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Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.21-rc1

Apr 21, 2003, 19:21 (2 Talkback[s])

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Full Changelog

Here goes the first candidate for 2.4.21.
Please test it extensively.

Summary of changes from v2.4.21-pre7 to v2.4.21-rc1
  o USB: patch for oops in io_edgeport.c
  o USB: Patch against unusual_devs.h to enable Pontis SP600
  o USB: uhci bandaid
  o USB: ftdi_sio update
  o [SCTP/IPV6]: Move sockaddr storage and in6addr_{any,loopback} to generic places
  o [ATM]: Make ia64 include ATM driver config
  o [ATM]: Get lec net_device names correct
  o [ATM]: Obsolete some atm_vcc members
  o [ATM]: Fix idt77252/sch_atm/pppoatm compilation
  o [ATM]: cleanup nicstat, suni and idt77105
  o [ATM] nicstar doesnt count all dropped pdus and powerpc fixup
  o [ATM] s/uni driver overwrites 8-/16-bit mode
  o [ATM]: Fix total_len calculation in IPHASE driver
  o [ATM]: Fix IPHASE build with debugging enabled
  o [IPV6]: Add anycast support
  o [NETFILTER]: Fix modify-after-free bug in ip_conntrack
  o [NETFILTER]: Fix ipfwadm_core.c compile failure
  o [NETFILTER IPV6]: Fix Makefile typo
  o [VLAN]: Fix memory leak in procfs handling
  o USB: scanner.c endpoint detection fix
  o [NETFILTER]: iptables iptable_mangle LOCAL_IN bugfix
  o [NETFILTER]: ipt_REJECT bugfix for TCP RST packets + asymm. routing
  o USB: New USB serial device ID: Asus A600 PDA cradle
  o [NETFILTER]: Add tftp conntrack + NAT support
  o [IPV6]: Allow protocol to percolate up into rt6 routing operations
  o [NETFILTER]: Add amanda conntrack + NAT support
  o [TCP]: Missing SNMP stats
  o [NETFILTER]: ip_conntrack bugfix for LOCAL_NAT and PPTP
  o Fix kunmap_atomic debugging problem
  o [ATM]: Compile fix for net/atm/br2684.c
  o USB: enable Motorola cellphone USB modems
  o Fix ac97 incomplete headers
  o [IPV6]: Use RFC2553 constant variable
Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de>:
  o [NF/IPV6]: Remove all ipv6_ext_hdrs from ip6tables
  o [ATM]: Fix IPHASE driver build
  o Fix aic7xxx compilation
Alan Stern <stern@rowland.harvard.edu>:
  o USB: usb-storage START-STOP under Linux 2.4
Alexey Kuznetsov <kuznet@ms2.inr.ac.ru>:
  o [IPV4]: Fix deadlock in IGMP locking
  o [IPV6]: Correct CHECKSUM_HW handling in tcp_v6_send_check
Andi Kleen <ak@muc.de>:
  o x86-64 update
Andreas Dilger <adilger@clusterfs.com>:
  o don't allocate/free blocks in system areas
Andries E. Brouwer <andries.brouwer@cwi.nl>:
  o compilation fix for 2.4.21-pre7
  o Fix SCSI size reporting
Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>:
  o IEEE-1394/Firewire update
Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh@kernel.crashing.org>:
  o PPC32: Do better cache flushes around L2 cache ctrl register changes
  o PPC32: Factor out common code for saving/restore CPU special-purpose registers, used on SMP and for sleep/wakeup.
  o PPC32: Make sure IPI handlers run with interrupts disabled
  o PPC32: Add proper /proc/ide entry for pmac
  o PPC32: Update ide-pmac driver
Christoph Hellwig <hch@lst.de>:
  o [NETFILTER]: 2.4 firewalling compat code removal
  o [NET]: Backport generic fc_type_trans to 2.4
David Brownell <david-b@pacbell.net>:
  o USB: ehci-hcd, minor hardware tweaks
  o USB: usbcore deadlock paranoia
  o USB: CDC Ether fix notifications
David S. Miller <davem@nuts.ninka.net>:
  o [IPV6]: Undo __constant_{n,h}to{n,h}l from anycast patch
  o [SPARC64]: Fix trap stack allocations so gcc-3.x builds work
  o [SCHED]: Some schedulers forget to flush filter list at destroy
  o [PKTSCHED]: Fix double-define of __inline__ et al
  o [IP TUNNEL]: inet_ecn_decapsulate modifies bits in wrong header
  o [PKT_SCHED]: Remove ugly arch ifdefs from generic code
  o [NETFILTER IPV6]: Fix route leak in ip6_route_me_harder
Geert Uytterhoeven <geert@linux-m68k.org>:
  o Amiflop mod_timer()
  o Duplicate PROC_CONSOLE()
  o 2.4 IDE core code for m68k
  o 2.4 IDE driver code for m68k
  o M68k raw I/O updates
  o Generic RTC driver
  o M68k ndelay()
  o M68k needs WANT_PAGE_VIRTUAL
Hideaki Yoshifuji <yoshfuji@linux-ipv6.org>:
  o [IPV6]: Use "const" qualifier
  o [IPV6]: Use ipv6_addr_any() for testing unspecified address
  o [IPV6]: Don't allow multiple instances of the same IPv6 address on an interface
  o [IPV6]: Set noblock to 1 in NDISC sock_alloc_send_skb calls
James Morris <jmorris@intercode.com.au>:
  o [NET]: dst_clone --> dst_hold where appropriate
  o [PKTSCHED]: Kill redefinition of IPPROTO_ESP in sch_sfq.c
Jens Axboe <axboe@suse.de>:
  o Fix ide request races which resulted in corruption
Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva>:
  o Cset exclude: mikpe@csd.uu.se|ChangeSet|20030417235935|56567
  o Add missing HPT366 ID
  o Updated EXTRAVERSION to -rc1
Mark A. Greer <mgreer@mvista.com>:
  o PPC32: Add support for SERIAL_IO_PORT ports to the gen550 backend
Mikael Pettersson <mikpe@csd.uu.se>:
  o fix dmi_scan breakage
  o fix APIC bus errors on SMP K7 boxes in UP mode
Oleg Drokin <green@angband.namesys.com>:
  o reiserfs: Fix recenly introduced journal sanity check that breaks replay on old filesystems
  o reiserfs: Fix for journal replay process, to only replay transactions from last mount. By Chris Mason
Oliver Neukum <oliver@neukum.org>:
  o Honour HFS lock bits
Paul Mackerras <paulus@samba.org>:
  o PPC32: Fix the interrupt entry path for POWER3 processors
  o PPC32: Clean up arch/ppc/mm/Makefile a little
  o PPC32: xmon fixes for CHRP, powerbooks, and SMP systems
  o PPC32: fix indentation in include/asm-ppc/bootinfo.h
  o PPC32: Restructure the top-level interrupt handling loop
  o PPC32: Align boot wrapper data segment on page boundary
  o PPC32: Make readb/w/l completely synchronous
Petko Manolov <petkan@users.sourceforge.net>:
  o USB: pegasus link status detection fix
Randy Dunlap <randy.dunlap@verizon.net>:
  o [NET]: typo and comment fixes
Randy Dunlap <rddunlap@osdl.org>:
  o update unexpected IO APIC detection
Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>:
  o Fix minor NAT parsing issue
Stephen C. Tweedie <sct@redhat.com>:
  o 2.4: Fix for jbd compiler warnings
Tom Rini <trini@kernel.crashing.org>:
  o PPC32: Actually fix KGDB like Mark Greer mentioned
  o PPC32: Remove an option to partically disable the d-cache