TH Chou)
o       Fix memory leak in ldm error path               (Oleg Drokin)
o       NCPFs ioctl passed wrong parameter              (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix leak in ircomm core error path              (Oleg Drokin)
o       Make xconfig syntax error fixes                 (Andreas Gruenbacher)
o       Fix memory leak in vlanproc exit path           (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix iphase misaligned skb (I hope)              (me, based on stuff by
                                                         Eric Leblond)
o       Fix a couple of printk levels in IDE            (Alan Cox)

Linux 2.4.21pre5-ac2
o       Add PCI idents for ALi 1563 to dmfe             (Clear Zhang)
o       Busproc operations now error if unsupported     (me)
o       Make busproc handler return a status
o       Fix IDE reset locking. We don't want an IRQ     (me)
        poking around during a reset while the iface
        state is undefined
o       Remove half baked request clean up code         (me)
        from ide_do_reset. We require the caller
        cleans up first
o       Add ide_abort functions to abort due to         (me)
        host not target triggered events
o       Remove a pile of surplus hwgroup checks         (me)
o       Fix the reset ioctl paths to use                (me)
o       Fix PCI posting on ide resets                   (me)
o       Call the dma_check routine when trying to       (me)
        enable DMA via hdparm
o       Add per driver abort handlers and use them      (me)
o       Forward port 8.0 ALi driver updates from        (me)
        Clear Zhang at ALi

Linux 2.4.21pre5-ac1
o       Merge with 2.4.21pre5
o       Do the final hatchet work on drive->id               (me)
        | IDE drive->id is now always valid so people
        | can no longer get that one wrong. 
o       DRIVER(drive) in IDE != NULL always now         (me)
        | A dummy driver removes a ton of conditions 
        | and a load of bugs
o       Move modem awareness into ac97_codec.c          (me)
        | Fixes CXT66 support I hope
o       Minimal cmedia codec setup/bug stuff            (me)
        | Note these codecs dont yet support AC3 and also
        | don't support volume control. May fix some sis7012
        | laptop setups with luck.
o       Fix mkdep bug causing devlist.h problem with    (Pavel Roskin)
        some versions of make
o       Fix missing mtd Makefile entry                  (Adrian Bunk)
o       APIC initialisation fix                         (Mikael Pettersson)
o       CCISS update                                    (Stephen Cameron)
o       USB transport size handling fix                 (Alan Stern)
o       Add AGP entry for the VIA EPIA                  (John Eckerdal)
o       Add Laneed idents to pegasus usb ethernet       (Go Taniguchi)
o       Add HID workaround for OKI USB keyboard         (Go Taniguchi)
o       Add idents for MTT_TE MN128 USB ethernet        (Go Taniguchi)
o       Add USB quirks for another memorystick          (Go Taniguchi)
o       Some minor typo fixes to keep 2.4/2.5 easier    (Steven Cole)
        to diff
o       Fix several operator and precdence problems     (Norbert Kiesel)
o       cciss error handling unregister fix             (Herbert Xu)
o       Kerneldoc for user access functions             (Jon Foster)
o       Further ALi IDE fixes                           (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o       Improved 440GX bios workarounds                 (Arjan van de Ven)
        | Thanks to the guys at Intel for hints on this
o       AMD74xx cable detect fixes                      (Zoltan Hidvegi,
                                                         Vojtech Pavlik)
o       io/irq in mpu401 must not be initdata           (Daniel Ritz)
o       Handle shared irq on pcmcia qlogicfas           (Komuro)

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac7
o       Next chunk of DRM merge towards 4.3 codebase
o       Fix ide-scsi deadlock on reset with SMP         (me)
o       Add some sun arrays to the scsi quirks list     (Joel Buckley)
        | They want multilun scanning always
o       Fix skbuff abuse in atm lec                     (Chas Williams)
o       Update the ips driver                           (Jack Hammer)
o       Fix intelfb compile on SMP                      (Arjan van de Ven)
o       One shot elevator contention fixing cache       (Stephen Tweedie)
o       Support swapoff from initrd                     (Stephen Tweedie)
o       Add another transparent bridge quirk            (Arjan van de Ven)
o       ieee1394 sleep fixes                            (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Use 0xff for cpu target                         (Arjan van de Ven)
o       kmap leak fix for nfs symlink                   (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix incorrect kernel/user address handling      (me)
        crash in swapoff (root only)
o       kiovec accelerator                              (??)
o       Export symbol needed by ipmi                    (Andreas Haumer)
o       Add another 3c59x pci identifier                (Daniel Kopko)
o       Alpha build fix                                 (Elliot Lee)
o       Add new chips to e100                           (Matt Wilson)

