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Release Digest: GNOME, April 17, 2003

Apr 18, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

Evolution 1.3.2 Preview Release


a new (unstable!) release of the GNOME 2 based Evolution, the GNOME
groupware suite, has been released.

This version includes a huge number of improvements over 1.3.1 and
brings Evolution much closer to final release quality.  We encourage you
to give it a try!

The complete release notes are available here:


-- Ettore


Hardware Monitor 0.4


The prettiest flames are those flames that burn forever. Hardware
Monitor flames don't burn any longer than your desktop sessions, but
on the other hand you can now change their background with just 7

What's new:

  - changeable background

  - revamped preferences window UI

  - now builds with GCC 2.95 (or so I hope)

  - fixed a glitch with the line thickness in the curves view

  - some other bug fixes


  - monitor CPU/memory/swap/disk usage, load average, Ethernet/modem
    throughput, CPU temperature

  - multiple views that all support multiple monitors:

   o  a curve view with smooth lines
   o  a bar view for the traditional horizontal bars
   o  a text view for those who want extreme precision
   o  a flame view to impress your friends

  - a modular design for future enhancements

  - well-behaved GNOME panel applet (no floating gkrellm-windows)

  - a Danish translation

Version 0.4 can be downloaded from here:


Screenshots are also available from the above page. The applet
requires Gnome 2.2 and the gtkmm and gnomemm-all libraries from

Note that you need to install libsensors and setup lm-sensors with
your kernel if you want to monitor the CPU temperature.

Ole Laursen

XML Security Library 1.0.0


XML Security Library 1.0.0


Implementation of XML Security specs: XML Digital Signature, XML
Encryption, etc.


The XML Security Library 1.0.0 release is the major upgrade from 
the 0.0.X version. The new version includes:

  -- multiple crypto libraries support (with "out of the box" support 
     for OpenSSL, GnuTLS and NSS); 
  -- simplified and cleaned internal structure and API; 
  -- several performance and memory usage improvements; 
  -- new or updated documentation (tutorial, API reference manual 
     and examples).



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