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Python-URL! - Weekly Python News and Links (April 21)

Apr 22, 2003, 05:00 (0 Talkback[s])

QOTW:  "This suggests that "nobody" doesn't eval to 0, but at least 3."
                                            -- Christian Tismer

"This is one thing Grothendieck got absolutely right: one should
always, always, always consider the relative situation (i.e. think
about morphisms rather than maps)." --  Michael Hudson

    Much ado about the appropriate uses of __str_ and _repr__ (with
    a digression on orbital mechanics, for flavour).
        <<A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?th=24b817d49ec3a59b>">http://groups.google.com/groups?th=24b817d49ec3a59b>;

    Roy Smith illustrates the "Big O" notation by an informal analysis
    of everyone's favourite Python performance gotcha -- repeated
    string concatenation.
        <<A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?th=274dcb113af97b01#link3>">http://groups.google.com/groups?th=274dcb113af97b01#link3>;

    David Mertz suggests making repeated string concatenation faster.
        <<A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?th=5968aec796657f37>">http://groups.google.com/groups?th=5968aec796657f37>;

    Continued from last week: the state of the Python web programming
    world; further development of the theme "gee, there's a lot of
    frameworks"; ruminations on simplifying the situation.
        <<A HREF="http://groups.google.com/groups?th=903e379430bffdfd>">http://groups.google.com/groups?th=903e379430bffdfd>;

    The deadline for Python 11 - OSCON 2003 early bird registration is
    May 23rd, 2003. The conference will be held July 7-11, 2003 in
    Portland, Oregon, USA.
        <<A HREF="http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2003/>">http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2003/>;

    PyKota v1.03: PyKota is a python-written, internationalized,
    complete, centralized and extensible print quota solution for CUPS.
        <<A HREF="http://www.librelogiciel.com/software/PyKota/>">http://www.librelogiciel.com/software/PyKota/>;

    Pyrex 0.7.2: A language for writing Python extension modules.  It
    lets you freely mix operations on Python and C data, with all
    Python reference counting and error checking handled
    automatically.  This release fixes several bugs.
        <<A HREF="http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/~greg/python/Pyrex/>">http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/~greg/python/Pyrex/>;

    Stackless Python 3.0 alpha 1: Christian Tismer's alternative
    Python implementation, once again much transformed.
        <<A HREF="http://www.stackless.com/>">http://www.stackless.com/>;

    Tux Math Scrabble v2.0: A math version of the popular board game
    for ages 4-40.
        <<A HREF="http://www.asymptopia.com/>">http://www.asymptopia.com/>;

Everything you want is probably one or two clicks away in these pages:

    Python.org's Python Language Website is the traditional
    center of Pythonia
    Notice especially the master FAQ

    PythonWare complements the digest you're reading with the
    daily python url
    Mygale is a news-gathering webcrawler that specializes in (new)
    World-Wide Web articles related to Python.
    While cosmetically similar, Mygale and the Daily Python-URL
    are utterly different in their technologies and generally in
    their results.

    comp.lang.python.announce announces new Python software.  Be
    sure to scan this newly-revitalized newsgroup at least weekly.

    Brett Cannon continues the marvelous tradition established by 
    Andrew Kuchling and Michael Hudson of summarizing action on the
    python-dev mailing list once every other week.

    The Python Package Index catalogues packages.

    The somewhat older Vaults of Parnassus ambitiously collects references
    to all sorts of Python resources.

    Much of Python's real work takes place on Special-Interest Group
    mailing lists

    The Python Business Forum "further[s] the interests of companies
    that base their business on ... Python."

    The Python Software Foundation has replaced the Python Consortium
    as an independent nexus of activity

    Cetus does much of the same

    Python FAQTS

    The old Python "To-Do List" now lives principally in a
    SourceForge reincarnation.
    The online Python Journal is posted at pythonjournal.cognizor.com/.
    editor@pythonjournal.com and editor@pythonjournal.cognizor.com
    welcome submission of material that helps people's understanding
    of Python use, and offer Web presentation of your work.

    *Py: the Journal of the Python Language*

    Tenth International Python Conference 

    Archive probing tricks of the trade:

Previous - (U)se the (R)esource, (L)uke! - messages are listed here:
  http://purl.org/thecliff/python/url.html (dormant)

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