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac6
o       Update IPMI to v18                              (Corey Minyard)
o       More intel PIIX identifiers                     (Bill Nottingham)
o       Update e100 for new identifiers                 (Jeff Garzik)
o       Update Athlon SSE enabler                       (Dave Jones)
o       Update auerswald USB isdn driver                (Wolfgang)
o       USB storage updates                             (Matthew Dharm)
o       Add tripp idents to the pl2303 usb serial       (John Moses)
o       Add a new ftdi_sio ident                        (Philipp Gühring)
o       Remove unused ohci driver field                 (Johannes Erdfelt)
o       Fix EHCI abuse of SLAB_KERNEL in interrupt      (Oliver Neukum)
o       Fix dhcp on kaweth                              (Oliver Neukum)
o       Fix some wrong idents in the pegasus driver     (Petko Manolov)
o       Fix ipaq name in usbnet                         (Carsten)
o       USB macro cleanup                               (Joern Engel)
o       Remove proc files in uhci that get stuck
o       Remove wrong comment in ohci/uhci drivers       (Johannes Erdfelt)
o       Roland SC8820 USB midi support                  (Andrew Wood)
o       Fix USB naming bug                              (Johannes Edrfelt)
o       Add ontrack to the hid ignore list              (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
o       Add tangtop to the hid blacklist                (Greg Kroah Hartmann)
o       USB scanner updates                             (Henning Meier-Geinitz)
o       Fix an oom handling bug in sis drm
o       DRM updates for Radeon
        | Flightgear now takes > 2hrs to hang on my R9000
o       Fix various abusers of GFP_KERNEL in USB        (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix aic7xxx updates eaten by exclude file       (Sergio Visinoni)
o       Use check_gcc on crusoe                         (Stelian Pop)
o       Update sonypi and meye drivers                  (Stelian Pop)
o       Make input layer accept jogdial as valid        (Stelian Pop)
o       Intel i8xx framebuffer driver                   (David Dawes)

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac5
o       Fix the AMD ide bug() on boot up
o       Pass device to outbsync so that we can whack    (Ben Herrenschmidt)
        the bridge on weird platforms
o       Default sl82c05 second channel to PIO0          (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       EHCI speed up fixes                             (David Brownell)
o       Assorted cpia fixes                             (Duncan Haldane)
o       SSE enable for later Athlon                     (Daniel Egger)
o       3com 3c990 driver                               (David Dillow)
o       Fix config syntax error in DRM config           (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o       Update pci-skeleton to fix pad bug in example   (me)
        | Noted by Roger Luethi
o       Supress popping when audio starts on via82cxxx  (Jorg Schuler)
o       Fix reiserfs direct I/O crash                   (Oleg Drokin)
o       Allow cramfs initrd                             (Christoph Hellwig)
o       Fix error path on dscc wan driver               (me)
o       Fix sign mishandling in epca driver             (me)
o       Fix sign mishandling in mwave driver            (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix sign mishandling in mpt fusion              (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix sign mishandling in aacraid                 (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix sign mishandling in tun                     (Oleg Drokin, me)

