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GNOME Summary: February 3-March 15, 2003

Mar 24, 2003, 01:00 (0 Talkback[s])
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This is the GNOME Summary for 2003-02-03 - 2003-03-15

Table of Contents
  1. GNOME 2.2.1 released
  2. GNOME 2 version of Dia
  3. librsvg improves CSS2 with libcroco
  4. Mozilla 1.3, GRE and Minimoz
  5. GUADEC talks
  6. Evolution 1.3.1
  7. More Documentation
  8. Beast/BSE release
  9. Nautilus getting more polish
  10. Thumbnailing with style
  11. Fileselector backend design
  12. Toolbar editor
  13. A,B,C or D-Bus?
  14. Mono documentation and CORBA support
  15. GNOME interviews
  16. Hacker Activity
  17. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity
  18. New and Updated Software

1. GNOME 2.2.1 released

The GNOME team has released another milestone on the path towards the perfect Unix desktop. This release includes many bugfixes and small improvements that has been done over the last months since the 2.2.0 release.


2. GNOME 2 version of Dia

The Dia team announced their 0.91 release this week. It is a major release with lots of nice additions and fixes, including the long awaited move to Gtk+ 2.0. So once again you can have a diagram tool that integrates wonderfully with your desktop.


3. librsvg improves CSS2 with libcroco

Dominic Lachowicz of librsvg fame is working with libcroco developer Dodji Seketeli to use libcroco for CCS2 parsing in librsvg. This will enable much improved CCS2 parsing in librsvg, which again will enable altering many aspects of SVG themes like for instance colours.


4. Mozilla 1.3, GRE and Minimoz

The Mozilla team has made another release of Mozilla 1.3, which of course includes Gtk+ 2.0 support. It is an important milestone towards a improved html rendering widget for use in Galeon, Epiphany and Nautilus. This process will be completed with the release of Mozilla sub-projects GRE, the Gecko Runtime Environment, and Minimoz, the small footprint branch of Mozilla.


5. GUADEC talks

The deadline for submiting talks to this years GUADEC in Dublin is looming very near. So all potential presentation givers out there make sure to contact the GUADEC comitee as fast as possible. Doing a talk at GUADEC is the best way to give your fellow GNOME hackers the information they need to use your application or library.


6. Evolution 1.3.1

A new preview release of the GNOME 2 port of Evolution has been made. The Evolution team is charging full speed ahead on making the GNOME 2 port, which of course will be the best release of Evolution ever!


7. More Documentation

Eugene O'Connor of Sun Microsystems has released the latest version of the User Guide. The guide includes updates to panels, removable media, the font and theme preference tools, bug fixes, and many other minor updates. Alexander Kirillov has announced a new version of the introduction to GNOME document which gives an overview of GNOME for new users.


8. Beast/BSE release

Tim Janik and Stefan Westerfeld made a 0.5 release of the very nice Bedevilled Sound Engine. BSE is a popular library for music composition, audio synthesis and sound sample manipulation.


9. Nautilus getting more polish

Dave Camp and Alexander Larsson is wearing the gold buttoned captains jacket again. They are hard at work making sure Nautilus is ready to sail new oceans. They recently did a 2.2.2 release which inlcluded fixes for issues with selecting transparent icons, toolbar themeing, session managed views and more. So remember to buy Alex and Dave a bottle of Rum at GUADEC this year.


10. Thumbnailing with style

Bastien Nocera says that the reason he is making so much eyecandy software is because he wants software that reminds him of himself. I will not comment on that, but I have to say that his latest addition to the totem video thumbnailer for nautilus do look cool. Check out the screenshot below for the details.


11. Fileselector backend design

Owen Taylor posted to the gtk-devel mailing list with a first draft for the design of the API for GtkFileSystem. This is the first step in getting the new fileselector ready for Gtk+ 2.4. Check out Owens mail and the current set of responses and maybe join the discussion if you have something to contribute.


12. Toolbar editor

To edit or not to edit, that is the question. Some GNOME apps include a toolbar editor already, but there are those who want to make it a standard part of the toolkit. Iain Holmes started the discussion by posting his ideas and many others including Biswapesh Chattopadhyay followed up with their ideas and screenshots.


13. A,B,C or D-Bus?

Anyone who hasn't been hit by a bus lately are probably aware of the big discussion in both GNOME and KDE about the new D-Bus messaging bus. It was created by KDE founder Mattias Etrich getting togheter with some GNOME and KDE hackers, including Gnome's Havoc Penington and Anders Carlsson. The goal was to try and design a shared message bus for GNOME, KDE and others. This move has not gone by without controversy as you might guess, the continued use of CORBA for this has strong proponents in GNOME and the continued use of DCOP has strong proponents in KDE. One thing that do seem clear however is that the introduction of D-Bus will not mean the demise of CORBA in GNOME, but instead D-Bus will probably get included in addition to CORBA, to serve in areas where Unix desktop interoperability is paramount. Havoc Penington's D-Bus explanation email linked below.


14. Mono documentation and CORBA support

If you are interested in starting to work on writing GNOME applications using C# and the Mono framework you should really take a look at the latest version of the Mono handbook, it is starting to look really nice thanks to the great contributions of community members like Johannes Roith, Martin Willemoes Hansen and Pedro J. Cabrera Also of interest from the Mono world is a nice set of .net CORBA bindings which probably will get assimilated into Mono.



15. GNOME interviews

Various people in the GNOME community have been spreading the good word again. Tigert and Jimmac was interviews by OpenForBusiness, Jeff Waugh was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald and Havoc Penington was interviews by osnews.com.


