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Release Digest: GNOME, March 30, 2003

Mar 31, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])



ticker 0.5


Ticker is a stock ticker program based partially on gtik.  It
displays charts and other information for selected stocks and
updates them automatically.

For more information including a screenshot visit:



Added Weekly and YTD chart types
Added a status bar and progress meter
Added high/low range to display
Save window size between sessions
Added accelerator keys
Many other cleanups fixes and improvements


Don't crash on lack of gconf
Don't crash when getting ^gsptse symbol (others?)
check for broken gconf keys




Battfink 0.3

Hey there,

So, another Battfink release - a chance to put something truly
worthwhile on your panel. Battfink is an energy saving dialog, which
unmistakingly enough, saves energy.


Battfink 0.3
        * Fix display of times with < 10 minutes
        * Updated AC power icon so it's the same size as the 
          others [Calum]
        * Remember whether we are showing percentage or time when we
          plug and unplug into AC power
        * Sanitize some .cvsignore stuff [Christian]
        * New and updated translations
                - Alexandre Folle de Menezes [pt_BR]
                - Pablo Gonzalo del Campo [es]
                - Christian Rose [sv]
                - Miloslav Trmac [cs]
                - Duarte Loreto [pt]

Have fun, I'm off climbing.

                        See ya, 
                                Glynn ;)


gnome-vfsmm 1.3.0

*** gnome-vfsmm

gnome-vfsmm wraps the gnome-vfs API for C++. It will soon be part of gnomemm.

This is the first release. It's been quickly thrown together.

Here is the current API:

And here are some small examples:
(look in the tarball if that does not show 2 examples yet)

In particular there are the following simple issues. _You_ need to help with these:
- Some of the methods in Gnome::Vfs::Uri should probably be in Gnome::Vfs::Handle
as overloaded static methods.
- The exception class needs to provide details.
- We need to use namespaced C++ enums - we should probably patch gnome-vfs to
register the enums as GTypes.
- We probably need to close handles (if they are open) in the destructors.
- There is more API to be wrapped.

*** Download 


You will need some other *mm libraries available from the same place.
You will also need the lastest orbitcpp 1.3.x:

Murray Cumming


galculator 1.0rc1


galculator 1.0rc1


a GTK 2 based scientific calculator featuring algebraic mode as well as
RPN, different number bases (decimal, hexadecmimal,
octal and binary) and angle bases (radiant, degree, grad).


new display and display modules
preferences dialog
configuration file
gnome accessibility


fixes all known bugs



GNOME Software Map entry



Hardware Monitor 0.3

Coparticipants in this world,

The announcement of a former release of the Hardware Monitor
seemed to be suggest that overheating a computer is a good thing for
your health.

Several readers have pointed out that this is _not_ the case; in fact
the smoke from a burning computer case may pose a serious threat. As
one reader puts it, "Hadn't it been for the 150 liters of water that
is circulated in the water cooling system I've setup, I would probably
have died, choking on my knees as I was. Next time I'll save the
gasoline for the grill."

So what is one to do? One possibility is to monitor the temperature of
your CPU. Then you at least get an early warning. Since today, the
Hardware Monitor can do that for you!

What's new:

  - support for lm-sensors monitoring of CPU temperature

  - the applet now automatically suggest different colours (from the HIG)

  - minor UI fixes


  - monitor CPU/memory/swap/disk usage, load average, Ethernet/modem
    throughput, CPU temperature

  - multiple views that all support multiple monitors:

   o  a curve view with smooth lines
   o  a bar view for the traditional horizontal bars
   o  a text view for those who want extreme precision
   o  a flame view to impress your friends

  - a modular design for future enhancements

  - well-behaved GNOME panel applet (no floating gkrellm-windows)

  - a Danish translation :-)

Version 0.3 can be downloaded from here:


Screenshots are also available from the above page. The applet
requires Gnome 2.2 and the gtkmm and gnomemm-all libraries from

Note that you need to install libsensors and setup lm-sensors with
your kernel if you want to monitor the CPU temperature.

Ole Laursen

Grubconf 0.3


Grubconf 0.3


A Gnome2 based GRUB configuration editor. It provides an easy to use
interface allowing effortless modification of OS's and the flexibility to
configure the most obscure options.

* added help system
* added file selection dialogs
* support for extended partitions

* revert button now context sensitive
* better configuration parsing
* overall improvement on error handling
* improved Gnome HIG compatibility



GNOME Software Map entry



gnome-mime-data 2.3.0

GNOME-MIME-DATA 2.3.0 released

gnome-mime-data defines the standard mime-types-recognized by GNOME
applications such as Nautilus. This release adds support for
mime-types related to themus Nautilus theme view, for iPod support,
monkeys-audio support, new
programming language related mime-types and more.

Graphics artists who find that GNOME does not currently support a
mime-type they have made icons for, please contant me and I get it into
the next 2.3.x development release.

While the package name is 2.3 this release will work with all GNOME 2.x
releases, so even if you are running an older version of GNOME 2, you
can install and use this package.

You can download latest version here: 

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <<A HREF="mailto:Uraeus@linuxrising.org">Uraeus@linuxrising.org>


Themus 0.1.4

"So what would you do if I gave you a thousand pounds?"
"I'd get a little turnip of my own."
"So what would you do if I gave you a million pounds?"
"Oh, that's different. I'd get a great big turnip in the country."

What is Themus?

Themus is a collection of theme utilities for GNOME. It currently
consists of:

* A themes:/// VFS method. You can go to themes:/// in Nautilus to view
your themes.

* A thumbnailer. Themes in Nautilus will appear as previews.

* A properties page. The Nautilus properties will have a "Theme" tab
containing details about the theme selected.

* A nautilus context menu item to apply themes from the themes:/// URI.

What's new in this release?

* Context menu item to apply themes
* Translations

For more details, see the ChangeLog files.


This is a development release. It is known to be unstable. Do not
install it if you are not willing to suffer crashes.

On the other hand, if you like using unstable software to help squash
bugs, this release is for you!

Where can I get it?



* To Jonathan Blandford for writing most of the theme-handling code

* To all our translators:

  Vincent van Adrighem (nl), Metin Amiroff (az), David Bellot (fr),
  Pablo Gonzalo del Campo (es), Abel Cheung (zh_TW), Paul Duffy (ga),
  Francisco Javier Fernandez (es), Alexandre Folle de Menezes (pt_BR),
  Kang Jeong-Hee (ko), Ole Laursen (da), KAMAGASAKO Masatoshi (ja),
  Christian Rose (sv), Pablo Saratxaga (vi), Miloslav Trmac (cs),
  Artis Trops (lv), GNOME PL team (pl)

Andrew Sobala <<A HREF="mailto:aes@gnome.org">aes@gnome.org>

"If we eventually have the ubercool component system - based on Bonobo, or
something else - then great, we can then proxy it over IIOP, D-BUS, SOAP,
and morse code." -- hp