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac4
o       Attach a fake id struct to old/unprobed drives  (me)
        | Fixes a ton of special casing some of which was
        | buggy.
o       Fix incorrect sign handling in setup-pci noted  (me)
        by Oleg Drokin
o       Fix bogon error returns from init_chipset noted (me)
        by Oleg Drokin
        | Fixes hpt366 crash on 66Mhz bus
o       Fix mishandling of flash/disk combinations      (me)
o       Fix handling of /proc/ide/*/identify with       (me)
        no driver loaded (band aid for now)
o       Fix IDE hang on rmmod and on poweroff           (me)
o       Fix IDE printk <6> bug                            (Henning Schmiedehausen)
o       Radeon no longer needs AGPgart                  (James McClain)
o       REPORTING-BUGS typo fix                         (Faik Uygur)
o       ndelay() for PPC                                (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       PPC ioflush handling                            (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       PowerMac IDE updates                            (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       8169 missing includes for Alpha build           (Geoffrey Lee)
o       Fix sisfb build on boxes with no MTRR           (Geoffrey Lee)
o       Fix cpqfc build on Alpha                        (Geoffrey Lee)
o       Fix forte build on Alpha                        (Geoffrey Lee)
o       Add eth_iocopyand_sum for Alpha               (Geoffrey Lee)
o       Fix bogus semicolon in 8253xtty                 (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix incorrect if in megaraid driver             (Oleg Drokin)
o       Fix sign warning in radio_cadet driver found    (me)
        by Oleg Drokin

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac3
o       ALi FIFO setup channel fix                      (Al Viro)
        | This needs careful testing. Treat -ac3 with a lot of care
        | on ALi platforms and report how it goes
o       Fix the dma waiting overflow                    (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       Fix ATAPI devices on VIA8235                    (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       Add ndelay for Alpha                            (Ivan kokshaysky)
o       Give ndelay sensible argument names             (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Fix pcnet32 big endian filtering                (Marcus Meissner)
o       Fix ordering problem with PCI radeon causing    (Chris Ison)
        DRI hangs
o       Fix C3 gcc compiler flags for newer gcc         (Jeff Garzik)
o       Replace nvidia and amd IDE drivers with new     (Vojtech Pavlik)
o       Fix missing ; in aicasm_gram.y                  (Thibaut VARENE)
o       NCR5380 trivial fix                             (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Make constants in maxiradio static              (Arnd Bergmann)
o       Fix typos of 'available'                        (Alfredo Sanjuan)
o       Fix wrong checks in bttv ioctl code     (Alexandre Pereira Nunes)
o       Fix i2c_ack cris extra ";"
o       Fix JSIOCSBTNMAP extra ";"
o       Fix VIDIOCGTUNER on w9966
o       Fix amd8111e_read_regs
o       Fix smctr_load_node_addr
o       Fix sym53c8xxx extra ";"
o       Fix sym53c8xxx_2 extra ";"
o       Fix cs46xx download area clear
o       Fix hysdn bootup error handling
o       Fix mtd mount error checks
o       Fix dpt_i2o reset error paths
o       Fix a jffs error path handler
o       Fix es1371 error path on register
o       Fix sscape operator precedence
o       Fix copy counting in vrc5477 audio
o       Fix cdu31a oops with data cd                    (Mauricio Martinez)
o       Fix ide taskfile if ";" errors                  (Oleg Drokin)
o       Add 3com 3c460 to kaweth                        (Oliver Neukum)
o       Kaweth length/dhcp fix                          (Oliver Neukum)
o       ISD-200 requires IDE                            (Olaf Hering)

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac2
o       Turn on use of ide_execute_command everywhere   (Ross Biro, me)
o       First cut at settings locking for IDE           (me)
o       Add driver for CS5530 Kahlua audio              (me)
o       Fix wrong semicolons in system.h                (Mikael Pettersson)
o       Support root=nbd                                (Ben LaHaise)
o       x86 byte order swapping optimisations           (Andi Kleen)
o       PMAC ide updates                                (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       Fix mishandling of nfsroot port= option         (Eric Lammerts)
o       Fix ALi audio on systems with > 2Gb RAM              (Ivan Kokshaysky)
o       Enable generic rtc on PPC boxes                 (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       Fix ide build with gcc 3.3 snapshot             (Olaf Hering)
o       Merge EHCI updates (qh state machine fix etc)   (David Brownell)
o       Fix radio-cadet SMP build                       (Adrian Bunk)
o       Starfire updates                                (Ion Badulescu)
o       Backport seq_file fix to 2.4                    (Eric Sandeen)
o       Fix ext3 crash deleting a single non sparse     (Stephen Tweedie)
        file exceeding 1Tb