16. Hacker Activity

Thanks for Paul Warren for these lists.

Most active modules:
94 gnucash
76 evolution
52 gimp
48 pan
45 gnome-applets
44 beast
41 balsa
37 gnome-panel
34 nautilus
31 sun-patches
27 galeon
26 libmrproject
26 gnome-utils
23 xmlsec
21 epiphany
21 acme
20 red-carpet
20 totem
19 gucharmap
19 gtkhtml
[141 active modules omitted]

Most active hackers:
79 menthos
69 warlord (gnucash)
45 aihana
41 timj
39 neo
31 charles
29 PeterB
28 rodrigo
28 joeshaw
28 markmc
26 fejj
24 chema
24 aleksey
23 hadess
23 kevinv
22 alexl
21 mitr
19 chyla
19 adrighem
17 roozbeh
[146 active hackers omitted]

17. Gnome Bug Hunting Activity

This information is from http://bugzilla.gnome.org, which hosts bug and feature reports for most of the Gnome modules. If you would like to join the bug hunt, subscribe to the gnome-bugsquad mailing list.

Currently open: 8568 (In the last week: New: 608, Resolved: 628, Difference: -20)

Modules with the most open bugs (excluding enhancement requests):

nautilus: 794 (In the last week: New: 39, Resolved: 49, Difference: -10)
gtk+: 561 (In the last week: New: 36, Resolved: 14, Difference: +22)
galeon: 451 (In the last week: New: 78, Resolved: 67, Difference: +11)
gnome-vfs: 255 (In the last week: New: 4, Resolved: 6, Difference: -2)
gnome-panel: 223 (In the last week: New: 51, Resolved: 49, Difference: +2)
GIMP: 199 (In the last week: New: 13, Resolved: 38, Difference: -25)
control-center: 156 (In the last week: New: 17, Resolved: 6, Difference: +11)
gnome-applets: 155 (In the last week: New: 16, Resolved: 109, Difference: -93)
GnuCash: 123 (In the last week: New: 18, Resolved: 11, Difference: +7)
sawfish: 112 (In the last week: New: 3, Resolved: 0, Difference: +3)
gnome-terminal: 104 (In the last week: New: 17, Resolved: 18, Difference: -1)
balsa: 103 (In the last week: New: 5, Resolved: 2, Difference: +3)
libzvt: 93 (In the last week: New: 1, Resolved: 0, Difference: +1)
medusa: 92 (In the last week: New: 0, Resolved: 0, Difference: 0)
glib: 85 (In the last week: New: 4, Resolved: 0, Difference: +4)

Gnome Bugzilla users who resolved or closed the most bugs:

kfv101@psu.edu: 115 bugs closed.
newren@math.utah.edu: 56 bugs closed.
yaneti@declera.com: 38 bugs closed.
aldug@astrolinux.com: 36 bugs closed.
sven@gimp.org: 33 bugs closed.
mark@skynet.ie: 22 bugs closed.
jfleck@inkstain.net: 20 bugs closed.
charles@rebelbase.com: 20 bugs closed.
tommi.komulainen@iki.fi: 20 bugs closed.
chris@rebelbase.com: 17 bugs closed.
bill.haneman@sun.com: 16 bugs closed.
jap1@users.sourceforge.net: 11 bugs closed.
hp@redhat.com: 11 bugs closed.
hadess@hadess.net: 10 bugs closed.
warlord@MIT.EDU: 10 bugs closed.

18. New and Updated Software

GIrDA - GNOME ir monitor. A GNOME applet for monitoring IrDA devices.
Bakery - C++ Framework for creating GNOME applications.
gtkmm2 - GTK+ C++ binding
gjots - jotter
gmodconfig - Linux kernel modules management tool
BEAST/BSE - Synthesis/Audio Framework
gQueue - Gnome frontend for cups queues
gedit - Lightweight UTF-8 text editor
Themus - Theme utilities
glunarclock - moon phase applet
gDeskCal - desktop calendar
GNOME System Tools - System Configuration Utilities
gnome-db - Database access for Gnome applications
GUI for emu-tools - Gui for emu-tools
GPassGuard - Securely store & encrypt your passwords
General GNOME User Documentation - General GNOME User Documentation
GnuCash - A personal finance manager
Workrave - Workrave RSI prevention
PyGtkGLExt - Python Binding for GtkGLExt
seti_applet - seti@home client monitor applet
Devhelp - API docs browser
Phone Manager - manage your mobile phone
Gnome Chemistry Utils - chemical widgets for gnome-2
GChemPaint - 2D chemical structures editor
Inti - Integrated Foundation Classes
Inti-GConf - An Inti binding for GConf
gThumb - Image viewer and browser.
Quick Lounge - Quick Launch for GNOME 2
Straw - Desktop news aggregator
SquirrelFax - Gnome Fax software
Balsa - Gnome Mail Client
Tutka - tracker style midi sequencer
rubrica - address book, pim
Pan - Usenet newsreader
gDeskCal - desktop calendar
grdesktop - grdesktop
Whale - iPod Application
gmodconfig - Linux kernel modules management tool
GNOME Commander - file manager
COnfigurator for Gnome - Edit advanced Gnome settings
MrProject - Project management application
Sirius - Othello game
Gnome Remote Connection Manager - makes connecting to remote machines easy
Skoosh - Sliding tile puzzle

For more information on these packages visit the GNOME Software map: http://www.gnome.org/softwaremap/latest.php

I know I know, I have been a slacker. But here the summaries are again to cover the phase of GNOME 2 development codenamed; The big bumps are gone, bring out the polish
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller
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