Linux 2.4.21pre4-ac1
o       Restore the mmap corner case fix                (Raul)
o       Add sendfile64 to 2.4.x                         (Christoph Hellwig)
o       NLM garbage collection hang fix                 (Daniel Forrest)
o       Enable kernel side pcigart for radeon           (Michael Danzer)
        | Requires recent XFree and ForcePCIMode
o       Don't bash legacy floppy on x86_64 bootup       (Mikael Petersson)
o       Forward sony joygdial input to input layer      (Stelian Pop)
o       TCP session stall fix                           (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o       Ian Nelson has moved                            (Ian Nelson)
o       Add unplugged iops ready for hotplug IDE support(me)
o       Add an OUTBSYNC iop for the IDE layer           (Ben Herrenschmidt)
o       Finish the ide_execute_command code             (me)
o       Switch ide-cd to ide_execute_command            (me)
        | Always good to test stuff on read only devices first 8)
o       Fix IDE masking logic error                     (Ross Biro)
o       Fix IDE mishandling of IRQ 0 devices            (me)
o       Fix printk levels on promise drivers            (me)
o       Clean up duplicate mmio ops/printk in siimage   (me)
o       Always set interrupt line with VIA northbridge  (me)
        | Should fix apic mode problems with USB/audio/net on VIA boards
o       Add Diamond technology dt0893 codec             (Thomas Davis)
o       Add IBM 'Ruthless' platform string to summit
o       Don't warn about IRQ when enabling a pure       (me)
        legacy mode IDE class device
o       Clean up radio_cadet locking and other bugs     (me)
o       Fix jiffies mishandling in eata drivers         (Tim Schmielau)
o       Quieten confusing DMA disabled messages         (Tomas Szepe)
o       i830 DRM update port over                       (Arjan van de Ven)

Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac5
o       Fix erratic oopsing on 2.4.21pre3-ac*           (Hugh Dickins)
o       Fix an incorrect check in raw.c                 (Artur Frycze)
o       Fix highmem IDE DMA                             (Jens Axboe)
o       Fix the size of the EDD area                    (Kevin Lawton)
o       Remove incorrect ACPI blacklist entry           (Pavel Machek)
o       SCSI memory leak fix                            (Justin Gibbs)
o       Fix mmap of vmalloc area in kmem giving wrong   (Tony Dziedzic)
o       Fix date in the microcode driver                (Jonah Sherman)
o       Fix incorrect smc9194 handling of skb_padto     (David McCullough)
o       Fix use of old check_regio function in umc8672  (William Stinson)
o       Remove unused variable in sc1200                (Bob Miller)
o       Perform ide_cs unregister in task context       (Paul Mackerras)
        | This doesn't fix all the bugs yet...
o       Fix bugs in the gx power management code        (Hiroshi Miura)
o       Fix the sl82c105 driver for the new IDE code    (Benjamin Herrenschmidt,
                                                         Russell King)
o       Remove cacheflush debug printk                  (me)
o       Fix IDE paths in docs for new layout            (Karl-Heinz Eischer)
o       Generic RTC driver backport                     (Geert Uytterhoeven)
o       HDLC driver updates                             (Krzysztof Halasa)
o       AMD8111 random number generator support         (Andi Kleen)
o       Fix crashes on e2100 driver                     (me)

Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac4
o       Finish verifying PIIX/ICH drivers versus errata (me)
o       Fix handling of DMA0 MWDMA on early ICH         (me)
o       Fix compile in kernel for Aurora SIO16          (Adrian Bunk)
o       Clean up various Configure.help bits            (Adrian Bunk)
o       Disallow write combining on 450NX               (me)
o       Ensure rev C0 450NX has restreaming off         (me)
o       Don't do IDE DMA on rev B0 450NX or later       (me)
        450NX without BIOS workarounds for the hang
o       Update Configure.help for HPT IDE               (Adrian Bunk)
o       Fix harmless code error in sb_mixer             (Jeff Garzik)
o       Fix ethernet padding on via-rhine               (Roger Luethi)
o       Add ndelay functionality for x86                (me)
        | Based on Ross Biro's code
o       Add ide_execute_command                         (me)
        | Again based on Ross Biro's changed. Not yet used
        | This will be the new correct way to kick off an 
        | IDE command from non IRQ context
o       Matroxfb compile fix for one option combination (Petr Vandrovec)

Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac3
o       Address comments on wcache value/issuing        (me)
        cache flush requests
o       Update credits entry for Stelian Pop            (Stelian Pop)
o       Backport some sonypi improvements from 2.5      (Kunihiko IMAI)
o       Fix pdcraid/silraid symbol clash                (Arjan van de Ven)
o       Fix ehci build with older gcc                   (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o       Fix via 8233/5 hang                             (me)
o       Fix non SMP cpufreq build                       (Eyal Lebidinsky)
o       Fix sbp2 build with some config options         (Eyal Lebidinsky)
o       Fix ATM build bugs                              (Francois Romieu)
o       Fix an ipc/sem.c race                           (Bernhard Kaindl)
o       Fix toshiba keyboard double release             (Unknown)
o       CPUFreq updaes/fixes                            (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Natsemi Geode/Cyrix MediaGX cpufreq support     (Hiroshi Miura,
                                                         Zwane Mwaikambo)
o       Add frequency table helpers to CPUfreq          (Dominik Brodowski)

Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac2
o       Fix the dumb bug in skb_pad                     (Dave Miller)
o       Confirm some sparc bits are wrong and drop them (Dave Miller)
o       Remove a wrong additional copyright comment     (Dave Miller)
o       Upgrade IPMI driver to v16                      (Corey Minyard)
o       Fix 3c523 compile                               (Francois Romieu)
o       Handle newer rpm where -ta is rpmbuild not rpm  (me)
o       Driver for Aurora Sio16 PCI adapter series      (Joachim Martillo)
        (SIO8000P, 16000P, and CPCI)
        | Initial merge
o       Backport Hammer 32bit mtrr/nmi changes          (Andi Kleen)
o       Add the fast IRQ path to via 8233/5 audio       (me)

Linux 2.4.21pre3-ac1
+       Handle battery quirk on the Vaio Z600-RE        (Paul Mitcheson)
*       EHCI USB updates                                (David Brownell)
+       IDE Raid support for AMI/SI 'Medley' IDE Raid   (Arjan van de Ven)
+       NVIDIA nForce2 IDE PCI identifiers              (Johannes Deisenhofer,
                                                         Tim Krieglstein)
*       CPU bitmask truncation fix                      (Bjorn Helgaas)
o       HP100 cleanup                                   (Pavel Machek)
o       Fix initial capslock handling on USB keyboard   (Pete Zaitcev)
+       Update dscc4 driver for new wan                 (Francois Romieu)
+       Fix boot on Chaintech 4BEA/4BEA-R and           (Alexander Achenbach)
        Gigabyte 9EJL by handing wacky E820 memory
o       SysKonnect driver updates                       (Mirko Lindner)
o       Fix memory leak in n_hdlc                       (Paul Fulghum)
o       Fix missing mtd dependancy                      (Herbert Xu)
+       Clean up ide-tape printk stuff                  (Pete Zaitcev)
+       IDE tape fixes                                  (Pete Zaitcev)
o       Fix size reporting of large disks in scsi       (Andries Brouwer)
+       Fix excessive stack usage in NMI handlers       (Mikael Pettersson)
+       Add support for Epson 785EPX USB printer pcmcia (Khalid Aziz)
*       Quirk handler to sort out IDE compatibility     (Ivan Kokshaysky)
+       Model 1 is valid for PIV in MP table            (Egenera)
+       Ethernet padding fixes for various drivers      (me)
o       Allow trident codec setup to time out           (Ian Soboroff)
        This can happen with non PM codecs
o       Fix broken documentation link                   (Henning Meier-Geinitz)
o       Update video4linux docbook                      (William Stimson)
o       Correct kmalloc check in dpt_i2o                (Pablo Menichini)
o       Shrink kmap area to required space only         (Manfred Spraul)
o       Fix irq balancing                               (Ben LaHaise)
o       CPUfreq updates                                 (Dominik Brodowski)
o       Fix typo in pmagb fb                            (John Bradford)
o       EDD backport                                    (Matt Domsch)


-       RMAP


-       LLC     (See 2.5)
-       VaryIO  (Never accepted mainstream)